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Click to See the (Bigger) CAL Sticker!

First, not as exciting as you might think, but from an author’s POV, it’s amazing. And from a personal POV, it tickles the hell out of me and is supremely ironic.

Here’s the scoop: France has bought Nightlife and Moonshine. Nightlife has already been released and Moonshine‘s release is in October [well, that would be now.]

The PR person for the French publisher is more on the ball than anyone I’ve ever seen. When she read one of Nightlife’s reviews, basically saying “If you like Supernatural, you’ll love Cal Leandros,” she took that and ran with it. She went to Warner Brothers France and arranged a cross-promotional deal with them [something I’d have to sacrifice babies to a Dark Lord and wear too much eyeliner to achieve anywhere else.] They weren’t only willing, but enthusiastic.

So…and most of my fans knowing my love/rivalry with Supernatural will see the irony…a Cal Leandros sticker is on the front of the 4th season Supernatural DVD set being released also in October in France. CAL is staring at you from Dean’s muscular neck [cool new tattoo, Dean–click to see the bigger picture.] Not only is Cal being advertised on the DVD set, but on Moonshine, they’re placing a removable paper banner with Supernatural images on it [Sam and Dean I assume…what else?]

I’ve never had promotion of this level before. It’s staggering [I literally staggered in a circle trying to process it.] France is my new favorite country. What they’ve done, what Emmanuelle and Warner Bros did…never forget it. Never will.

Of course, certain fans know why this tickled me and I found it so ironic. People constantly ask if Supernatural was my “inspiration” for the Cal series…inspiration sounds a lot like “stealing ideas” to me.

So I’d like to set the record straight right here on my blog.

In actuality, I wrote the first Cal novel, Nightlife, six years before Supernatural came out. However, [some insider info for aspiring authors everywhere] it took six years to publish...and, yet, unbelievably, came out the same time Supernatural premiered on TV. Not only that, the idea of hot brothers kicking monster ass entered my brain three years before I even wrote it, maybe four or five. So counting the idea’s conception, that’s about nine-to-eleven years prior to the release of SPN on television. So no, Supernatural is not my inspiration. Can you see why it drives me nuts when people think I’m riding on the show’s coat-tails? My stories [and hot brothers] came first.

But at the same time, I’m a fan of the show, too. It’s about brothers kicking monster ass – what’s not to love? If I write it, of course I like the idea and of course I like Supernatural while at the same time, it makes me rip my hair out when certain things are so close. It’s the ultimate Great Minds Think Alike…


Supernatural Spoiler Alert!–

…I would have had Sam save Dean from going to Hell and never done the Apocalypse–gotten rid of the whole angel demon thing except for Crowley and Castiel and I definitely wouldn’t have killed Gabriel/the Trickster, but that’s just me.

–End Supernatural Spoiler Alert–

And again, with the Supernatural Trickster character, I also wrote Goodfellow first [a popular Cal trickster character who also crosses over, along with Ishiah, into my Trickster Novels].

It’s all definitely a shitload of irony and I’m still laughing.

Click on the pic to take a closer look and enjoy the irony yourself…and the promotion, of course. France has made me feel extremely valued, Buddha love ‘em!

Any French guys want to marry me and take me to the promised land? :>

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  • Nat

    Everyone I recommend Nightlife to has the whole Supernatural comparison going on, but I always set them straight. I actually no longer watch Supernatural (got sick of it and quit watching after season 3) so as far as I’m concerned there is no comparison – Cal and Niko are the better brothers, hands down. I anxiously await each and every book. But I have to give the show some credit since I did hear about the Nightlife series from Supernatural fans, back when Moonshine had just been released. So I guess it’s kind of love/hate from this end too. Awesome promotion though – really happy for you! – they’re definitely appealing to the right fanbase both ways.

  • samantha

    i have the sudden urge to learn french..but congrats you deserve it the cal leandros series is amazing. my all time favorite author

  • TDoc

    I’m a Supernatural junkie but I do agree, I love the show more when the Winchester brothers are a force to not be screwed with then them not getting along.

  • Crystal

    I have to admit, I like Supernatural, and I love Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. But in my opinion, and quite a few of my friends who are also addicted to Cal and Niko, Dean and Sam don’t even compare or in the same league as Cal and Niko. Words can’t even describe how much I love the Leandros brothers more and how much better/hotter/smarter/cooler they are then the Winchesters.

    I first found Moonshine via S.L. Viehl (StarDoc fan first, so she’s always S.L. to me), and always recommend your books first to any body I meet that mentions needed something new to read. And while I love the whole series and all your books, Blackout blew my mind and I loved every second of that roller coaster.

    I could go on, but then I’ll just start embarrassing myself (which is why I just normally lurk in the background like an awkward wallflower). Glad you are doing better and can’t wait to read more of your books in the future.

  • Peg

    Hey, Rob, don’t have Twitter, etc., but I like reading your’s that are posted here and am taking this route to let you know; Caught the questions about buying a short story and a novel similar to Cal & Niko, and wanted to say, “YES! and YES!” I will definitely buy anything that’s made available. I don’t have an e-reader but if it’s in print form, that is a definite YES. Just love your work, any and all!

  • Kim

    *Picturing Sam and Dean and Cal and Niko in the same room.*

    *Eyelids flutter*

    I think I need to have a lay-down… is it possible to pass out from bliss?

    Ironically, I became a reader (and lover) of the Leandros Brothers (and all of your amazing work) BECAUSE of “Supernatural” – a very excellent friend I met throught our must lust (um) love of the show recommended your amazing books to me. I’m forever grateful that she did.

  • Peg

    Two big thumbs up and a YEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAW!!!! (Ain’t that French for Too F’ing Cool?! :-))
    Hopefully, Warner Bros. America will see the light and we’ll see Cal & Niko, Robin, Isiah, Trixa, Leo, Zeke, Griffin, Stephan and Misha all translated onto the silver screen, large or small! (and like mentioned above all of your hot babes of both genders underwear!) VIVE LA France!

  • Chys

    The French… they know hotness when they see it.

  • dragonice

    I am a BIG fan of the tv show Supernatural and I also buy the Supernatural Magazine which is all about the tv show. On the back of one of their magazines they advertise books and Nightlife was being advertised so I went and picked up the book and fell hard 🙂 I personally have never considered that you took the idea from the show I just loved the book because it was so similar. The love of the older brother to keep the younger brother safe and the hunting of monsters. Your books are amazing and I have passed your name on to my reader friends.

  • B.E Sanderson

    I’ve never seen Supernatural, but I know how popular it is. That’s friggin’ awesome. Congratulations. I hope it means loads more sales. =o)

  • Bri

    Today, a sticker on dvd case. Tomarrow a movie saga complete with merchandise(cal leandros underwear)

  • mousedm

    This is SO cool! I can absolutely see why you would be jazzed. I also have to say, I would have much preferred your version of Supernatural. As much as I adored the Winchester boys, they lost me with all the Season 4 crap. However, Cal and Niko are still very close to my heart and your books make me very happy. Congratulations!

    • Coren Lee

      I just wanted to say how much I agree with you. If only Rob had been the staff writer on Supernatural, we wouldn’t have had to suffer that bizarre tangent and loss of brotherly love from S4 hell onwards.

      I love that Rob stays true to the crux of the story – the unbreakable bond of true family. Rob, if you are reading this — all power to you!


  • Jadesfires

    Gotta love free promo! This is so cool for you and for the Leandros brothers. Now if we could just get them on board with the Trickster novels and the Korsak brothers…

  • Beth E

    So friggin cool CONGRATS!! I’ll make sure my France SPN friends know about this STAT!! This is everything Ive ever wanted in life… now if only the rest of the world could follow France…..

  • Deidre

    Cal AND Supernatural? It’s like PB&J – except waayy sexier! (;

    I think I died a little inside – at the awesomeness of it all! D:

    I officially HEART France now!

    What an awesome idea. We SO need that in the U.S. of A, like, right away!

    Yay for Cal stickers!!

    * I started watching Supernatural AFTER I had read your books so your characters, and plot, officially come first and foremost for me (and always will)!

    But I also have an uncanny obsession for my Sam and Dean…

    WHY doesn’t my tv network get the WB? I have to wait until it’s all old hat and out on DVD before I ever see a thing! ;(

    But Cal came first. (;


  • Theresa

    That’s awesome news! Congratulations….makes me almost wish I lived in France, LOL

  • Tammy

    That is FANTASTIC! Congrats!

    That’s my promo line for Leandros books. “If you love Spn, you’ll love these books. And fyi…she thought up this before spn came out.”

    LOVED Basilisk, by the way. LOVED.


    wow oh wow…. Ok i admit that i thought the same thing but wow Nicley done. I swear to god that is crazy.

  • GingaNinja

    Oh France… I now have that much more respect for your baguette-munching asses.

  • thepinkegobox

    That is AWESOME!

  • Lisa Shearin

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t buy, beg or steal that kind of promo! Well, maybe buy; but who has that kind of moola?


  • abyassee

    That is seriously awesome. Vive la France! I keep telling all my Supernatural fan friends that they will love the Leandros brothers, and that the books have all the same wonderful vibes but are still completely unique. Can’t have too many kinds of snarky, kick-ass brotherly love in the world!

  • Sam

    Very very cool! Congratulations!

  • pan_pandeus

    Oh, wow! That’s so awesome! Makes me wish I was French. ^^

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Sacre bleu! This is amazing. Congrats on your international expansion, and especially on the Supernatural promotion!