| BASILISK Has Made the Final GoodReads Cut – Vote Now!



BASILISK Has Made the Final GoodReads Cut – Vote Now!

24 Nov 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Books, News, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Chimera Novels
BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee

BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choice Awards NomineeBASILISK has made it into the FINALS in the Goodreads Choice Awards. Go Misha, Go Misha! The number of books in each category has been cut down to only ten, so the competition is waaay tight this round and we have done GOOD, everyone. Seeing Rob Thurman right there with Stephen King in the finals makes me giddy all over again. 😉

This is the final-FINAL round now – your last chance to vote for Rob. Voting ends on Sunday, so get online real quick-like today or this weekend and vote for our beloved BASILISK right here.

To all of our fellow American Reavers, Happy FangsGiving!

To everyone else: Happy Almost-Weekend! 😀

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  • Emily

    Had a bunch of people do it. Good luck, Rob!


  • Traveler70

    Voted! In addition to that, I just had to share this. This is the most Cal Christmas song I have ever heard by the most awesome band ever! It’s called “Don’t Shoot Me Santa Claus” and if that doesn’t peak your interest I don’t know what will 🙂

    • Jadesfires

      Haha, great band and great song! Although I think that Cal could totally handle that creepy Santa.

  • Peg

    Done did it! Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

  • B.E Sanderson

    Voted. Good luck! And Happy Thanksgiving!