| CHIMERA: Book 1, Chapter 23

CHIMERA: Book 1, Chapter 23


More Human Than Human

“Not your fault.” His eyes focused on me long enough for me to catch the flash of automatic rejection before they dropped to the remote he picked up from the table. “And not my family.”

That merry-go-round again. It still showed no signs of stopping, but I hadn’t given up the hope it might at least slow down. One day. “You’re a stubborn little bastard,” I sighed as I twisted and flopped back onto the pillows. “Just like me, believe it or not. If that’s not a family trait then what the hell is it?”


I laughed. It was something else how in the middle of this huge mess the kid could make me laugh. Really something else. Rubbing the back of my hand across a five o’clock bristle that just wouldn’t quit, I admitted fondly, “You’ve got me there.”

Considering the loss of our money and the tripling of our travel time, I should’ve been in the worst of humors. But I wasn’t. I might be on the run and broke as hell, but I was still ahead of the game. I was still worlds away from the nightmare the last ten years of my life had been. Then I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I could.

It was enough.

The light chose that moment, not surprisingly, to wipe the complacent smile off my face with a few seemingly innocent words. “Stefan, I was wondering.” Casual pause. “Have you ever had sex?”

Okay, perhaps not so innocent, depending on how rigid your upbringing or how high your monthly porno budget. Covering my eyes with my hand, I gave a groan straight from the grave. “That’s a big subject change from Uncle Lev, Misha,” I pointed out hoarsely. “What brought this on?”

“This and that,” he answered with irritating cheer. “There’s my natural curiosity of course. We talked about that a few days ago.”

Yes, we had. And I’d given him the remote to the TV, free educational rein as it were. You would think that would satisfy him, but no.

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