| The Extra Reaver Mile: Best AUTHOR Write-In Vote on Goodreads Choice Awards



The Extra Reaver Mile: Best AUTHOR Write-In Vote on Goodreads Choice Awards

04 Nov 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Books, News, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Chimera Novels
BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee

BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee in Science FictionOkay Reavers, so… it looks like you can also write in your nominations and vote for who you write in.

Well, as awesome as Rob treats her fans and after the brush-with-death she faced this year, I went ahead and wrote her in for Best AUTHOR, too.

If you want the same, click here. You will need to write in Rob Thurman Basilisk and it will automatically pull up her name and the book for you. Hit submit and “boom,” there”s your write-in nomination.

Thank you for indulging the resident Reaver Webmistress. 😉


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  • Jayda

    OMG, you all DID IT! She’s IN for BEST AUTHOR! *Happy Dance* 😀

  • samantha

    i did it for BASILISK and BLACKOUT. In my personal opinion Rob Thurman is the greatest author of all time. Only female author i know that doesnt write mushy love storys. Good Luck Rob i hope you win!!!! You deserve it a thousand times over

    • samantha

      oh wait one question could you count blackout as humor seeing as Cal is smartass and i find him funny and him bickering with robin is funny?

  • Jadesfires

    I voted for Basilisk in its category, then wrote in Rob Thurman and Blackout for every other category that they could possibly fit into. Reaved my heart out. Just wanted to cover all the bases, lol. Go TEAM ROB!

  • Natali

    b-but, I did it for Blackout……..Cal is my first love, sorry Misha

    • Jayda

      LOL – it’s okay, Natali!

      The important thing is that we write Rob Thurman in for BEST AUTHOR. If you prefer to choose BLACKOUT for that category, go for it. We just want ROB to be recognized as BEST AUTHOR no matter which book you choose. 🙂

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I came, I saw, I reaved.

  • GingaNinja

    No need to ask me twice. 8D

  • Kitana

    I would, but it’s too late. I already found that function and voted for Blackout as my choice. But I voted for Basilisk in it’s other category!

    • Jayda

      It’s all good! By all means, if you want BLACKOUT to feel the love in the BEST AUTHOR category, go for it! I just want ROB THURMAN in that category, whether by BLACKOUT or by BASILISK, as long as she’s in there!

  • Deb R

    Done. I had already voted in the category Basilisk was nominated in, but was happy to write in Rob again. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    • Jayda

      Woot woot! You bet-ya. 😀