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DOUBLETAKE Soundtrack Contest: Top 20 Countdown & Voting

26 Mar 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Contests, Extras, News, Reavers, The Cal Leandros Novels
D-Day is 03.06.12

D-Day is NOW!!!

Hey-Hey Reavers!

While you’ve been busy reading DOUBLETAKE, Rob and I have been busy getting all of our D-Day Contest stuff wrapped up so that we can announce winners and get to sending out some prizes out ASAP!

But first thing’s first.

The soundtrack contest was overwhelmingly amazing and you Reavers have awesome taste in music. Somehow, someway, we managed to cull down nearly 100 suggestions to only twenty. But here’s the rub: we need the final amount to be fifteen. This means we’ll be holding a poll very soon, asking YOU to pick five of your favorite tracks out of the ten we just can’t decide upon all by ourselves.

So get ready to rock out with us to our top twenty picks, and to help us decide on the final five!

m/ m/
-Rob and Jayda

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  • JaydaSteele

    His name is Jimmy Thomas, and he does a lot of romance covers, believe it or not. I personally Photoshopped his scar and made him look like Stefan [I was the Producer-Editor on that video]. 😉

  • Odd

    who is the model for stefan in the chimera vid?