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All Hail King Ralphy
All Hail King Ralphy

All Hail King Ralphy - Click for Larger Image

Dakota, my werewolf superhero and partner in crime, has been gone a while now. While the memories will never fade, someone has stepped up to handle what duties he can.


Fear him. His ears detect sonar, his nose a morsel of food 2000 miles away, and his bark shatters glass. You may now bow and toss milkbones in his royal path.

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  • Karen

    He’s beautiful! I lost two very special dogs last year – Abby to old age and Vader to bone cancer. I found Jesse at the shelter in December…or rather Jesse found me! I walked down the row of cages and all the dogs were barking and bouncing around. At the end was this beautiful Shepherd cross with amber colored eyes. She was quiet and not barking and sweet and licked my fingers. I decided to take her home. Turned out she read me like a book! LOL I was looking for a smaller dog than my previous 80 lb. dogs and I wanted short hair and she met all my requirements. I also wanted a lower energy dog and she was just perfect! Just long enough for me to bring her home and fall in love with her! Now I find I have to walk her for miles and play ball! She must have Jack Russell Terrier or Rhodesian Ridgeback in her after all! Her calm act was just to get me to take her home! LOLOL

  • Alicia Miller

    LOL as a trainer of service dogs I can tell you FOOD is LOVE – especially meat. Give your sweet guy time to learn what you need and you will have an AWESOME companion. With my own dogs, every meal I have is shared – always. It does not matter if it is only one bite, I share and because I do, they never violate my plate until invited – even when I go to bed and leave the plate on an endtable with food right there. I have gotten up in the morning to untouched steaks. Heck, my older dogs even train the younger dogs with little help from me!

    Try Playtraining Your Dog and 101 Dog Tricks and you will end up with a dog that makes Lassie and RinTinTIn stupid. Hand to Budda I promise. Dogs are meant to be with humans, it is unnatural for us not to be with them – look at the mRNA and mitochondiral DNA evidence if you are not sure. Many things in life can be solved with the right dog.

    • Alicia Miller

      BTW I keep and train WOLFHOUNDS, they eat werewolves for breakfast and love on veterans for lunch and dinner 🙂 seriously though, my boys when they are done with training allow baby ducks to crawl on them while STILL protecting their men – I have pictures as proof!

  • teresa

    i just lost my dog this past august to cancer and she left a huge hole in me, my temper has even gone back to being short and quick. My son said its because she was my medium and kept me calm while she did all the biting…lol

  • samantha

    awwwww thats the cutest little werewolf ever. ill gladly bow to King Ralphy. ^.^


    I want a dog…. A nice Wolf hybrid..

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Aww. What an adorable emperor! May his reign be long and benevolent. How old is he? I remember when my shepherd/collie mix was young she had ears like a bat. Seriously – she came *this close* to being named Dumbo. She eventually grew into them.

  • Deidre


    I shall throw all my Milk Bone dog-cookies in King Ralphy’s honor.

    But my dog might have a problem with that…

    Don’t tell her I’m cheating on her. She’ll mope. And nothing is worse than a mopey shepard/bloodhound mix – they have the perfect saggy face and eyes to make you feel like a heartless devil inside.

    He is so darn CUTE.

    No dog can replace another, I’ve been down that path before, because they all have their own personalities.

    But that doesn’t mean that another dog isn’t just as loving and needy and that’s whats important to remember.

    You have inspired me to donate time and money to my local human society when I can because the dog/cat crisis is such a large scale one, and it’s something most people neglect to notice.

    But I know Ralphy will be in good hands.

    Long live the King.

    Woof. (:


  • GingaNinja

    Adorable, and a most worthy king.

    But Godzilla might challenge that.

  • Twinchy

    He’s such a beauty and looks adorable!
    All the best with the new Emperor in the house.

  • Rubygirl29

    Obviously, he is waiting to be worshipped. With MilkBones.

  • Theresa

    Ah, but how does he feel about ferrets?

  • Psistriker

    Aww, what a cutie! Long live King Ralphy. 🙂