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D-Day Contest #1: The Soundtrack to DOUBLETAKE

18 Feb 2012, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Contests, Fun, News, Reavers, The Cal Leandros Novels
D-Day is 03.06.12

Contest period: Now through 03.11.12

[This is going to be a blast!]
D-Day is 03.06.12

D-Day is 03.06.12

If you could program your “dream soundtrack” to a Cal Leandros movie, what kinds of songs would you want to hear?

Submit your song titles here in the comments, or on Twitter or Rob’s Facebook page. Please include the song title and band name. If you have anything to say about why it makes you think of the books, or maybe which character’s theme song you imagine it belonging to, even better.

Jayda will post updates that share the songs either through videos, lyrics or full [LEGAL] audio streams from now through the end of the contest period. Rob and I will pick our ten favorites, create an iMix and then “gift” that iMix to three lucky winners in the final [random] prize drawing. 

If you use Twitter, please remember to include @Rob_Thurman. If you have room for hash tags, please include the name of the band you submitted, plus #Doubletake and #CalLeandros. We’ll be sure to re-tweet your entries if you submit song ideas via The Twitter.

Also, on Facebook, the more “likes” a certain song gets, the more “likely” that song will wind up on the final soundtrack!

Now then, let’s get to rocking for D-Day!

m/ -Jayda m/

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  • JaydaSteele

    Psssst…. ALL SEEING EYE Excerpt. Right Here. Shhhh…. ;o)

    Password: reaver

  • DWAN

    Very Very VERY late to reply to these!! (I’m sorry… >,<)
    Anyway, ironically, I've been thinking of my own soundtrack to this series!! XD
    It'll take me a while to come up with the rest, because if I don't think things through, it will be meaningless. The tracks I've REALLY thought would suit this series is:
    'Bullet In My Hand' – Redlight King 'CAL'S THEME'
    Lyrics: "I know why I'm in this Hell, I just don't wanna believe… Past that line, you just can't tell, but right now… THERE'S SOMEONE LOOKING OUT FOR ME!! I came out of the darkness… With a bullet in my hand. I got one more shot a livin'. I'm lucky that I can! 'Cause I got a little roughed up. Yeah, I really got f*cked up! I came out of the Darkness… With a bullet in my hand."

    As I've said in another post, 'Frontline' by 'Pillar' is another great one! 'Leandros Brothers Theme'
    Lyrics: "It's not like I'm walking alone into the valley of the shadow of death
    Stand beside one another, 'cause it ain't over yet. I'd be willing to bet that if we don't back down. You and I will be the ones that are holding the Crown in the end. When it's over, we can say, "Well done". But not yet, 'cause it's only begun. So, pick up, and follow me, we're the only ones . To fight this thing, until we've won. We drive on and don't look back. It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past. All the things that we mighta done wrong… We could've been doing this all along… Everybody, with your fists raised high, Let me hear your battle cry tonight!! Stand beside, or step aside! We're on the frontline!"
    One more I thought would work is:
    'See Who I Am' by 'Within Temptation' <– GREAT band for inspiration!!
    Lyrics: "Is it true, what they say? Are we too blind to find the way? Fear of the unknown cloud our hearts… today. Come into my world. See through my eyes. Try to understand, don't wanna lose what we have… We've been dreaming, but who can deny…? It's the best way of living… between the truth and… the lies. See who I am! Break through the surface! Reach for my hand, and shoulder the wicked. Free your mind… and find a way. The world is in our hands! This is not the end…"

    Thanks for hearing me out and good luck to everyone!! ^_^

  • lily

    for Cal and Georgina star crossed love Dark Paradise – Lana del Rey

  • lisa

    Absolutly love the new Cd by Redlight king….his single Bullet in my Hand is perfect for Cal.

  • Falling

    Don’t know if someone already said this one
    Across the Line by Linkin Park, I think it fits both Cal and Promise

  • Six

    Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I hear the blues when I read Cal.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Tell Me (

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Believe (

    For something a little less bluesy, I like

    Elliott Minor’s Shiver (

    The Heavy’s Short Change Hero (

    Theory of a Deadman’s “In the Middle” is the song I play pretty much all through Deathwish. (

    Black Lab’s This Night (

    My personal Cal/Delilah theme is Bare Jr’s You Blew Me Off (

    And before I totally take up everyone’s time … My song for Goodfellow will always be (once you get past the dialogue at the beginning) is Mac Davis’s It’s Hard to be Humble (

    Okay, I’ll stop now …

  • Jadesfires

    Thought of a few more…
    “Howl” and “Heavy in Your Arms” by Florence + the Machine
    “Planet Hell” and “The Kinslayer” by Nightwish

  • Theresa

    I flashed on Cal and Delilah today when Seether’s FMLYHM came up on my iPod.

  • Suz

    Back again, with ten more! Again from my iTunes playlist labeled “Leandros Bros.”

    1. “Truth is a Whisper,” by The Goo Goo Dolls (The disillusioned tone and the quiet disgust with humanity, yet the yearning for warmth and affection – very much Cal and Niko all over.)

    2. “Huron ‘Beltane’ Fire Dance,” by Loreena McKennitt (Because I can totally see Niko doing a sparring routine to this. >.>; )

    3. “Rock On,” David Essex (The eerie echo of the past that doesn’t quite seem to die. It’s a haunting song.)

    4. “Danger Zone,” by Kenny Loggins (Because! Boys and their toys!)

    5. “Edge of the Blade,” by Journey (For both Cal and his inner-Auphe and Niko and his violent defense of Cal.)

    6. “Hang ‘Em High,” by My Chemical Romance (This is so totally a song for the entirety of Roadkill. I swear to it. The lyrics are a fantastic fit.)

    7. “Work,” by Jars of Clay (Another book-thematic song, for Nightlife, particularly the line “all the demons look like prophets,” referring to the Auphe and Darkling.)

    8. “Bones,” by Little Big Town (Because Niko and Cal have more than just bones in their closets….)

    9. “Behind Closed Doors,” by Rise Against (Because the boys keep going, defeat their pasts and their obstacles.)

    10. “You’ll Be in My Heart,” by Phil Collins (A very lovely sappy song for the brothers.)

    As a bonus, the opening theme song for the anime show “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Second GIG” is also on my playlist for the boys. The song is actually in Russian, though it’s the theme for a Japanese show (yeah I dunno either). The song is “Rise,” by Origa, and the lyrics are about being soldiers, and fighting for the truth, which really reminds me a lot of the Leandros brothers. “Save your tears for the day when the pain is far behind – On your feet, come with me, we are soldiers, stand or die.”

  • Falling

    I think this song really fits both Cal and Niko
    Soldiers by Otherwise

  • Demona1103

    Thrill of the Struggle, by Woods of Ypres
    Born Normal, by Dispatch
    Dunwich, by Electric Wizard
    A Sun that Never Sets, by Neurosis
    Sleep Together, by Porcupine Tree
    The Hot Gates, 300 Soundtrack

  • Kitana

    OH OH! I have another one! It’s my Doubletake Cal/Grimm song: Modern Monsters by Alia Lorae

  • Jason Hansen

    Crawing by Linkin Park. Just fits Cal so well.

  • Kin13

    “Hurricane” by 30 Seconds To Mars

  • Kat

    All of these songs are pretty heavy and dark. I always thought Cal’s personal soundtrack would be made up of industrial songs and some heavy metal. I don’t have any particular scenes in mind; they all seem like good general soundtrack songs.

    “Take This Life” – In Flames
    “I’mmortal” – Skinny Puppy
    “Goneja” – Skinny Puppy
    “Haze” – Skinny Puppy
    “Blow You Away” – Pigface
    “Insect/Suspect” – Pigface
    “Bloodline” – Slayer
    “Dead Skin Mask” – Slayer
    “Trip the Darkness” – Lacuna Coil
    “Downside” – Klank
    “Spit” – Kittie
    “Battle Ready” – Otep
    “Eat the Children” – Otep — “If I’m a danger to myself / Just think what I would do to you…”
    “Dead Guy” – Ministry
    “Grease Box” – TAD — “What the hell’s in me? / I said hey don’t look at me / What the hell’s in me?”
    “Lycanthrope” – TAD
    “Paregoric” – TAD — “Lost my mind and then / I lost my head… And I will feel no pain / Till I come down again.” — Reminds me of “Nightlife.”

    Probably the most fitting song:
    “Everyday is Halloween” – Marilyn Manson version–
    Some lyrics:
    “Well I live with snakes and lizards / and other things that go bump in the night / ’cause to me everyday is Halloween / I have given up hiding and started to fight / I have started to fight.”

  • Angela B.

    I like the the song by 30 Seconds To Mars “The Kill”. It reminds me of Cal.

  • Rose

    There’s just something bestial about “Counting Bodies Like Sheep To the Rhythm Of Wardrums” by “A Perfect Circle” that always reminds me of Cal’s internal war with the Auphe in him, especially in Deathwish, when his inner Auphe is so close to becoming his outer Auphe. “

  • Lizard

    I had suggested Tokio Hotel’s “Darkside of the Sun” on Twitter, but I’ll post that here too. I think it fits the theme and the storyline rather well, as well as the Leandros team itself.

    I also like Celldweller’s “Last Firstborn” for Cal.

  • Suz

    So I’m late to the party – midterms are killing me.

    I actually have a while playlist on my iTunes dedicated to Cal and Niko! But the top ten I’ll list. I’m trilled to see so much Skillet and I even saw The Goo Goo Dolls, which made me squee. Clearly we’ve got some classy music fans here!

    1. “Silver Lining,” by Hurts (This one is mostly a Niko-to-Cal song, but the rich fullness and depth to the music also embodies the narrative of the series to me.)

    2. “Break Stuff,” by Limp Bizkit (Cal in some of his more…Auphe-like moods. And Niko when he’s ticked.)

    3. “I’m Awake Now,” by The Goo Goo Dolls (Vintage Goo! But very Cal, particularly in Nightlife, when the Auphe are after him.)

    4. “Fall Down,” by Tantric (A very good song for both Leandros brothers, and their determination, their will to live.)

    5. “Blow Me Away,” by Breaking Benjamin (A song for how Niko and Cal face terrible odds but don’t run, they buckle down together and take it on, relying on one another.)

    6. “Tyrant,” by OneRepublic (Cal and Niko are always on the run, trusting no-one at all.)

    7. “Lost in You,” by Three Day’s Grace (A brother-to-brother song. How they rely so much on one another, brace eachother, and hurt eachother too and yet still forgive and love.)

    8. “Twenty Years,” by Augustana (The lyrics are perfect, could have been written from Cal’s perspective. The soft sweet sadness of all they’ve never had in their lives is in there as well.)

    9. “Dig,” by Incubus (Another brother-to-brother song, how they lean one one another, constantly pull eachother up.)

    10. “Heavy in Your Arms,” by Florence & the Machine (A Cal-to-Niko song. The guilt he feels for being such a burden to Niko, and yet needing him too.)

    I have oh, an awful lot more, but this will do, especially since ya’ll already have so many other wonderful contributions! It’s so hard to choose. Maybe I’ll come back and add my “goldies and oldies,” because really, you know there’s got to be some Kenny Loggins, Phil Collins, The Rolling Stones, and Dave Essex in there, because what else is Niko going to listen to while Cal’s rocking out?

  • laura kat

    Majority of the songs I have in mind are best for fighting scenes or when the brothers are sparring.

    – “Beast and the Harlot” by Avenged Sevenfold
    – “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine
    – “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet For My Valentine
    – “Scream, Aim, Fire” by Bullet For My Valentine
    – “Almost Easy” by Avenged Sevenfold

  • Cheryl

    Sometimes When You Lose, You Win (We’ll Never Give Up) by Karate High School
    Brink of Disaster by Mae
    Monsters by Matchbook Romance
    Movie Screens and Forward Motion by Meese
    Crossroads by Hazen Street
    Darkness Washed Over the Dude by A Day at the Fair
    II Tango Della Signora Francesco Di Bartolommeo Di Zanobi Del Giocondo by Forgive Durden (This one’s for Robin before his monogamy kick.)

  • Kristin

    The Outsiders by Needtobreathe – Needless to say this applies to both Niko and Cal
    Devil’s Been Talkin’ by Needtobreathe – Think this sums up how Cal feels about himself
    The Quiet Side by Meese – What could happen if Cal snaps
    Love to Hate, Hate to Me by A Static Lullaby – A song for Cal’s relationship with Georgina
    Finding Home by Saosin – Could apply to Cal and Niko or to Catcher and Rafferty
    They Said A Storm Was Coming by Jamie’s Elsewhere
    Giants Among Common Men by Jamie’s Elsewhere
    Turn It Off by Paramore
    Oh My God by Ida Maria
    Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin

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    • Leonie

      Crawling – LinkinPark

  • Kara

    I’d thought of a couple more songs, but other people have already suggested them, so I’ll stick with just mentioning these ones.

    The Auphe

    O Death – Jen Titus. A dark, but low-key song for any time you’re looking to creep people out – the specific scene I’m imagining for this song is at the warehouse, when Darkling and the Auphe are making preparations. Last line of the song: “my name is Death and the end ïs here…”

    Cal & Niko’s relationship:

    C’est la Mort – The Civil Wars. This track is extremely gentle, which I wouldn’t normally go for with these boys, but the lyrics fit their relationhip so well – specifically, how tied they are to each other; one really can’t live without the other. “You can sink to the bottom of the sea, just don’t go without me.”


    Silver Lining – Hurts. This song is specifically from Niko’s perspective, about Cal. “And I won’t let you drown, when the water’s pulling you in. I’ll keep fighting, I’ll keep fighting.”


    Scream – Sarah Fimm – The feel of this song is what fits it to Cal; it’s got that whole ‘unbalanced and dangerous’ sense to it. “What can you do when the poison in your veins starts to rot?”
    [Couldn’t find a link to any videos that use this song; the feel of the song is pretty important, and my best suggestion is to listen to the preview of it available on amazon’s mp3 store, so:

    Killing things: Yes, this gets it’s own category 🙂

    Another One Bites the Dust – Queen. Just imagine the choreographed fight scenes! 🙂

    Robin Goodfellow

    Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen. Pretty much the obligatory song for any time he’s out enjoying himself. “If you wanna have a good time just give me a call. Don’t stop me now (‘Cause I’m having a good time)”



  • seacurs

    “Stand up” by Trapt

  • Theresa

    I was re-reading Moonshine on the bus home last night and heard Puscifer’s Tumbleweed…it came up on the iPod about the time the Auphe showed up and Cal took his mental coffee break. Good timing, methinks!

  • Tracy

    2 that pull on the co-dependent relationship between the brothers.

    “Not Broken” by the Goo Goo Dolls. Written about a soldier returning from Iraq and feeling that he just didn’t belong anymore. First time I heard it, I thought about Cal returning from Tumulus.

    “As I Am” by the Goo Goo Dolls. Another Cal back from Tumulus type feel to it.

  • Theresa

    Okay, so I’ve been in a 10 Years mood lately….what can I say?

    Silhouette Of A Life is a rather depressing song with a haunting melody and it would make a perfect “end” song to the soundtrack. (MySpace? I know, right? LOL)

  • Samantha

    “Learn My Lesson” – Daughtry
    It just makes me think of Cal and George.

  • Caitlyn

    Love this contest! I always love trying to match songs to books or characters. Alrighty, so here’s what I’ve got.

    “Wanted Man” by Rev Theory – For when they were on the run, but ended up refusing to run anymore.

    “Strawberry Avalanche” by Owl City – Random choice, but it always makes me think of strawberries and chocolate, which makes me think of Georgie.

    “Lay Your Hands On Me” by Bon Jovi – For Goodfellow. The title says it all.

    “The Greatest Con” by Incura – For Cal and his feelings for George.

    “Trust In You” by The Offspring – For Cal and the few people he is finally willing to trust.

    “Sin With A Grin” by Shinedown – All I can ever think of during this song is Cal. Perfect song for him lol.

  • Samantha

    “Burn It To The Ground” – Nickelback
    I don’t know. It seems like a good action song for when Cal is in one of his let’s-go-destroy-revenants I-don’t-give-a-shit moods.

  • Samantha

    “Enemy Within” – Rush
    For Cal. Either about Darkling, or about Cal and his own nature. Either or.

  • Samantha

    “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift.
    It’s for the new Hunt Games movie, but I think it could work well for Niko and Cal. Basically any time after any sort of heart-stopping moment where their just with each other affirming that they’re both alive and fine and everything is good again (for the moment). That’s what I think. 8]

    • Samantha

      Also: “Hero” by Skillet.
      It made me think of right after Cal made it back from Tumulus, where he was too traumatized to do pretty much anything, but then he finally pulled himself together and became his own hero, since no one (except Niko) would do it for him. If that makes any sense. It was much more coherant in my head. XDD

  • Nhbdy

    “Monster” by Skillet

    I always think of this song when Cal is having one of his “moments”

  • Kiaranassimu

    Of Wolf and Man – by: Metallica
    This song definately represents the Kin.

  • Kiaranassimu

    Bodies – By: Drowning Pool
    This makes me think of when Cal was being possessed by the Darkling, or however you want to phrase that. Just a song that seems to express how the Darkling affects Cal. I think it fits.

  • Cat

    Music isn’t my area of expertise, and I have no exact scenes to join these with, but I do have three suggestions.

    Five finger death punch–Bad Company cover, which just seems appropriate given the circumstances of Cal and Niko’s work.
    Kip Winger-Smoking Gun, a specific reference to Cal.
    Otep—Rise, Rebel, Resist, just because it’s a fighting kind of “screw you all” song and I love the vocalist.

  • Jayda

    You all have been SO amazing with this contest, I’m going to need to have some voting polls for you, too! There is NO WAY Rob and I can reduce these songs into 10… we may need a few volumes, actually! Thanks so much – this is KILLER FUN. 😀 -Jayda

  • Chys

    WOW, if nothing else you’ve got an excellent selection of song suggestions to write to! You all came up with some awesome stuff.

  • bn100

    Evanescence- My Immortal
    Evanescence- Bring me to life

  • Jadesfires

    I didn’t take the time to read all the comments and songs everyone else listed, so I apologize in advance if I’m repeating anything that anyone else suggested already. That said, I love this contest! I always have music playing in my head when I’m reading, so this is perfect. Here goes:

    “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred – for Goodfellow…no explanations needed, lol.
    “Bang Your Head” by Quiet Riot.- for the whole crew…cause mental health is overrated.
    “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister – also for the whole crew. They don’t take no shit.
    “Runnin’ with the Devil” by Van Halen – this song makes me think of Cal.
    “House of Wolves” by My Chemical Romance – another song for Cal.
    “Weapon” by Matthew Good – for Cal.
    “Under Serious Attack” by Emery – for Niko and Cal.
    “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n Roses – cause NYC is the worst jungle there is.
    “Sound of Madness”, “Sin With A Grin”, and “Call Me” by Shinedown
    “Beautiful Dangerous” by Slash – for Delilah…cuz sometimes it’s more fun to fight.
    “By the Sword” by Slash – for Niko.
    “Hurricane” by 30 Second to Mars – this one makes me think of Cal and George.
    “Catch Hell Blues” by The White Stripes
    “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm
    “TNT” by AC/DC
    “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne
    “What It Is to Burn” by Finch
    “Another Bag of Bricks” by Flogging Molly
    “Seven Devils” and “Howl” by Florence + the Machine
    “All These Things I Hate” by Bullet For My Valentine
    “Depraved” by Anberlin
    “Creep” by Radiohead
    “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode
    “Words Darker Than Their Wings” by Alter Bridge
    “Zero” by Alter Bridge
    “The Killing Lights” by AFI
    “Wrath Upon Ourselves” by As I Lay Dying

    • Rob

      Forgot to log in! But you have seriously good taste in music.

      • Jadesfires

        Oh no! Maybe this is a silly question, but how do I log in? I don’t remember having done that before…

  • Kiaranassimu

    Final Destination – by: Within Temptation.
    This makes me think of Cal and how he hates the Auphe and is trying so hard not to be like them. This song just seems to sum up all of his anger and fear and the desperate need to push his fate away and to keep bein who he is.

  • Ronni E.

    Dang! You have to have a contest that requires knowing the names of songs and the artists. I suck at that. I know songs I like when I hear em but I never remember who sings em or their names so I went searching for the ones I can remember.

    For Cal: “Cowboy” by Kid Rock. If you listen to the song, it really seems to describe in a way how Cal kinda seems himself, kicking ass and taking names. He belives he’s tough sh*t and does like to go guns blazing at times. It just seem to fit.

    For Niko: “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston. Okay, yes sounds like it would be an odd title for him. BUT if you listen to the words, Niko prides himself on being the best. He has to be, to be able to protect his brother. And I think if he could have one moment in time where he was truly the best and was able to vanquish all those that would hurt Cal, he would take that moment in a heartbeat. So I think it really works for him in relation to Cal.

    For Promise: I appologize for this one but it really does fit even tho Promise is the quiet type. “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. I know, I said I was sorry. It really does fit the two of them. I mean Promise loves Niko, and she does want to help him and would gladly take on his hurts if she could.

    For Robin: I am gonna explain this one before I put the title down. Okay, we know everyone’s favorite puck is egotistical, vain, superficial at times, and various other things. Yes, he is also loyal, cares more than he wants people to realize, and really does love Isaiah. However, I think this song would perfectly fit his ego and vanity. “I’m Sexy & I Know It” by LMFAO.

    Some general songs I think would fit are:

    “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. I think the tone and meaning of the song fit the books pretty well.

    “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons. Cal doubts himself alot, especially when it comes to him and George being together (and I really hope she shows up) and this song really puts his doubts and feelings into a kind of perspective.

    “Sorry” by Art of Dying. Like the above, this song fits Cal and George perfectly.

    “Psychosocial” by Slipknot. If you read the lyrics to the song (personally I can’t always hear what the words in metal songs are) you find that the words fit what Cal, Niko and co. go through while fighting against the things in the dark. I felt it seemed to set the mood for a fight scene or three.

    I think that’s all I could think of for now. I think these songs would make for a fantastic soundtrack and would also fit the theme and characterization of the books.

  • Deidre

    Music and books. Nothing goes better together – here I go! ;D
    I have many here but I put *’s next to those I feel are a really good fit!

    Avenged Sevenfold “Almost Easy”

    Avenged Sevenfold “Bat Country” *

    Seether “Broken”

    Sick Puppies “Asshole Father”
    (haha, just thought the title was funny. Obviously Cal’s daddy was an asshole. No explanation needed.)

    Sick Puppies “The Bottom” *

    Evanescene “Going Under”

    Seether “6 Gun Quota” *

    The Killers “All These Things That I’ve Done”

    Hawthorne Heights “Pens and Needles”

    Disturbed “The Night”

    Disturbed “Perfect Insanity”

    Linkin Park “Don’t Stay”

    Linkin Park “Somewhere I Belong”

    Linkin Park “Easier to Run” *

    Linkin Park “Bleed it Out”

    Three Days Grace “Animal I Have Become” *

    Three Days Grace “Pain”

    Shinedown “Sound of Madness” *

    Shinedown “Devour”

    Disturbed “Land of Confusion” *

    Three Days Grace “Just Like You”

    Three Days Grace “Let You Down” *

    Sick Puppies “Odd One”

    If I had to pick Three Days Grace and Linkin Park (my two utmost favorite bands) would be perfect for any Cal related sound track. Grunge, screaming and angst. Perfect mix.

    Just picked these off my iPod randomly, what felt “Cal Leandros” soundtrack to me.

    A little metal and anger and death and a whole lotta homicidal emo. ;D
    That’s MY kind of music!

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  • Cassius Cheerful and about killing, I would also put ‘I can’t decide’ by Scissor Sisters in this category, but we all know very well what the Leandros boys would do. Something in Blackout made me think of this song- about a memory or something, I’m not going to swear on it- and the some of the lyrics also made me have a mental connection with this song and the novels. Oh, and Niko’s love for the Beatles, gotta add that. All about demon slaying and the raising of small kids. Now if it only included killing annoying younger brothers with socks. Well… as sad as this is, it never fails to remind me of Isiah and Robin. I figured that maybe Cal would hum it as he worked…? Maybe only on the days he felt like expressing his deathwish, of corse. Well the boys will certainly go together when they go… I bet this is Goodfellow’s song, it’s pretty charming. Isnt’ it dandy, all about the bogeymen and an homage to all things foul and grotesque.

    And that is my list, I’m sorry if not all of them were as relevant as others would have liked.

  • Slice of Life

    Also, some perfect songs for everyone’s favorite Puck: “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert(I can see Robin jamming out to this for Ish), “For You Entertainment” by Adam Lambert (here’s the link to that one: ) and some other awesome songs for he and Ishiah are “Crazy Angel” by Kill Hannah, “Evil Angel” by Breaking Benjamin, and “Anthem of the Angels” by Breaking Benjamin(especially this one).

    And just to reiterate, pretty much everything from Avenged Sevenfold.

  • Ashley S.

    Wow, so many great songs here!

    My suggestion is “The Last Firstborn” by Celldweller. Just the title makes me think of Cal, and I love the sound/tone of the song.

  • Regina

    I’m putting in “Bad” by Micheal Jackson. I think it captures the cocky, badass, slightly cheesy antics of a lot of the main cast. XD Plus it’s a fun, upbeat pop song to balance out a lot of the darker entries. (This list is so full of good choices already though! I wouldn’t want to have to pick only a few from these choices!)

    • Regina

      Whoops, sorry about that. I thought the internet ate my comment, but I guess not. XD

  • Regina

    I’m putting in for “Bad” by Micheal Jackson. I think it captures the cocky, badass, slightly cheesy antics of much of the main cast. XD Plus it’s a fun, upbeat pop song to counterbalance a lot of the darker entries. (So many good choices already though! I wouldn’t want to have to pick only a few from this list!)

  • Ally

    Off the top of my head, a song that is perfect for Cal: Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace

  • Kin13

    Okay, I’m back with more xD

    “What You Want” by Evanescence — Cal’s darker side speaking.

    “Ghost of Me” by Daughtry — Cal to Niko, during the process after Deathwish where Nik continued to believe/dream about Cal’s death.

    Now, don’t laugh at me, but stuff by Rob Thomas, like “Little Wonders” and “Someday”, just always reminds me of Niko. Those songs are just so contemplative and meditative and comforting, it sounds like what might go on in his head during a meditation hour 🙂

    “7 Days To The Wolves” by Nightwish — Can’t say precisely what it’s about, except it relates to the Kin, and Delilah is most definitely singing it.

    “This Is War” by 30 Seconds To Mars — Really seems to fit the tone of the books. It isn’t about one person either, but the entire cast.

    “Easier To Run” by Linkin Park — Cal again, but this time his human side.

    There are just so many … I might be back again … ;D

  • Theresa

    “Just Can’t Win” by 10 Years is a good song for Cal – on the surface it could be about when he had been taken over by Darkling, but going a tad deeper, it’s also about Cal looking at himself and trying to come to terms with being half monster (or is he really coming to terms with being half human? Hmmm….)

    And maybe kinda cheesy, but “I’ll Stand by You” by the Pretenders for Niko.

  • Mad Bonnie

    Oh, man: I could go on forever on this one. I’ll try to keep it relatively short:

    Cal: Genetic Emancipation from Repo! The Genetic Opera
    Niko: Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
    Cal and Niko: Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
    Robin: I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred & Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
    Promise and Niko: Sunshine is Dangerous (Acoustic Version) by Timbuk 3
    George: Let It Be by the Beatles
    Darkling: Devil Inside by INXS
    Flay and Delilah: Brother Wolf, Sister Moon by The Cult
    Abbagor: Come Together or I Want To Hold Your Hand, both by The Beatles
    Robin and Ishiah: I’m No Angel by Dido
    Wahanket: Dead or Alive by Oingo Boingo
    The Kin: Lock Up the Wolves by Dio

    • Mad Bonnie

      And after my first post I thought of a few more:

      Cal and George: Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen
      Sawney Beane: Mad Tom of Bedlam (Traditional?)
      Seamus: Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus
      Female Auphe (to Cal): I Want to Make Violent Love to You by Oingo Boingo
      Ammut: Black Widow by Michelle Shocked
      All the Pucks: YMCA by The Village People
      Robin (to Niko): Don’t Cha (Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me) by The Pussycat Dolls

      • Jadesfires

        Haha! That last one is fantastic! So Goodfellow! I could totally see him doing a striptease to that song! And Niko trying to run away, lol.

        • Mad_Bonnie

          …and Promise borrowing Cal’s flame thrower!

  • Sharice

    I think that Whispers in the Dark by Skillet tells Niko’s devotion to his brother perfectly.
    Kill Me Heal Me by Skillet reminds me of when Cal was possessed by Darklin. You know he would have wanted it that way.
    This Means War by Nickelback is deffinitely for everyone involved in the war against the Auphe. Niko, Cal, Robin, every single unlucky one of them.
    Planet Hell by Nightwish brought up the memories of when they were fighting Sawney Bean and all his disgusting minions.
    On the lighter side. I think that Kiss Me Softly by Journey was practically made for Niko and Promise.
    And lastly that Nickelback’s S.E.X. is just the way that that horny puck would think.

  • Signe' C.

    The Requiem-Linkin Park : I could imagine this as an ending credits song.
    Cannibal-Kesha : The third verse just before the chorus. I could imagine that for Delilah; maybe first appearence or maybe a scene when she shifts and eats someone.
    Sinner-Drowning Pool
    The Last Night-Skillet
    Something I Can Never Have-Flyleaf
    I Know-David Lynch
    Before I’m Dead-Kidney Thieves
    Down With The Sickness-Disturbed
    System-Chester Bennington

  • Sara

    How about:

    “The Undertaker” – Puscifer
    “Riot” – Three Days Grace
    “Running Up That Hill” – Placebo

    • Sara

      Forgot to say who the songs represent.

      “Undertaker” for Cal and Deliah
      “Riot” When Cal’s beeing his emo bad-ass self.
      “Running up that Hill” Just because I think it fits the theme of the books.

  • Dana

    For Cal: “Slow” by Professional Murder Music

    ‘Still real when I have it inside, pounding me to black, take my eyes’

    For Niko: “Timshel” by Mumford and Sons

    ‘And you are not alone in this. As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand’

  • Mia

    So many songs on my mind.. !
    Ok, I will tell which ones I like

    For Cal – those definitely!
    Skillet – Monster

    Nine Inch Nails – Big man with a Gun

    Sepiamusic – Prototype

    Cal + Niko – Papa Roach – Blood brothers

    Pink – Perfect ( some parts of lyrics just fit for what Niko tries to get in Cal´s head)

    Sheila Chandra – Sacred Stones (it´s not about budhism tho.. damn 🙂 )

    music for some action (it´s from soundtrack “City Hunter” I really like it.. also that kid kicked the ass of his opponent with a spoon! Ring a bell? 😀 )

    And the main music?
    Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King feat. Alisa Apps – Mars

    Robin- Jin Akanishi – INP – International party 😉

    • samantha

      lmao i soo agree with monster its soo Cal.


    Artist: A Perfect Circle
    Album: eMOTIVE
    Track 10: Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

    and for Cal

    Skillet- Monster

    • Kin13

      Ooh, definitely a Cal song!

      • Mia

        Agree.. when I heard it for first time I was like – “damn, never know Cal´s into writing songs” 😀

  • Leonie

    3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
    Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
    Gary Jules – Mad World
    Linkin Park – Crawling (Darlkling)
    Blue October – Have me (Cal and Georgina’s breakup)

    Will definately add more…

  • Cal's_Girl

    also, Nightmare and Welcome to the Family by Avenged Sevenfold.

  • Cal's_Girl

    ok… You’re Going Down by the sick puppies. This always reminded me of Cal’s view of the Auphe during the later books.

  • Kin13

    Okay, I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER!! Two words — Breaking Benjamin. Newer stuff especially, they have songs that were all but MADE for the Leandros brothers.

    “I Will Not Bow” is Cal’s song, getting across that kick-ass side of him we all love, while the song “Lights Out” depicts Cal’s other side, the Auphe part of him. “Anthem of the Angels” is for Niko, his desperation, and how he is continually losing Cal (in Nightlife to Darkling, in Deathwish to the illusion, in Blackout to amnesia). Then songs like “Breath” and “Without You” are for the two of them and the books as a whole. These songs are FANTABULOUS and have been my Leandros theme songs since practically the beginning.

    There is also another band that, while there is a female front singer, are also very fitting at times: Within Temptation – a personal favorite band of mine. “Frozen” could easily Niko’s song during Blackout, and his struggle with his lies and with Cal’s amnesia. “Murder” always reminds me of Cal’s complete mindbreaking fury when he was on the hunt for Hob in Moonshine (the fight sequence being one of my favorite scenes of the whole series, so thank you for that, Rob 😀 ) But actually, many of Within Temptation’s songs could very easily work as theme songs for Delilah’s character (because who doesn’t love Delilah? Really). For instance, “In The Middle of the Night” and “Faster” depict that bloodthirsty yet alluring darkness inside of her; and the voice as well could very easily be Delilah’s, “accent” and all.

    That was long-winded 😀 I’ve been wanting to put those songs out there for a loooong time …

  • Chys

    (For Cal)
    God Smack?/Disturbed? – “Blood in my eyes”
    White Zombie- “More Human Than Human”
    Linkin Park – “Crawling”

    (For Niko)
    Story of the year – “Until the day I die”
    The Rasmus – “Hide from the Sun”
    Apoptygma Berzerk – “In This Together” (Could totally see it as bromance if ya want)
    A Perfect Circle – (Pet Remix) “Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums”

    (Some love For Goodfellow)
    Paulina Rubio – “Fire (Sexy Dance)”
    Scissor Sisters- “Filthy Gorgeous”
    Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – “Don’t Give Up” Yes, this works on this list, think about it differently. For Goodfellow you can hear it as him being a lonely puck.
    Peaches – “Hit it Hard”
    Tatu Mix of Gillete’s – “Sex Tonight”

    (For Delilah)
    Jerk – “Injection of You”

    (For Salome)
    “The Cat Came Back”- Unknown Artist -I like the one that starts with piano and later has the words “OK, now I’m gonna try to do an ear-bleeding guitar solo…”
    “He waited and he waited for the cat to come around, but 97 pieces of that man was all that they found- But the cat came back the very next day…”

    (For Ishiah)
    Diary of Dreams- “Never Freeze”

    (For George just because)
    The Rasmus – “Bullet”
    Vast- “Touched”

    (For Catcher and Rafferty)
    Maaya Sakamoto- “Gravity”
    Yoko Kanno – “Run, Wolf Warrior”

    Other suggestions:
    Angel Dust – “Bleed”
    Danzig -“How the Gods Kill”
    DJ Z-Trip & Chester Bennington – “Walking Dead”
    Breaking Benjamin – “Breath”
    Blindside – “Pitiful”

    Sorry if it spams but this is the 8th time trying to post anything to the site at all.

    • Jadesfires

      That is a killer list! The song for Salome just made me laugh…it’s so perfect!

  • Carrie

    How Soon is Now – The Smiths. The line “I’m human and I want to be loved,” whenever Cal is in one of his “I’m a monster” kind of mood. The juxtaposition just underscores his differences.
    Welcome to the Jungle – Gun N’ Roses
    Fuck You – The Stiffs. Its Cal.

    • Chys

      Love that song, I like the Tatu version too.

  • Tracy

    Okay, been listening to alot of Third Eye Blind lately and for some reason, some songs just scream out for Cal. I don’t know if it’s so much the lyrics, but just the entire feelings and moods around the songs.

    So, I gotta submit: “God of Wine” by Third Eye Blind.

    And on the more mushy/emotional side of things, for those times when the boys seem to have the entire weight of the world on their shoulders, the obvious choice: REM’s “Everybody Hurts.”

  • TDoc

    I have 2. The Good Life by Three Days Grace for when Cal is being a cocky %#%@ and Pieces by Red for the relationship btw Cal and his sanity keeper Niko.

  • KK

    Highway to Hell by ACDC
    Hell’s Bell’s by ACDC
    Made of Stone by Evanescence

    • Jayda

      Oh yeah – GOTTA have some AC/DC!

  • Anna

    Nightwish: Wish I had an angel (Robins song).
    Nightwish: Planet Hell (well you can guess which place this suits).

    • JaydaSteele

      Yay, Nightwish songs! 😀

  • Kitana

    Okay, I’ve already Tweeted my entry (I’ll bet you’re swamped with songs!) but I was so enthused about this that I couldn’t help posting a few more of my favorite songs from my Cal playlist even if they wouldn’t be included in the contest. I know, I’m nerdy. (Blush)

    War by Poets of the Fall. Cal and Niko: Side by side to the end, yeah! (Uh, platonically, of course.) Not that Cal ever doubted Niko would be with him on a literal battlefield… (Except in Tumulus when he thought Niko was dead, maybe) I tend to interpret lyrics somewhat loosely.

    Propane Nightmares (Celldweller Remix) by Pendulum. This was totally my Blackout song prior to that release. This is a great song to blast in the car! I just like the sentiment “I’ll burn before you bury me” in the song. It sounds like a Cal-type pissy-ass challenge to the world (which I sort of personified as the “woman” so that it makes sense in my Cal-saturated brain. :D)

    And for a different flavor:
    Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye.
    Okay so this song doesn’t really fit but if you look at it sideways (I’m good at that) it’s Cal/Georgina – not that I wanted them to get together (god no) but I was sympathetic to their position, you know? Or if you look sideways AND squint it’s Niko/MemoryLoss!Cal from Blackout.

    Last one! (Otherwise, seriously, I could go on all night)
    You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by Offspring. The metal sound of the music should make me think Cal, but the lyrics scream Robin to me, actually. Probably has to do with the ‘inciting large crowds to madness with nothing but words’ bit. Har har!

    • JaydaSteele

      Hey, you can post as many songs as you want! I don’t even qualify to WIN and I’m so excited. We’ve got ’til March 6th to busy ourselves as much as we can until DOUBLETAKE is out… I say we bring it! 😀

      • JaydaSteele

        PS – Bonus points from me personally for choosing a Celldweller song. 😉

        • Kitana

          I think I love you. Celldweller just gets your blood pumping, doesn’t it?

          P.S. This getting us hyped up for the release thing is totally working. I went to sleep last night and dreamed Cal and Niko. All night long.
          Was kinda sad when the alarm went off, really. 😀

          • JaydaSteele

            Yay! I love you, Kitana! 😀

  • Joey

    Okay, understanding that I’ve only read up to Deathwish so far…

    Three Days Grace “Animal I Have Become” – The theme for Cal’s inner struggle with his dark heritage. The lead singer even looks like Cal and has a “Darkling” moment in the music video!

    Led Zeppelin “Friends” – Sort of an inner monologue about Cal’s struggle with allowing himself and Nico to connect with people.

    Gary Numan “Dominion Day (Hybrid version)” – If the auphe could have their way…

    How To Destroy Angels “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” – Georgina’s letter to Cal.

    Nine Inch Nails “And All That Could Have Been” – Cal’s reply.

    Gravity Kills “Love, Sex, and Money (Reprise)” – During the climactic battle against Sauny Beane, Cal breaks his promise to Nico and teleports… many, many times.

    30 Seconds To Mars “Battle of One” – From Deathwish, Nico goes on a rampage when he believes Cal has been killed.

    3 “The World is Born of Flame” – Cal and Nico’s final showdown with the Auphe at the end of Deathwish.

    • Jayda

      WOW, you even went out and found the video links! TOTALLY adding these to Rob’s YouTube Playlist for this contest. Will be sharing with everyone on the blog and Facebook, too. Nice to see some guys representin’! 😉

  • Melicent`

    “Falling Inside the Black” by Skillet

  • jeannette

    Little Mercy – Doomtree. I picture this during a montage where each charactor is shown preparing in their own way for the big fight that no one is sure they can actually win.

  • Slice of Life

    First choice: “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold. Truly a bloody masterpiece.
    Others that are also oh-so-Leandros-appropriate: “Natural Born Killer” by Avenged Sevenfold, “Pet” by A Perfect Circle(totally a Niko song), “Welcome to the Family” by Avenged Sevenfold, and “Fly” by We As Human

    • JaydaSteele

      Pet = great choice for Niko! APC is one of my favorite bands of all time, too. 🙂

  • Jaime

    “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace =)

  • Traci

    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother–The Osmonds– 2nd song to play during the end credits roll. 😉

    • Jayda

      Now that one gets points for being hilariously unique! 😀