| D-Day Contest #3 Starts Today: Randomly DOUBLETAKE



D-Day Contest #3 Starts Today: Randomly DOUBLETAKE

06 Mar 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Books, Contests, News, Reavers, The Cal Leandros Novels
D-Day is 03.06.12

Happy D-Day Reavers!

Yes, we have devised yet another way to win prizes and to celebrate release week. You ready? All right, here we go!

Contest Period: 03.05.12 – 03.10.12

Click here to see what we’re giving away.

D-Day is 03.06.12

D-Day is TODAY!!!

How to Participate: After you’ve purchased your copy of DOUBLETAKE, open up to a random page, pick a random [spoiler-free] line or quote and share it here in the comments, on Twitter or on Rob’s Facebook page.

All random quote tweets done today [DOUBLEtake TWOsday] still get two entries into the contest. Please include @Rob_Thurman and hash tags #CalLeandros #Doubletake in your Tweets, if you have room.

The soundtrack to DOUBLETAKE contest is still alive and kicking as well, so keep those suggestions coming whenever a new track enters your brains! This week and next, we [meaning Rob, Jayda and The Reaver Army] will begin voting on the best entries until we’ve got one or two good iTunes iMixes to give away as part of the prizes.

Now… let’s shoot Rob and Cal to the top of the lists this week and keep the party going!


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  • JaydaSteele

    Psssst…. ALL SEEING EYE Excerpt. Right Here. Shhhh…. ;o)

    Password: reaver

  • Tracy

    Quote time is over of course, but I just finished my first read of Doubletake and just loved it, as expected. Gonna start on the book again this week. Always gotta read it twice when it first comes out, right? Get all those things that you missed first time around.

    Don’t everyone forget to leave reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads & BAM too. Spread the word about about Cal, Niko and the gang! The more who join in the fun, the merrier! Thanks for another awesome read, Rob!

    • JaydaSteele

      No worries – I counted this one in the entries, Tracy.

      And thank you for reminding everyone about reviews! You rock! πŸ˜€


  • Amy

    Ok; just got mine. There’s only one or two left now at the Books A Million. πŸ™‚

    And, my quote:

    ” ‘Your cooking is painful. Moving, I’ll survive.’ ”

    I just started on it, and, so far, so great! πŸ™‚

  • Angela B.

    I know I’m a day late, but i hope I can squeeze an entry in here as I just got the book (yay!).

    Here’s a random quote: “If you can’t do a minimum of three tasks at once, I have failed you with all my training and instruction. I’d blame myself, but clearly it’s entirely your fault, your laziness, your total ineptitude.”

  • Jadesfires

    My bookstore didn’t get any copies in and I had to travel out of town to get mine, so I have barely started it. But flipping through and looking at random quotes is awesome!

    Here’s mine: “Having sex with a walking, talking feather duster doesn’t make me sneeze at all.”

    Oh, Cal. You shouldn’t let your mind wander that way, lol.

  • Susan

    My random quote: “I have a GED”

  • Denise

    Rob is the best!


    “But one day, you will see, your brother is a hero” or “Which was worse? Knowing there wasn’t a damn thing you could do for your brother or knowing you were the only one who could?

  • TDoc

    “Bartender are off-limits”, he was repeating. “Tell your brothers. No means no. It also means I will remove a very different kind of sword from them if they don’t respect that.” —That whole Panic event was worth the wait for this book!!!

  • Ione

    Okay, so this one isn’t random — but it was just one of many very quotable passages throughout the book —

    “As a random bully had once said to me when I was a kid in the fourth grade as he demanded my sneakers and backpack, life isn’t fair. I agreed with him by punching his annoying teeth down his equally annoying throat.”

    Thurman, Rob (2012-03-06). Doubletake: A Cal Leandros Novel (Kindle Locations 274-275). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

  • Andi Byassee

    Here’s my random quote–Robin to Promise: “Greetings, Elvira. Is that an overbite or are you just happy to see me?”

    This was indeed a fantastic read, with the breathtaking action, the humor, and even more emotional depth than ever. I have become profoundly invested in Cal and Niko and deeply moved by their trials and their relationship, in all its very male expression. Clearly, I am going to reread as soon as possible to delve deeper into the nuances, and to enjoy the evil fun, all over again.

  • Samantha R.

    First off: congrats on another truly amazing book. Even though I just got my Cal and Niko fix for the year, already I’m craving more. You can check out my review here:

    As for the quote, this one wound up being a favorite:

    ” ‘Gods.’ He stared at me, disbelief dripping from the word. ‘How do you function when the hamster on the wheel between your ears takes his lunch break?’ “

  • Lingeorge

    As for me, normally I would’ve had waffles with half a bottle of syrup, and coffee. This morning I didn’t have an appetite for anything that wasn’t red and spilled with a blade. I folded my arms on the breakfast counter, bent at the waist to rest my chin on my forearm, the Ka-Bar remaining in my hand, and watched through the long strands of hair that still fell over my eyes. (page 38 of 278 on my Nook)

  • Lindsey

    I preordered my copy for my Nook, just in case.

    My random quote: “You think I made a mistake gating that SOB to the boggles before we found out what the Vayash burden is?”

  • Suz

    You random spoiler-free quote: “I can listen and graze both,” Nik said, dry as dust, but serious too.

    This was such, *such* a good book. Rob Thurman’s writing and characterization has continued to improve with every book, and here I felt the characters have matured most marvelously. They were brilliantly themselves, under stress, pressure and near-deaths. Niko and Cal’s relationship felt so relaxed, easy, loving. It was the perfect mix of high-octane fighting and snarky oneliners and brotherly jockeying.

    A fantastic book. I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up.

  • Falling

    “I’ll prove you a thousand times better. Auphe don’t play THE game, not YOUR game, over bar snacks. Thats degrading. Pathetic. And boring.”
    Cal is such a beast xD

  • Jodi

    “Niko, there’s a man in your garbage Dumpster outside. I can see his legs showing from beneath the lid.” pg 91

    This is a fantastic series πŸ™‚

  • Mouse

    “Time to play.” -page 264
    I agree.

  • Jenn

    Randomly, I got a funny one. “I strangled him unconscious with the Members Only jacket.”

    Sigh, Oh Cal….

  • Stephanie

    Loving the book so far!! Here’s the random quote: “you were puck-slapped but good. Okay, we’re taking two cars and I’m not wearing a sweater.”

  • Kin13

    Well, firstly, the book rules. I looooooved it <3 Thank you, Rob! πŸ˜€

    Here's my random quote: "Something to kill us, Dr. Obvlivious."

    And here's a quote I had to post anyway: "I felt like I'd asked someone what time it was and they beat me to death with Big Ben. Someone was cranky." LOL

  • Peg

    I second Cat’s – favorite quote (so far! :-)): “No Santa, huh?” I snorted.
    “No, there was a Santa Claus, but a seven year old werewolf ate him.” he answered.

    And a show of hands, please, of all who got the reference?

    Not to run on, but I have to say, got called to work in the middle, but Rob is once again taking it to a higher level… not just a level up, but a dozen levels! That means that with this one, you’re at about 265 on a scale of 1-100! ;-)! GO, ROB!

    • TDoc

      I got the quote.

  • Lisa

    Hey this comp is cruel for those of us that have to wait for our copy to be shipped down under! Can’t wait to read it too! And post quotes after everyone else has moved on…

    • Coren Lee

      I’m in Tasmania but I got it on release day on kindle πŸ™‚

  • Sara

    I liked: I got cold feet. Hercules probably had acid reflux. We all have our weaknesses.

  • Skye

    Gah, have to share two qoutes! One from the page I’m on, and THEN a random one.

    Current page: “Find me five more. I still have a shirt, pants, two socks, and one shoe left.”

    Random page: “No.” He kept shoving. “You think Delilah is hot shit? That one would eat Delilah alive and have room for the whole Lupa pack for dessert.” (Oh god, I want to knew who they’re talking about.)

    P.S: Loving the book so far! Just a little over halfway done already with my roomie breathing down my neck to steal it from me.

  • Marchia

    My fav quote? The one about the “great grandmother must have been mainlining ginseng” it made me laugh out loud!

  • B.E Sanderson

    See, this is the problem with ordering online on the release date. I won’t have my copy for another week. Hmpfh.

    LOL have fun with the contest, folks, and good luck. =o)

  • Shawn

    My favorite quote so far: “Willy Wonka’s Perverted Sex Factory”

  • Dawn

    Spoiler free quote” I should’ve known by his offering me the first one.” I can relate, never be the first.

  • Cecily

    For my quote, I selected a piece of sound, overall advice (which I mostly adhere to, at least on weekdays):

    pg. 169
    “Try not to kill him. We’re not one hundred percent certain he deserves it.”


  • Brenda Masalta

    “Don’t hate. Don’t beg. Not you.”

    And just because it made me laugh out loud, here’s one more: “Pony play and pad thai. Get it while it’s hot.”

  • Melankalia

    “After this party H.P. Lovecraft could suck my dick. This was one of his worst nightmares or wettest dreams. What had been wrong with that ass?”

    I cannot wait to find out what THAT is about. Why oh why did I flip towards the end of the book for my quote??? *frantically reading*

  • Theresa

    “You know what surgery tends to include?” The next word went from cheerful to wickedly gleeful. “Catheters.”

    Gotta love Goodfellow!

  • Samantha

    It was a given: If your head was up your ass and your brain didn’t know up from down or what that smell was, you were dead.

    • Samantha

      Oh mai gawd, that was awesome. This series just keeps getting better and better with every installment.

      And now I have to wait like a year for book 8. Damn.
      Next year can’t get here fast enough.

  • Cat

    My quote is no spoiler for this story, but I love the crossover:

    “No santa, huh?” I snorted.

    “No, there was a Santa Claus, but a seven year old werewolf ate him,” he answered.

    Rob RULES!!!

  • bn100

    “Were those people good people?”

  • Marietta

    My quote “I know how to dail 9-1-1”

  • Mary-Anne

    They really ought to put several copies of “Doubletake” where the rest of your books are located on the shelf. I was really irked when I went to the shelf and didn’t find it. On my way to the desk, I found it on a “New Books” display that was in the Romance (ick) section. Go figure.

    My random quote: When did I get my goddamned silver lining?

  • palo

    Got my kindle download today!!! Ordered paperback too but I have to wait weeks for it to reach my country….
    Here’s my random quote: “Can you get this one off of my leg before I need sexual assault counseling?” Love Cal!

  • Tracy

    Whew! 2 bookstores and really slow train rides later (never try and navigate DC in the middle of the day…molasses anyone?)…anyway, I got my copy!

    Here’s my random spoiler-free quote: “Family wise, I had no pain in the asses. I was lucky. I had one brother and he was damn good one.”