| MOONSHINE – UK Book Cover


  • Kin13

    Aw, he’s so young πŸ™‚

    But … but … where’s Niko? πŸ˜‰

  • Jamie

    I like how young and almost vulnerable the new one looks. The original always struck me as looking rather middle-aged for someone as young as he. But still, the one you’re used to can never really be beat.

  • Kels

    Being somewhat of a Chris McGrath fangirl, I think the original is better. But I don’t think that the UK are getting screwed over, it’s a pretty excellent cover. The obvious alternative to the lack of Niko is that Niko be featured more often on the American covers. Like, all of them, for example πŸ™‚

  • Aynsleigh

    I have to say, the guy on the cover is gorgeous but he is not Cal. Perhaps if he had long hair it would look better but I think Cal (while not having a great amount of muscle mass) is broader than that. This guy looks pretty skinny, I think that leather jacket is too big for him.

    Doesn’t really matter, still love the book anyway and Cal is still the most gorgeous thing that has ever existed in my head.

  • becka

    As much as I love the UK (I’m English so I kind of have to say that.) And as much as I love the badassery of UK Cal, that’s not Cal. And like everyone else has already stated, Niko isn’t in it like the US version, and I love him too much for him not to be on the cover. PS. Only this evening have I found out (through tumblr) you had an accident and my GOD I was so worried when I first read the newsletter but I’ve gone through all the reports on your progress from star to finish and I am sooo releived you’re doing well now! Thank the lord! *Hugs to all the Reavers!!*

  • Deidre

    I like it. πŸ˜€

    But I have to agree I like the U.S better because like everyone else said –
    That’s exactly what I think Cal and Niko look like. (;


  • Cal's_Girl

    well…… they got the attitude right. but I like ours way better. THATS what Cal and Niko look like in my head.

  • Marietta

    I like the US cover, it is what I think they look like, sorry UR

  • Serene

    I like the US version. Plus it has Niko. Can’t go wrong there. I’d really like to see the Japanese Manga versions printed in the US- Love the art.

  • Ally Mack

    I like it, but I prefer the original better I think. Probably because I’m just so used to seeing it. I really like the text on the UK version though. They’re both pretty awesome and eye catching.

  • Bri O'Malley

    The brittish cal looks to young, nice backgorund though

  • Nhbdy

    I think both are wicked cool but I think I’d have to say I like the US version better. Chris did a beautiful job incorporating details from the story into the art. The US version has Niko and he even gave him mala beads and shorter hair (ok I admit the shirt is a little Jersey shore but hey nobody’s perfect). The UK cover is still totally awesome though. Cal looks like a total badass despite the hair (he does look more like Misha) and I like the gun and, like Jayda pointed out, the continuing rain theme is cool too. Hell both are freakin hot!

    Oh and the Cal on the UK cover looks like he’d be Goodfellow’s type so I think he’d be strongly against it πŸ˜‰

  • Jayda

    PS – I kinda prefer the fonts/type-setting on the UK cover… more epic, easier to read. They were also able to use a really great quote from SF Revu, so… yeah, I like the typography better on the UK one.

  • Jayda

    Okay, I figured this out, finally:

    I like how Cal is dressed in the UK cover. I also like his gun on the UK cover… and the continuation of the moody rain theme [from the US Nightlife cover].

    On the US cover, Niko’s in it, therefore, I prefer it… I crush on Niko HARD.

    But the UK one has a great dark mood to it, looks EPIC – like a movie poster – and I love Cal’s clothing and gun…

    So really, it’s a win-win on both covers!

  • Chys

    US cover goes through the roof for hotness since Niko is there. Just saying. In comparison to that the UK one is lacking in the hotness factor. On it’s own without comparison it’s good. Though I like the color scheme on the UK one in how it’s a bit more clear visually, but that doesn’t look like Cal to me. I’d believe it if it were supposed to be a UK Misha though. Maybe it’s the hair.

    On another note, are we going to see more of Scotch and Seven? *puppy dog eyes* Seriously, I’d buy a book about them. I want to know more about them like where they end up next. Is there hope for the post-apocalyptic world to recover a bit or does it all go downhill, and do they end up killing every human they meet or are there exceptions? The glimpses into that world in First Ball…Last Call were wonderful. It’s an awesome stand-alone story in itself but it’s almost like a teaser, and this is an amazing world, with potential for good and very bad to pop out of the neon-glowing, mutating woodwork. An excellent short story but that means that I just want to see what happens next!

    • Jayda

      Funny you say that about Misha, Chys – I TOTALLY thought that this Cal model actually looks like Misha! That’s not a bad thing, but… Cal is not blonde. Still, Misha’s hot, so it’s not like this cover model won’t help sell books! πŸ˜‰

      • Chys

        True! If I’d seen this cover just randomly on a shelf I’d pick it up just to see what’s inside. It’s hard to compare to an already very good thing. I think I’m biased since I like the one I saw first.

        And Niko. Can’t have enough Niko, and I personally think he needs more cover time. It’d be nice to have some Goodfellow too. He’s in it more than Delilah but she gets cover space twice? Hm, though she is hot, too. I can see why.

  • Peg

    Hmmmm, I usually like the British minimalist style but this is – not Cal. And the whole Niko’s got his back is part of what makes the Moonshine cover resonate for me. The Brit Cal is a bit too emo rather than tough as nails and vulnerable as a teddy bear – but a teddy bear with a “what big teeth you have” vibe when someone/something threatens his family, both blood – Niko – and adopted – Robin, Georgina, Rafferty, Catcher, Ishiah and even Promise. Both are excellent covers and hey, they could publish it in a plain pink wrapper with Tinkerbell’s on it and it’d be a positive coz it’s being published in other countries! So I have to say the US McGrath covers for Moonshine and now, Doubletake are how I will always picture Cal and Niko.

  • Natali

    That’s CAL on the UK cover? It looks like Misha to me. But I still kinda like it ^^

    • Jayda

      TOTALLY looks like Misha! Again, not a bad thing, though. πŸ˜‰

  • Lisa

    US version definitely – it’s my favourite cover by far, both characters look just like I picture them. Plus there’s two hot guys, not just one! And really, isn’t that what we’re all here for?

  • GingaNinja

    US version. It has Niko on it. Ergo, no contest.

  • TDoc

    Gotta say that the US cover is what I picture Cal looking like. The other reminds me of an A&F poster. Only thing I’d change of the US…Niko’s shirt…not the way I picture him dressing.

  • Jess

    Super hot! in a clean cut slightly pedo way, but too clean cut for Cal.
    I’ll take US version. (But, I can’t say the UK one will not be popping into my dreams tonight with a Scottish brogue ;x )

    Plus, I like how the tag line is more prominent on the UK vesion.

  • Jen

    I’m sticking with the US version- I don’t think I; can picture Cal any other way!

  • Theresa

    US version. Absolutely love that cover best – it completely captures Niko and Cal. And the DOUBLETAKE cover? LOVED it. THAT’S Cal.

  • Kitana

    Oh god, I’m torn.
    Niko is on the US one and that’s always a plus (even if he is wearing some tank he apparently mugged a surfer-boy for) and I like the US Cal more, but the atmosphere of the UK cover is freaking AWESOME. Man, UK Cal looks pissed.
    Okay, I got it. I’m pretending UK Cal is how other paien see Cal, sensing the Auphe in him, and US Cal is in Friend-vision. Yup.

    Are we playing ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours (The Cover Edition)’? If we are, I pick the US one. Patriotism and whatnot, but also I’ve always appreciated how Chris makes the extra effort to actually attempt to portray the characters and some hint of the plot correctly, rather then slapping random generic shit together, like the UK one did. Because, Niko’s stupid shirt aside, look at all the stuff he got right. Plus, this is early Chris work. You only have to look at Doubletake to see that he’s getting better because, um, holy hell, the Doubletake cover trumps them both. Wowza!

    P.S. I’m too lazy to post twice so I’ll tell you here that I voted the hell out of Rob for Goodreads Round two!

    • Kitana

      Not that I’m attacking the UK artist.
      As someone who went to art college and took illustration classes, i know better than most how the artist probably got handed the project (along with some dozen others) for a book he’s never heard of, with specs of what to illustrate being along the lines of “Dark urban fantasy, set in New York, main character male, uses guns. (Oh, and BLACK hair, sorry, we forgot to tell you that last time and people complained, so fix it this time.)” And that’s most likely all he has to go on, unless he hunts up more details himself (which he doesn’t have the time to do because he’s got to keep churning covers out to make a living.)
      Not that that’s ALWAYS the case, but all too often, it is.
      That’s why I changed my major. It’s soul-sucking. It really is. Good god.

      That’s why I love McGrath. And Rob’s publishing company. The communication going on between them must be great. It’s so refreshing.

    • Jayda

      Yay – thanks for voting like crazy for Rob! πŸ˜€

  • Wave

    Gotta say I prefer US cover, has both Cal & Niko

  • Jacinta

    Well just Damn… Cal I’m guessing, looks different from the book description but that doesn’t take back the fact that he’s sooo super friggin hot. Definately love the new one more. πŸ™‚

  • Ed

    US version of Monnshine!