| All Hallow’s Dead Contest: What’s Your Official Candy?



All Hallow’s Dead Contest: What’s Your Official Candy?

01 Nov 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Contests, Fun, News, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter
Afreen Ahmed - Munching Like Misha Korsak
Afreen Ahmed - Munching Like Misha Korsak

Afreen A. - Munching Like Misha

Just because Halloween proper has passed doesn’t mean it’s over, especially when you’re in Rob Thurman’s Reaver Army.

Our own Caliban Leandros is half-monster – every damn day of his ass-kicking life, surrounded by vampires and werewolves and mummified cats, giant spiders and killer clowns and every other creature The Beyond can hurl his and his brother’s way. Then we’ve got Misha Korsak – a mutant assassin with an insatiable sweet tooth. Add to that, all of the angels and demons and gods and goddesses in disguise with Trickster. I’d say when it comes to being a Rob Thurman fan, every day is Halloween. Or at least, darkly fun like Halloween.

So. Speaking of sweet teeth…right now, you’re either 1. Out of candy completely. 2. Have too much of it on-hand because you “accidentally” stock-piled too much of it for “trick-or-treaters.” or 3. Are raiding your kids’ candy bags as I write this.

Or…perhaps all of the above? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, to be entered into the All Hallow’s Dead prize drawing, tell us about your favorite candy, whether from childhood, adulthood or everywhere in-between. We already know the “Official Korsak Brothers Candy” is Three Musketeers, while Godzilla-the-ferret’s choice would be Paydays.

How about you? What is your “Official Candy?”


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  • Pdcg440

    “Dulce de leche” is my favorite! It’s very popular in my country, can be combined with almost everything (pancakes, bread, fruit) and it’s delicious alone, a spoon of dulce de leche is the best recipe against a hard day.

    Something less local… I like reeses peanut butter cups
    Happy Halloween

    I’m celebrating reading… First ball … Last call!!!

  • Alicia Miller

    Anything with orange and dark chocolate or a good 40% pure dark chocolate up to 70% though that is a little too flowery. Heaven involves cherry ameretto ice cream shake with dark chocolate chips.

  • Trista

    Hands down Butterfinger. I don’t know why, probably because 90% of the candy bars out there have nuts in them and I’m not a fan of peanuts, almonds, or any other variation. It probably has a lot to do with the crunch of them. Multi-layered buttery goodness covered in chocolate. When I was a kid I always used to stockpile and savor them when I was done trick or treating. I would trade my cousins for their miniature bars of goodness for anything else in my bucket or pillow case. I loved this elderly couple down the street because they would give out the kind sized bars.

    Every weekend when I was junior high we used to go to the PAL center because they had a dance club and such and there was a McDonalds in the same plaza. And every weekend I would get a Butterfinger McFlurry. Definite highlight.

    Now a days I can’t eat the amazingness that is Butterfinger because they stick to my teeth so badly it hurts. But I still indulge every once in a while. Other than that candy bar, I really don’t eat sweets but offer me one of those crunchy treats and I’ll cave every time.

  • Spiffy

    Good ole Cowtails. Their creamy filing makes me love life.
    And not that kind of cows tail….The candy. What’s wrong with you sicko’s?

  • Karen

    I fall under category #2 – I bought too much candy and now I’m living large (so to speak) on M&Ms and Snickers.

    As for favorite candy .. . it changes with my mood. I keep jars of M&Ms, choc. chips for cookies, Reese’s dark mini peanut butter cups and dark Hershey chocolate variety packs, and a pack of Pocky handy. Yeah, I don’t have a chocolate addiction at all.

    If you’re talking non-chocolate candy, I go for Necco wafers.

  • Jennifer H.

    Any chocolate, but I love Snickers and Twix!


    Huh you know that an interesting question… Um its all the candy that has chocolate in it….

  • Belinda

    Snickers is my favorite, but I love chocolate so most candy bars will do.

  • Lisa

    Anything with chocolate! Dark chocolate with peppermint especially, but I’m not picky, as long as there’s lots of it!

  • Dahacobs

    Rollo’s Carmel and chocolate how can it be wrong! Oh yeah I forgot I’m out that is how. Just thinking about them now I gotta go get some. Here is hoping my car starts.

  • GingaNinja

    Fun Dip, hands down.
    I’ll wolf down that powdery crap until my tongue wants nothing more than to die.

  • Kerry

    I have always loved Resses Peanut Butter Cups.

  • Melankalia

    My all time favorite candy would be Sassafrass sticks. Thankfully there’s an old timey shop nearby me which stocks them, because a 6 hour drive to Kentucky every couple of months for candy isn’t exactly in the budget.

  • Lori

    Cherry suckers, preferably Blow Pops, but I’ll settle for any brand.

    I’m not exactly sure why they are my favorites, maybe because I always got a sucker from the bank when I was out running errands with my mom as a kid. Maybe it’s just because I like the way they turn my tongue that bright red…Nonetheless, it was a pretty easy answer to come up with so they really must be my favorite.

  • Breanne

    I love Green Thumbs — or any gummy that’s green apple flavoured.

  • Angela

    I love Skittles! I haven’t yet found a Skittles flavor that I don’t like, although the original Skittles are still my favorite.

  • Samantha

    If I had to say, my favorite Halloween candy would be KitKats. Last year we bought a whole bag of KitKats with three flavors; regular milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Then we put them in the bowl and gave them all away to trick-or-treaters. So this year I stole all the KitKats from the bowl before Halloween ever got here.

  • Natali

    Milkyway Midnights have always been one of my favorites. I love the marshmallow and nougat, even though i don’t usually like dark chocolate.

  • Christine Merritt

    popcorn balls – homemade gooey, sticky popcorn balls. Made with Karo syrup – plain or with candy corn rolled in.

    Sad that we cannot trust our neighbors to make homemade treats that are safe anymore… there was a sweet older lady in my neighborhood who made them and YES I actually went home and changed costumes to get two one Halloween.

  • Alison

    Well, Halloween wise, my favorite is Candy Corn. I’m the only person in my family who lies it, and i can eat it by the bag full! And since my birthday is in October, I always get tons of it as a present–which is totally fine by me!

    AND they’ve come out with all this awesome Candy Corn flavored candy–the Candy Corn M&Ms are my current favorite, but I love the Hershey Kiss Candy Corn as well. YUM.

    And I was actually raiding my nephews Halloween bucket before I got online… it’s only 18 months old… it’s not like he can eat all of it… ๐Ÿ˜›

  • TDoc

    Twix and not any of the new funky stuff either. I also needed to eat it in layers. Chocolate then caramel and then the cookie while NOT breaking the cookie. Sad, but true. My grandmom used to bribe me with money to walk to the store when I was little, like 6 (and it was considered safe even in Philadelphia), and I could get a candy bar. Always came home with a Twix and in time for Scooby Doo (apparently I had an inner clock according to her).

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Anything chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. And I love 3 Musketeers – I like to turn it over and scoop out the nougat so I wind up with a chocolate canoe.

  • Sara

    I’m not a big candy eater, but I love anything Cadburys.

  • Nohbdy

    Gummy Bears! Few are worthy of their deliciousness!

  • Christine

    Twix. Caramel or peanut butter.

  • Christine

    Twix! Caramel or peanut butter.

  • Theresa

    Guilty pleasure – candy corn! But all round favorite has got to be Reese’s Peanut Butter cups or pumpkins (eggs at Easter, trees at Christmas, etc)

  • Sherri "Zoe" Martin

    I have to admit my favorite is Candy Corn. I wait every year for it to come out and as people dismiss this candy and either walk by it with disdain or throw it over for all the chocolate candy I fall all over it. I guiltily stockpile it in my purse and desk. It’s gruesomely awesome and oh so sickly sweet. Yummy! (Donโ€™t judge me.)

  • Denise

    Baby Ruth

  • Michelle Bledsoe

    Mine would have to be Peanut M & M’s. I love them.

  • jennifer mathis

    milky way caramels

  • Lingeorge

    I too like 3 Musketeers and PayDay’s . I remember the good old Mountain Bars from my kiddiehood. My fave now? Probably Twisslers.

  • Cal's_Girl

    My favorite definitely has to be Smarties or 100 Grand bars. I take them out of the trick-or-treat bucket and stole them from my roommate last night! haha! gotta love candy-snatching!!!

  • maebhinn

    I love me some Mik Duds. I separated them all from the bags of candy that I opened to give out to the kids. Hehe! I also raided my kids bags for them!

    • maebhinn

      Opps, I meant Milk Duds! Blame the sugar high.

  • Lauren

    My two favorites are Three Musketeers and Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses!

  • Kristina

    I totally raided my kids bags and grabbed all of my favs! Paydays(they each got 2) and Almond joy! I swear if I eat another Almond joy today i will totlly turn into one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Arlene

    Three Muskateers has always been my fave but I have
    to have a can of big red with it.mmmm thats good stuff.

  • Anne V.

    M&Ms. The perfect candy for sitting and reading. I like it when the chocolate melts inside and the shell slides around a little.

  • Chys

    M&Ms. It was my nickname in Highschool. *_* I always wore a big yellow shirt in Gym class, that may have added to it.

  • Joni

    Three Musketeers

  • Lia

    Milkyways. The Midnight dark chocolate version because dark chocolate is the greatest type of chocolate in all creation. Candy-corn too because you just can’t beat classics. ^.^

  • Amory David Day


  • B.E Sanderson

    I guess I’m guilty of #2.5 – I stockpiled, but I had one bowl of candy I don’t like to giveaway first and another of stuff I do like in case I ran out of the other stuff. Lucky for me (and unlucky for my ever-widening butt), I didn’t have to dip into my stash.

    Favorite candy bar? I was going to say Snickers, but then I got addicted to these Butterfinger Crisps last night. OMG, they’re awesome.

  • Denisetwin

    We completely ran out of candy last night, so few trick or treaters were coming my hubby started handing out huge handfuls but then they kept coming! My favorite Halloween candy is 100Grand, I never eat it through the year, but on Halloween the mini ones are YUM!

  • Stephanie

    I have a shitload of DumDum suckers left from yesterday. As long as there are plenty of root beer flavored ones left, I’m happy.

    Anyway, my official candy are PayDays. I’m on the same boat as Godzilla when it comes to candy. Reese’s cups are a close second. I could live off those for the rest of my life and never get tired of them…

  • Deidre

    Halloween is my favorite time of the year! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Maybe it has something to do with my birthday being the next day?

    I think I’m a 2 at this moment to be honest. Soon to be a 1. (;

    Because, if there’s candy avaliable – I’m eating it.
    Damn trickertreaters not showing up to the house and taking it off my hands!

    Anyway, I LOVE smarties!
    Always have, and I can forsee that I always will!
    I could eat those year ’round and not tire of them.
    They really don’t have a lot of taste, and are kind of chalky but that’s what I loove ~
    Eat one, a few, or a whole packet at a time!