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Rob Thurman Offline Due to Midwest Tornadoes

04 Mar 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News
"Valkyrie" by Edli on Deviant Art
"Valkyrie" by Edli on Deviant Art

Tornadoes Can't Keep a Valkyrie Down!

Hello Reavers,

Rob’s life has been touched by yet another tragedy – the Indiana tornadoes.

Thank everything in the Universe, Rob, her mother and her house were left standing, but the “town proper” – her entire town – was annihilated by this thing. This is one of those cases where living so far out in the country [with the cursed dialup internet connection] was more of a blessing than a curse. Although, she did tell me a house a few miles down the road from her did lose its roof. She was extremely lucky in this whole situation. I shudder to think of what may have happened had she lived “in town.” Many people are dead and she reported in to me that it’s just unreal – absolutely horrifying. Nobody can get anywhere because of all the debris, and of course, there have been power and water issues galore.

She was barely able to message me on her blackberry to tell me all of this, but I’m so grateful that she could, because I was worried sick about her, and I’m sure many of you have been too.

Although she is still standing, I’m sure it is shocking and awful to watch this happen to your own city. So please, keep her in your thoughts, prayers, whatever it is you do to wish another person strength, courage and healing.

She may not be online next week to celebrate her own release with us. 🙁 But Reavers, let’s keep this party going and give her one hell of a release. I want to see Doubletake shoot to the top of the bestseller lists. Rob deserves it, The Leandros Brothers deserve it… so whatever you can do right along with me to make that happen, let’s do this thing!

To end on a positive note: we will have a new Cal TV commercial to show you on Tuesday, and a super fun part three to the contests [starting on D-Day – 03.06]!

The song contest has been SO amazing, I’m going to begin posting polls next week, so we can vote on our favorite song in the cases where multiple songs by a particular band have been suggested, and it’s too hard to choose. I will also be posting a playlist on Rob’s YouTube Channel with as many videos as possible from all the suggestions.

SO! Keep the party going with me so that when our Guest of Honor can arrive, she’ll be happy and thrilled to see that The Reaver Army has stood by her side and kept her strong while once again, life tried to knock our Dear Rob Thurman down.

With Love and Appreciation,

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  • DWAN

    I’m soo glad she survived!!! T^T
    She’s my fave author EVER!!

    About the Doubletake Soundtrack, if there’s EVER going to be a movie of this series, there MUST be ‘Frontline’ by ‘Pillar’ in there somewhere… That song automatically makes me think of the Leandros Brothers and all the bullsh*t they go through.

    Ms. Robyn WE LOVE YOU!! Please be safe and we wish you well!! ^_^

    Your fan forever,

  • kathy

    im so glad rob and her mom made it….hope he dogs made it too

  • Deidre

    I’m so glad to hear that Rob is okay! That is horrible.
    I can personally sympathize as here in Vermont last year we had Hurricane Irene, and even though I was unaffected it is hard to see your state (and its people) in shambles.
    I wish Indiana all the best. (:

  • Peg

    Mother Nature seems determined to prove to mankind that she is more powerful than anything we can contrive. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and witnessed the eruption of Mount St. Helen’s, and now live in Florida and have been through 3 hurricanes. Tornadoes are the worst of Nature’s events… you can’t predict them, they arise and strike so quickly that you have to be on top of a base-ment or have a place in your own home that will withstand the force of the winds, and you cannot evacuate, as there is never enough time and you can’t predict the path they will take.

    All of that being said, when I heard on the radio Saturday morning that there were major storms headed for that area, I spent all of weekend worrying and hoping that it wasn’t Rob’s area. Prayers, thoughts and petitions to any and all gods of all pantheons that Rob and her mom are safe and unharmed, and of peace and healing to those in her town.

    Thanks for letting us all know, Jayda. You rock! And I can’t wait to head for the local bookstore later today to grab my latest fix — my copy of Doubletake! Reavers Unite! 🙂

  • marietta

    Glad to hear everyone is ok. My book came early and i have read it twice. From pucks to grimm l have enjoyed the book. Now l need the next one!,,,thanks Rob

  • TDoc

    I have to say that it seems like Rob and Cal have more lives than a cat….luckily.

  • Kiaranassimu

    I’m so happy thats she’s alright. The storms were so intense, and where I am we didn’t even get the full brunt of it! But I really am happy that everything is okay and I hope her town can pick itself back up soon.

  • vic

    I am so glad Rob and her mom are okay. My mom lives about 75 miles from there and I was sweating it big time-watching the weather channel etc… Luckily my mom and stepdad were fine, they just had to endure power outages and a bad storm. Lets all make sure Rob has a wonderful release-I already have the hard copy reserved and am waiting to order on my kindle as well. BEST WISHES ROB!

  • Aniday

    Oh, thank the Gods – I have been worried! Thanks, Jayda: you’re such a rock star when it comes to keeping us in the know. It’s super appreciated.

    I can’t imagine what facing all of that must be like… -shakes head- but I’m, for sure, keeping those parts of our country in my thoughts…

    Stay safe out there,
    ~ Aniday.

  • Melankalia

    I’m so glad Rob & her mom are okay. I’ve had so many candles lit in the past few days (for my own family in Kentucky as well as everyone else), that it’s a wonder there is any oxygen left in my house!

    Also, Tuesday is taking WAY too long to get here!!!

  • Rubygirl29

    I was afraid that I was right in recalling that Rob lived near Henryville. I can’t imagine the scope of such a tragedy. I’m very glad that she’s all right.

    I’m waiting for the release date and I hope it will give Rob a boost. She deserves all the best for making us all so happy with her writing.

  • Kitana

    Oh my god. It’s like the Universe has taken out a hit on Rob. You know, the tail end of those storms whipped through where I live and my first thought upon seeing the news was ‘Omigod Rob!’
    … I was hoping i was wrong. Damn.
    Glad she’s okay! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Kin13

    Oh dear, that’s horrible! I’ve been hearing about the tornadoes – I’m glad Rob is alright. I will be praying for her.

  • Emily

    Glad to hear that everything is all right. I live in Indiana and know how bad it is here. I’ll keep her in my prayers

  • Ally

    I’m so glad to hear that she’s alright. I’m from Alabama, so I know the devastation these storms can cause. <3

  • Tracy

    It’s heartbreaking seeing all those people lose everything in just a matter of minutes. I’m so grateful the Rob was spared and wish her and everyone affected (both directly and indirectly) all the best during this trying time of tragedy.

  • Sarah M

    I was hoping the wild storms missed her… and I’m glad Rob & Mom are okay… my heart does ache for their entire area… these storms were just insane…. I’ll be happily REAVING on Tuesday… And being a faithful that I am, I completely chewed out a bookstore that had her book out on the shelf today…. My inner Cal came out! We’ll get Rob up on that list so high she’ll get a nosebleed!!!

  • Mad Bonnie

    Wow! I’m glad Rob made it through okay. I heard about the tornado cell in her area and was really hoping she wasn’t lifted away to Oz. Didn’t her accident last year happen right before her last book release? Yikes.

    Still holding my breath until Tuesday. Here’s a list of suggestions for how fans can support their favorite authors:

    See you all on release day!

  • Karen

    I will keep her in my prayers. So glad Rob and her Mom are ok. I live in Oklahoma’s tornado alley. I know how horrifying and incredibly sad it is to experience the devastation left behind.