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Rob Thurman: First Celebrity-Endorsed Woman of Binwalla

This fiery red head is an author by day and a stunning cosplayer by night. Recently on The Librarian’s Shelf Show with Meghan and Gerald, Rob Thurman gave us the official word that she would like to be a Woman of Binwalla. A dog lover, and a geek at heart she is the perfect addition to our web site. Welcome Rob Thurman as our First Celebrity Endorsed Woman of Binwalla. -Gerald Kiehl, Editor/Host of Binwalla Radio

Paint it Red!

Episode List

06.28.11: More Than Meets the Eye

06.23.11: Rob Thurman Invades Binwalla Radio

06.16.11: Men of Binwalla Rob Thurman Style

06.14.11: The Librarian’s Shelf: Interview with Rob Thurman