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Real Life Salome-the-Mummified-Cat Saved from Certain Death

11 Sep 2012, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Rob Thurman's Twitter

I had a letter from a fan (Alicia) that shows what heart and rescue is all about. Now the fictional mummified cat Salome from the Cal series has a real world counterpart (see pictures below), not to speak of man’s inhumanity (although I hope the bastard that did this rots in hell), but of what compassion can accomplish. Remember: rescue, adopt, save.

 The letter:

My son Bran came home early from a date without a shirt on and a tiny battered, bleeding and pus laden kitten bundled in his formerly nice shirt. 

She had been tortured; one eye poked out, her chest stomped or just severely kicked (massive internal damage, broken ribs) and left on an ant pile unable to move.  She had them in her sinuses and crawling around her face and attacking her one good~ish eye.  She was covered in pus and bites, her face was partially fractured they had gouged the eye so viciously. 
After talking to the police and animal control, we decided to keep her since they were just going to put her down. For days she was on IV meds, sub-Q fluids and goat milk.  She had to be propped between two padded books because she couldn’t move around or rest easily on her own. She was bandaged, skeletal and missing an eye, rasped and croaked instead of purring and couldn’t meow.  She almost lost the other to all the ant damage done to it and should be dead.  Her name was obvious to all your fans in this house.
Fast forward a few months and she is partially blind in her good eye, her purr is strangely broken and raspy because of all the respiratory damage and what the ants did to her insides.  She refuses to wear her eye patch and she rides on our shoulders and demands our food and will walk up to the wolfhounds we train as psychiatric service dogs and kick them off their own beds.  Salome is queen of the house and terrifies the huge dogs and she is still tiny – around 3 pounds.
I thought you might like to see Robin’s Salome’s namesake, when she was first found (but cleaned already) and a picture of her now.  If you look at her face you will see the asymmetry caused by the attack.
Alicia Miller
Operation Wolfhound 
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  • Alicia Miller

    Thank you for sharing her story. Bran was so thrilled I wrote you about his little cat and we do post updates on her occasionally on our facebook page. She has adopted a wolfhound puppy (in training for service work) as her buddy and I caught a picture of those two hugging, Dottie (who is growing into the name Wicca) is the only dog that she will share her sleeping pad with. Of course I laid down in bed yesterday and Wicca jumped up and put her head on the pillow with me and Salome jumped up and sat on her head and mine combined. It is amazing how much a tiny cat can spread out.

    Just remember those with the roughest beginnings can make the best companions! Now if I can only get her to quit jumping on my shoulders every time I open the fridge. She thinks that she should get to pick her treat of the day, not us.

  • Storyteller

    May the Gods bless you and yours for your mercy and may she give great years of joy.

  • Peg

    My hat is off to this wonderful family! My firm belief is that we will never be a truly civilized species until we punish the people who do things like this to animals AND humans to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, I also believe that I will not live to see it… which is why folks like this family are so valuable!

  • Xyzzy

    I wish it was legal to attack animal abusers (though if I caught one, I admit the law wouldn’t be much of a deterrent) and let them have a prolonged taste of their own medicine.

    I’m relieved that Salomne was rescued by people that will give her a loving forever-home; I’m sure they were put under very heavy pressure from the vet & animal-control folks to just euthanize her. They should contact the press — somebody in the area doubtless saw or heard something, and if word gets out, there’s a much better chance of catching the attacker.

    If you are in touch with Alicia or she sees this: there’s a really neat book to might read & keep around for anyone that doubts her ability to live a good life with partial (or no) vision, “Homer’s Odyssey” by Gwen Cooper. (There’s a great Salomne-the-attack-kitty scene in it involving an intruder, too.)

  • Echidna


  • Theresa

    Cal needs to accidentally run into the person who did this and casually blow them away.

  • Amy

    I’m glad Salome has been given a loving home where she can be Queen 🙂

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I’m verklempt. Salome sounds like she is indeed worthy of her name. Many thanks to her rescuers, and I really hope the original Salome is out there, stalking the bastards who did this to her namesake.

    • Theresa

      I hope the last thing they see is Salome, elongated fangs and all.

  • Deidre

    What wonderful and amazing people to give this little cat the love and TLC she needed to survive, even when most people would have given up.