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BASILISK Needs Your Votes!

03 Nov 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Books, News, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Chimera Novels
BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choic Award Nominee in Science Fiction
BASILISK: 2011 GoodReads Choic Award Nominee in Science Fiction

Vote for BASILISK Now!

Well Reaver Army, we did it!

We heaped so much love on The Korsak Brothers, BASILISK has been nominated for a GoodReads Choice Award in the Science Fiction category. Gotta love seeing Misha staring back at us along with Stephen-frakking-King in those top nominees!

But this is just the beginning.

To get into the Semifinals, Rob Thurman, Misha, Stefan and Godzilla need your votes – and lots of ’em, because the competition is stiff. We have until November 13th to get Rob and BASILISK into the semi-finals.

So spread the word, get over to GoodReads and vote! And if you do vote, please Tweet about it with #GoodreadsChoice as the hashtag, include #RobThurman and @Rob_Thurman in your tweets. Please also get the word out on Facebook, encourage your pals on GoodReads to vote… you know the drill – spread the word and get the Reaver Army all riled up for Rob Thurman and BASILISK.

And thank you so much ALWAYS for all that you do for Rob Thurman, Team Leandros, The Korsak Brothers and Team Trickster!


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  • TDoc

    Had to vote for Cal…sorry Misha

  • B.E Sanderson

    Voted for Basilisk. How could I not? =o)