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Website Add On – Blog Entries!

10 Jul 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in All Seeing Eye, Blog, News, Reavers
New THRILLERS Section Added to Website!

New THRILLERS Section Added to Website!Hey Reavers!

The Web Geektress has gathered your feedback on the new site design, and added a section to our cinematic splash page that now includes all the latest blog updates, along with Rob’s social networking buttons.

So basically, when you pull up, scroll down a bit past the new releases slideshow, and you’ll see in the middle column all of our latest blog headlines…when the contest is underway, I will also make sure we post links on the front page so you can access everything quickly.

I Aim to Please… 😉


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  • JaydaSteele

    Hmm… I wonder if starting an online petition to send to the publishers would make them sign on a third Korsak novel? What d’you think, Reavers?

    • dragonchardra

      I think that we should at least try. Hell I would run up and down the streets of my town forcing the ignorant masses to sign it if you think it would help. The reavers can move mountains and publishers if we all put our minds to it! I want more Korsak brothers Damn it! And I will do anything to get it So let’s get together and let them know how much we really want it!

    • Peg

      I think it’s a superb idea … Publishers pay much more attention to lists of signatures representing unhappy customers than to just letters or emails from individuals. Show me where to sign!

      • dragonchardra

        Awesome! But I don’t know how to go about doing it. Sorry. Maybe someone can help me! I would definitely love to do it. Or at least get something started now. I am sitting here frothing just thinking about the loose ends that were left waving in the wind.

  • dragonchardra

    No more Korsak brothers! Please don’t say it’s so! I just got three people hooked and I’m in therapy for addiction! I would seriously consider mass murder and destruaction if you stop! Give me more! NOW!!!

    • dopeygirl

      You are so correct, The Korsak brothers are hot. I got friends reading them too, now what do we do.

  • dopeygirl

    i’m just sad about the Korsak novels being stopped. How will we know what happens with Ariel and the boys. It’s too much to take!

  • Deidre

    && this is why we love you Jayda (;

    • JaydaSteele

      Awww… *blush* And I do it because I love you all! 😀

  • SKorsak

    Korsak novels would be delicious.

    No offense to Cal or Niko, because they’re equally amazing.

  • Jayda

    Trickster in 2013! Sadly, we may not be seeing another Korsak Brothers novel, though. Critical acclaim was AWESOME but sales weren’t big enough. 🙁

  • dopeygirl

    Does Rob plan on doing any more Trixia or Korsak novals? If so when are the next one’s coming?