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ALL SEEING EYE: Get Ready for Contest Time!

ALL SEEING EYE: Get Ready for Contest Time!

The ALL SEEING EYE contest will commence with a newsletter announcement Monday (if you’re not signed up for the newsletter, better get on that), but for now is a heads-up.

There will be three ways to enter and win as detailed in the newsletter. The prizes will include ten of any of my books–autographed–(one per winner and chosen by the winner–except for translations and anthologies), a tote bag with “Because I’m a Geek Bitch, Baby!’ on the side (because, yes, I am), THREE of the Japanese translations (one per winner, three winners…keep in mind these are NOT manga. They are genuine Japanese translations with manga art covers and three manga art illos (two of which show all the major characters in the book, some including never seen before such as Rafferty, Ishiah, Samuel, Georgina, Promise, Flay.) Also the winner will not be able to choose which they want as I have only one spare of each book. Lovers of all things Japanese will simply have to be surprised (PS if you cannot read Japanese, these books will probably be wasted on you.)

And the last prize, a biggie and for ALL. For all participants who enter the contest, after it’s done, you will be given e-access to my story “Milk and Cookies” from the Charlaine Harris/Toni LP Kelner anthology Wolfsbane and Mistletoe. What do werewolves do for Christmas? More importantly, what do they do to you?

****** REMINDER: if you are buying ALL SEEING EYE (7/31 is the release date) in a bookstore, remember it will be in the mainstream fiction/thrillers, not SF/F. Cross that three feet of carpet to get it! As for the visual treat on the left/above (soon to be seen in Gothic Beauty and Rue Morgue magazines), the carnival in the background and the tattooed hand in the foreground play a large part in the life of our favorite cynical character, Jackson Lee–the real deal psychic who doesn’t believe in the afterlife.

Enjoy! And thanks to all those who help me be able to write in two genres simultaneously as it genuinely does keep my creative pump primed and ready for action (did that sound dirty? It may have. Ah, well, sex sells.)

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  • Jayda

    Newsletter will be out tomorrow or Wednesday… getting a Pinterest account all set up for the contest. It’s gonna be a fun one, Reavers! 😀 -The Web Geektress

  • Jess

    *waiting with bated breath* 3 1/2 weeks is so long….

    Sounds like awesome prizes. Love the tote alone, could be my new library bag ^-^
    (3 feet of carpet? I’m WAY too lazy, that’s why I just buy the e-book. 12:01am, instant gratification)

  • Deidre

    Hell, I’d learn japanese for these translations! (:

    I cannot wait for the release but this contest does well to tide me over. 😀

    You’re nothing short of amazing Rob <3

  • nicole

    Can’t wait–want the japanese edition, i’m currently learning japanese so this should be awesome!! Thanks Robin, your the best!