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Leandros Square: Now Open to All Travelers

15 Mar 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Book Videos, Fun, News, Reavers, The Cal Leandros Novels
NIGHTLIFE Cover Art by Chris McGrath

NIGHTLIFE Cover Art by Chris McGrathIt’s a NIGHTLIFE kind of Manhattan with this Leandros Brothers Alternate Universe of Times Square. See if you can spot the following night clubs, restaurants and stores: Leandros Lair, Grimm’s Gyros, Goodfellow’s eXXXpo, The Ninth Circle and Niko’s Vegan Sushi… most of all, this video was made specifically for The Reaver Army – we hope you enjoy it! ~Rob and Jayda

Video © 2012 | Music by Corvo

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  • Deidre

    Amazingly amazing.
    It was really neat to see all the books and the universe set in Manhattan.

  • Kin13

    EPIC! 😀

  • beth

    woo! Love it!

  • Tracy

    That’s awesome! The colors, the mood, the music, everything!

  • Cat

    It’s a beautiful video. So professional looking:) Thanks for the look at a Manhattan I’d love to visit (with a full-body forcefield, or a cloak of invisibility or something, because I’m not quite up there on the badass ninja scale yet).


      Harry Potter fan ? 😀

      • Cat

        Well, yeah. It’s like the Cal Leandros world light (as in light on gore, guns and other adult themes, but there’s some epic villainousness there too) 🙂