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The TRICKSTER Novels are supernatural escapades with camp and romance and a fair bit of gore all thrown in. Thurman keeps you turning pages. This is good commuter reading. BOOKLIST


“…a PBW triple gold star heads-up on Rob Thurman’s newest release, TRICK OF THE LIGHT. It is urban fantasy, set in the same universe as the author’s CAL AND NIKO LEANDROS Novels, but with an entirely new cast and a terrific premise. It’s got Vegas, angels, demons, and a hunt for a mysterious artifact that by comparison makes Indiana Jones look like he was grubbing in the dirt for Precious Moments kitsch.

If I had only three words to describe this book? They’d be: Best. Twist. Ever.

Rob Thurman, if your ears were burning over the weekend, it’s because as soon as I hit Le Big Revelation I shrieked like a girl who finds a hot pink Camaro covered with no-limit credit cards parked in the driveway on her sixteenth birthday. I think I called you a bitch, too, but I meant it in the good, totally stunned, happily envious way.

Go. Buy this book. It will floor you.”
—NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Lynn Viehl

“Rob Thurman’s new [TRICKSTER] series has all the great elements I’ve come to expect from this writer: an engaging protagonist, fast-paced adventure, a touch of sensuality, and a surprise twist that’ll make you blink.”
—NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris [The SOOKIE STACKHOUSE Series]

TRICK OF THE LIGHT is a beautiful wild ride, a story with tremendous heart. A must read.” —NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Marjorie M. Liu

The TRICKSTER Series is another strong offering from the author of the CAL LEANDROS books. Thurman is adept at creating fresh characters, and snarky heroine Trixa’s first-person exploits in Vegas have distinct details that leave a lasting impression. Fans and new readers will be clamoring for more.”
—Romantic Times

Paint it Red!
CHIMERA: The CHIMERA Novels, Book 1

“A touching story on the nature of family, trust, and love lies hidden in this action thriller. . . . Thurman (The CAL LEANDROS Series) weaves personal discovery seamlessly into the fast-paced action, making it easy to cheer for these overgrown, dangerous boys…”
—Publishers Weekly

“I adored this book. Period. It was fast paced, and the story was told in such a way I couldn’t stop reading. But it’s something I’m rereading because of the way Rob Thurman handles the character who calls himself ‘Michael.’ I’m completely engrossed in the journey he takes through the course of the story. I genuinely hope this series continues because I’d like to follow the further adventures of these two brothers.” Beyond Her Book

“The characters are terrific—Stefan’s wiseass attitude will especially resonate with the many CAL LEANDROS fans out there—and the pace never lets up, once the two leads are together. This is not part of Thurman’s extended urban fantasy world, but that’s okay; Thurman shows a flair for handling SF/near future action. Here’s hoping the author continues to explore new genres and master them as well.”
SF Revu

“As huge fan of Thurman’s CAL LEANDROS Series, I was pleased to discover her writing something new but keeping in line with her unique style of humor and wit. Chimera is a fast paced exciting read that seamlessly blends the personal self discovery of two brothers into a fantasy based plot.”
Smexy Books

Jumping the Snark: The Illegitimate Love Child of Lenny Bruce and H.P. Lovecraft Evolves… “A contemporary thriller with science fiction underpinnings that blends elements of medical speculation à la Cook and Crichton with the breakneck pacing and psychological suspense of novels by Koontz and Kellerman.” Paul Goat Allen

CHIMERA is a kick-ass story about characters that will steal your heart and a plot that will keep it pounding!” —The Book Lush

“If you enjoy powerful stories of intense relationships though diverse challenges, you’ll enjoy CHIMERA, as well as Rob Thurman’s other books. Her first series [The CAL LEANDROS Novels], which centers around two brothers, one of whom is half monster—literally—is a wonderful story which includes the perfect mix of action, adventure, horror, and the love that can exist between two brothers placed in dire circumstances through no fault of their own.” —HubPages

Paint it Red!NIGHTLIFE: The CAL LEANDROS Novels, Book 1

“Supernatural highs and lows, and a hell of a lean over at the corners. Sharp and sardonic, mischievous and mysterious… The truth is Out There, and it’s not very pretty.” NEW YORK TIMES
Bestselling Author Simon R. Green

“Engaging…The characters are well drawn and memorable.” —Italics

“A strong first novel.” —SFRevu

“Gripping, fast-paced fantasy.” —Fresh Fiction

“Cal’s a sarcastic, sardonic narrator who pulls the reader into his world, both the good and the bad. Tightly plotted and fast paced…full of twists and turns.” —Romantic Times

“A damn fine book and excellent first effort.” —Rambles

“A subtly-warped world compellingly built by Thurman…This book has an absolutely marvelous voice in Cal’s first person narrative. The combination of Chandleresque detective dialogue and a lyrically noir style of description is stunningly original. The reader’s attention is captured and held from page one.” —The Green Man Review

Paint it Red!


[Cal and Niko] are back and better than ever…a fast paced story full of action.”

“Just when the Leandros half-brothers think they’ve caught a break, reality slaps them upside the head! Although life can be extremely dangerous for this duo, the unbreakable bond between the brothers is what really powers Thurman’s darkly compelling series. Thurman is a master at delivering raw emotion and uncompromising danger spiced with just the right touch of sarcastic humor. Unforgettable!”

“A strong second volume…Cal continues to be a wonderful narrator, and his perspective on the world is one of the highlights of this book… The plotting is tight and fast-paced, and the world building is top notch.”
—Romantic Times

Paint it Red!


“If you enjoyed the first two wisecracking urban adventures, you won’t be disappointed with this one: it has just enough action, angst, sarcasm, mystery, mayhem, and murder to keep you turning the pages to the very end.”
—Bookspot Central

“I think if you love the Winchester boys of Supernatural, there’s a good chance you will love the Leandros brothers of Thurman’s books…One of MADHOUSE’s strengths is Cal’s narrative voice, which is never anything less than sardonic. Another strength is the dialogue, which is just as sharp and depending on your sense of humor, hysterical.”
—Dear Author

“A fast-paced and exciting novel…fans of urban fantasy will love this series.”
—Affaire de Coeur

Paint it Red!
DEATHWISH: Cal Leandros, Book 4

“Thurman continues to deliver strong tales of dark urban fantasy…Fans of street-level urban fantasy will enjoy this new novel greatly.”—SFRevu

“The action is fast-paced and exciting, and the plot twists are delicious.”
—Errant Dreams Reviews

“A solid addition to a suitably dark and gritty urban fantasy series.”
—Monsters and Critics

“Readers will feel the story line is moving at the speed of light as the Leandros brothers move from one escapade to another adventure without a respite. . . . They make a great team as they battle against overwhelming odds, leaving the audience to root for them to succeed and wait for their next misadventures.”
—Alternative Worlds

“Suspenseful . . . Readers are assured of copious amounts of gut-wrenching action and creepy thrills.”
—Romantic Times

Paint it Red!

I admit it. I can be turned by a pretty face. And it was the pretty face of main character Cal Leandros that caused me to pick up NIGHTLIFE, the first in the series of Cal and Niko Leandros, two tough, tight and occasionally very twisted brothers in an urban fantasy New York City. ROADKILL is the fifth in the series, a series that you need to go out and buy right now. In fact, buy at least two copies of each book, because once you lend your copies out to someone, I highly doubt you’ll be getting them back.

Thurman’s world is dark, one of the darkest in the urban fantasy genre. Cal and Niko are dark—their family history is tainted with the blackest of magic and some of the cruelest upbringing you’re likely to read about in a book not touted by Oprah or Dr. Phil (though frankly this series is, in my opinion, far better and ultimately more uplifting reading). The brothers have done their best to take care of each other and rise above their mother’s neglect and her curse on Cal—he’s the offspring of a human woman and an Auphe, as demonic and gleefully violent a race of creature as you are likely to find in horror, fantasy, or any other genre.

By book five, it’s possible the Auphe have been defeated—as a race, at least, and no, I won’t tell you how, because you really need to buy the books and learn for yourself. But the fact remains that Cal is still half-Auphe. Roadkill brings that fact to startling, gut-wrenching reality. It is the subplot of every story; it is the meat that keeps this series going. The emotional depths plumbed in this latest installment left me reeling and—at least three times—weeping.

Thurman is also a mistress at the little details, the kind that make anyone who writes as well as reads horror smack themselves in the forehead and exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Don’t believe me? Read the first chapter to see how Abelia Roo, gypsy scam artist and creepy old lady extraordinaire, dispatches a vampire. It’s so simple, so perfect, and so completely modern it is a wonder no one else thought of it—full props to Thurman for yet another clever trick of her pen.

The Leandros Brothers series is fully realized and highly detailed, ROADKILL most of all (at least so far). Each successive book shows growth not just of the characters, but of the author. Her skills keep getting better. The stories keep getting better. You do yourself a disservice if you’re not reading her. This is as good as an urban fantasy series can be. Buy it. Read it. I defy you not to love it. —PennyDreadful