| THE GRIMROSE PATH: Trickster, Book 2 Excerpt

THE GRIMROSE PATH: Trickster, Book 2 Excerpt


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Paint it Red!


Spilt milk.

My mama had a saying for every occasion under the sun, but even she didn’t lay claim to that one. I didn’t know who did, but everyone had heard it. It had been around forever. Don’t cry over spilt milk. There’s no point to it. You can’t change it, can’t put it back, can’t make it better. You simply cleaned it up and went on.

Because that was life. Life wasn’t always fair. And some things in life couldn’t be undone. They could be avenged–damn straight, they could—but not undone.

They could teach a lesson…if anyone was around to learn from it. Or smart enough to get the point.

Yet the bottom line was always the same, spilt milk was spilt milk. An inconvenience or a pain; an annoyance or sometimes even a tragedy. But whichever it was, it didn’t matter. You might want to, but couldn’t turn back time. You couldn’t close your eyes and pretend it was a bad dream. You couldn’t avoid the truth and that was a cold hard fact.

You couldn’t unspill that milk.

You couldn’t make it better. You couldn’t make it right.

I stood and looked at the shattered glass, jagged tears glinting in the sun. I looked at the metal coated with blood—so very much blood—the same color as the darkest crimson rose, and I decided the hell with old sayings

I was undoing this.

I was making this right.

And I’d like to see the son of a bitch who thought he could stop me.

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