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17 Sep 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog

Those who ented the BASILISK contest have already received one of their prizes–an early sneak peek before anyone else of the cover of Cal 7 DOUBLETAKE (March 2012). I want to thank all those that entered, sent videos (esp one re-enacting a scene from BASILISK between the Korsak brothers…hilarious), pictures, art, reviews–anything you can name (although all the videos were especially entertaining.) It means a great deal to me that these fans not only understand that a middle-of-the-road writer like me has to have two to three series a year just to survive…but that if the fans don’t *buy* those other series, get behind them, support them, then I don’t make money to eat or pay medical bills (my first day…*first* day of admission alone is over 9000 dollars. Thank God I have insurance…unfortunately I have a large deductible and still have to pay 20%, but I *have* insurance, so I’ll be all right. Cautionary note for writers who don’t. You think you can’t afford insurance. You can’t afford to *not* have insurance even if it means giving up cable and taking a bus instead of owning a car.) But enough financial/medical education–back to the subject–it’s not enough for me to write these other series. People have to buy them for me to live and for the publisher to think I’m worth buying more books from with my sales track record–or lack of one.

And why wouldn’t you want to buy CHIMERA and BASILISK…two more hot brothers, more black humor, more action, more angst. More of the same that I always give. So if you haven’t hopped on that train yet–buy a ticket already!  So a special heart-felt thanks to the superfans who entered the contest and stood behind me every step of the way.

And now for the good stuff. As the sneak peek has gone out (while I was in the hospital by my amazing webmistress and general all around life-saver Jayda), it’s time for the general release of the GODDAMN BEST COVER in the Cal series to date. And as Chris McGrath is the artist for the series, every cover has been stunning and gorgeous. But this one…this cover–I want to fucking MARRY this cover or at least take it out to dinner and do incredibly filthy and naughty things to it. It blew me away when I first saw it and it still gives me the same thrill every time I see it. I think it is hands down the best cover Chris has done. I’m biased of course, but DAMN, take a look at this piece of art then rip down the Mona Lisa and hang this in its place. Chris has always been an Art God, but this elevates him to God-King-Emperor of the known universe in my book. Hold on to your panties and boxers and then get your ass to Chris’s website and order the print from him (without all the distracting title/author name/various other clutter plastered over the art. Just one pure picture of incomparable kick-ass talent.) And here…we…go!




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  • mike

    Iv got to say, i think the covers a little bit of a give away on the next book.. i cant say spoiler, but it looks to me that Cal and Niko have body switched, seeing cal with the sword and what looks like Niko with a gun and Cal’s red eyes. just at a quick glance its what i take from the cover. love the series, hadnt picked up the first one till i found it. read it that night. went back the next day and bought all of the books i could find, how ever basalisk was not out yet and it took me awhile to track down roadkill even though i found blackout right off the bat. And definatly liked the trickster novels. And now we wait for the return of the Leandros an all their gory.. glory.

  • Roxane

    Well, hellooooo there *-*

    I’ll borrow that cover after you’ve had your wicked way with it.

    So much anticipation for this next book! I mean, I love all of your series, but Cal & Niko are special to me. Although Stephan and Misha are really growing on me, I’ll admit!

    I really cannot wait for March 2012. Please, never stop writing! Your books are the most well-loved in all of my library, right next to HP. You are an incredible writer, and it’s so *rare* to find a book with brothers or men with close bonds as the protagonists. When I found your books, there was no words to describe how freakin’ happy and over the moon I was.

    I’m sending you lots of kick-ass love.

  • Joee

    This is so fucking awesome I’m at a loss for words! However not at a loss for fantasy. Do filthy, dirty and depraved things to it indeed! Goodfellow style! Absolutely, positively love the new Cal model – very close to how I imagine him to look.

    By the way, Rob, will there be more audio recordings of the Cal books? Just finished listening to my copy of Nightlife for the second time and feel a very empty silence creeping on. While I love having the physical book in my hand, there is nothing like having Cal’s sarcastic voice in my ear, echoing my thoughts of murder and mayhem, as I feel like inserting my steel toed boot in the face of the annoying street musicians. Oh how that voice keeps me warm in the cold and dark Scandinavian autumn.

    Love and praise to you!

  • Alicia Miller

    You can now preorder it on Amazon (I put it in my shopping cart today!).

    Me thinks someone got tired of paying for gas on an RV in today’s economy.

  • Alexandra Z

    Wow, it looks fantastic! I was wandering around this website hoping for a hint of the seventh book, and lo and behold was the best cover to date. White hair, red eye…someone looks a little Auphe-like not to mention that fact that Cal looks incredibly intense (and more than a little bit sexy). I have pored over every single one of the Cal Leandros books probably ten time apiece and I was thrilled to discover the excerpt in the back of Basilisk. My heart is beating a little faster, and I am beginning to fear that I will not make it to March!

    Thank you for writing this wonderful series. I can honestly say that they are my most-read and well-loved collection of books in a rather large library.

    I hope you are feeling better

  • samantha

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! i thought blackout was it. i love the books. cal is such a smartass i love it. cant wait to read it im about to preorder it. btw cal looks hot with a sword makes him look more like a badass. much love <3

  • Sara Anne

    Yeah, I’m with you. I sort of want to have sex with this cover.

  • Kate

    Holy whoa… that is wicked awesome. Can’t wait for the new book to come out XD! Just picked up reading Chimera and I’m hooked.

  • Suz


    And Cal with a sword? How unusual! 😀 Very dynamic, very startling. I like the paler palette for the background, it makes Cal in all his black “pop” and that’s fantastic.

    But no Niko! Alas, he only got one cover-shot.

    My guess is man with red eyes and white hair happens to be like Cal. And also the next super-villian the boys must overcome. Yet there’s got to be an angst connection in there somewhere…hmmm, I’ve got to kick up my psychic plot-predictor engine.

    Because a Rob Thurman book always manages to surprise me, veteran predictor of plots. And that;s how I know it’s a good book. 😀

  • JP

    LOVE. IT. *g*

    Also, read CHIMERA on my vacation and loved that too. And send CHIMERA and BASILISK to a friend in the UK, and I know he’s going to love them as well.

    So glad you’re back! =D

  • TDoc

    Wicked….nuff said.

  • Heather

    I went to goodreads to change a book from “to-read” to “currently reading” and I saw the Doubletake cover and I said “This is my new favorite cover”. It totally made my day. Is it March yet???

    Health insurance is so very important. I know all too well. You can be healthy one minute and the next… not so much.

  • Chys

    This has got potential written all over it. OMG. I’m gonna have to WAIT? NO…. *crying in desperation* Chris is great at making the cover into a teaser of epic proportions. His art is very distinctive, and you can easily tell it’s one of his with just a glance. He outdoes himself every time, it’s true. *Continues the mesmerized staring*

  • Kitana

    That. Is freaking BRILLiANT.
    Cal with the messy hair and that ‘fuck you’ expression (don’t mind if I do, Cal. Except that he’d probably eviscerate me with his Roman sword there. :D) Plus that grungy background there with the barbed wire and that MAN… who has white hair and red eyes hoo-leee crap. He even makes the birds look menacing. Knowing how good Chris is about actually involving elements of the plot of the book in the covers; I feel like I just got a tiny look at the story. As if I wasn’t dying to know already, cause everything you write is just freaking awesome. Oh man… How can it look so amazing and still be half a year away!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!


    I got it. I’m okay now.

    All that to say “I’m glad you’re home Rob, and the new cover is pretty spiffy.” 😀

  • Coren Lee

    I’ve re-read all the stories more times than I can count and can’t wait for this new episode!

    Fessin’ up here — I’ve been playing around with Cal and Niko in my head ever since I read the first book — can’t help myself really, I’m always creating stories and these two characters (and their supporting cast) are just too cool to leave in the box and not play with them. Now I can’t wait to see if the suggestion contained in teaser on the book cover is taking your (real) stories about Cal in the same direction that my fantasies have gone. I may not bet the farm on it, but possibly a condo or two 😉

    I’m really glad you are out of hospital and hope the healing process goes in leaps and bounds.


    • Coren Lee

      Umm… just re-reading what I wrote I thought I’d better make it clear that I haven’t *published* any stories about Cal and Niko! Those fantasies exist only in my head 🙂

  • Jadesfires

    I think my heart just skipped a few beats. Is it March yet? How are we supposed to wait that long?! Between the excerpt in Basilisk and now this, I really don’t think I can wait 6 months and still hold on to my sanity. Guess I’ll just have to reread all the Leandros brothers books again (for the 3rd time, I might add) and try not to tease myself with this cover every single day. By the way, even though I am a diehard Cal and Niko fan, Trixa and the Korsak brothers have weaseled their way into my heart too. Three series that have me drooling for more…you are just too good at this. Please continue to rest and recover!

  • K.A. Stewart

    OMG, that cover is AWESOME! You’re right, it’s clearly my favorite.

  • Marcia

    I forgot to add that I also own some of Chris McGrath’s art, and plan to make a special place for more. I’m still deciding which Leandros cover I’m getting first, and Doubletake just might be the one! It’s fantastic!

  • Marcia

    I am a proud owner of every book you’ve written, Rob, (all bought before your accident, btw) and my prayers were answered last week when you went home from the hospital!

    While keeping tabs on your progress, I have been buying extra copies of your books for friends I think are discriminating and clever enough to appreciate the wonderful worlds you create, and I will continue to do so. It makes me happy to get someone new hooked on your work, and I’m counting the days until I can add Doubletake to my collection. I’m just as eager for more Misha & Stefan, as well, and I enjoy that clever little Trixa, too.

    SO happy that you are feeling well enough to post again, and that I will have more of your books to look forward to. Thanks to you, I know what brotherly love OUGHT to be like. You manage to make it a beautiful and intense thing, without it becoming maudlin and weird. You do ROCK, indeed!! Very best wishes for your continuing recovery!

  • Izzy

    WOW!!!! Chris is definitely an art God but now your statement of him being God-King-Emperor definitely elevates him and his awesomeness! He just knows totally how to make us fans get excited!!! Absolutely amazing!! 🙂 Cannot wait to find out what is going on *dances in glee*

    Hope you are feeling better Rob! You rock 🙂

  • Cassie

    Oh my God. Just OH MY FREAKING GOD. That is by far the most EPIC cover. I think I died a little.

    Just one thing worries me…. Why is Cal the one wielding the sword? Where’s Niko? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO NIKO?!

  • Traveler70

    I am glad that you are feeling better. Kick that accident’s ass 🙂

    Also: HOLY F*CK I LOVE THIS COVER! It is seriously one of your best. That is totally another half ehem “relative” behind him isn”t it? I like how you punned the word relative too! Super clever. Honestly this is the greatest cover yet. I can’t believe it doesn’t come out until March! 🙁 …. do accept bribes? 😉 teehee

  • toogeekyforyou

    I love it. Great cover for what I’m sure will be another great book!

  • teresa

    awesome cover! and here is a funny, and yes it is meant to be funny. hubby just finished the 2nd Trixa and said hes ready for the next, i told him that you was in a near fatal accident and he said no excuse, I WANT MORE TRIXA….LMAO! i always get him hooked on the good ones ;o)

  • Bri O'Malley

    My jaw just hit the floor! Omg i love this, WHY CANT MORE GUYS BE SEXY LIKE CAL!!!!

  • Karen

    Just WOW!!! Great cover!

    Glad to have you back and healing!!!

  • Peg

    Glad you’re feeling up to posting! About the cover, well, I have only one thing to say…… OH MY! Just OH MY!!!!!! I’m speechless…… Um, wall poster? Yes. Sheets? Yes. Pillowcases? Oh, yes! Sorry, have to go stare at it some more… 😉

  • Stephanie

    Wow! That is amazing. I wish I could just stare at it all day…

  • Theresa

    That’s a most awesome cover! Is it release time yet? LOL

  • Jen

    So excited!!!!!!

  • airyie

    Oh my god. That art is beyond amazing. My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide. Wow…
    I think I’m gonna just spend a few minutes looking at this… Sooooo pretty….

  • Karen

    OMG! Chris McGrath did outdo himself! (Then again, he is incredibly talented…) I actually bought the print of Moonshine for my sister as a birthday present & I can testify to the fact that CM’s artwork is even MORE amazing in that form.

  • Christina

    So glad to see you posting. Wow! Great cover. His covers are always the best.

  • Cal's_Girl

    its gorgeous!!!!

  • Rane Aria

    That’s just darn gorgeous, the colors, and Cal looks totally badass with a sword!

  • Tracy

    Jeez! The color on that cover is AMAZING!!!! Chris outdid himself yet again!

  • mad_bonnie

    Am currently building a shrine in Chris’ honor. In the dictionary the entry for ‘badass’ has a picture of this cover!

  • Ash

    Cal. Is. Gorgeous. <3 I can stare at this cover for a whole day and still only feel amazement, worship, and love for Rob and the Leandros brothers. I want this cover full-blown on my bedroom wall staring at me when I wake up in the morning and for it to be the last thing I see before I sleep.
    + Is that Flay in the corner???????????? or someone related to him??? O.O
    + Sword looks epic 🙂 and Cal holding it totally makes me drool- i mean, wonder what's going to happen 😉
    It's great to see you're pretty much recovered 🙂 keep fighting, our Valkryie.

  • Willow

    NICE!! Very nice. I love it. It in incerdibly kick ass.

  • Breanna

    I’m buying this print. I need it in my life…on my ceiling, you know, wherever.

  • Lisa Shearin

    Whoa! The unbearable, unspeakable, and unbelievable hotness! All bow dow to Chris — The Art God.

  • Marchia

    It looks really good. I can’t wait for it to be released!

  • Karen Kaspari-Groff

    One word comes to mind- AWESOME! You sound feisty and that’s a really good thing.

  • qultng1

    *THUD* OMG I love it!

  • Beth E

    *keyboard smash* O.O Yeah a wall sized mural of that cover would do rather nicely in my life….

  • Psistriker

    Oh yeah, awesome doesn’t even begin to describe that cover. But then his covers are the only ones that could do justice to your creations. 🙂

  • Rubygirl29

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to read this. More like Cal? That doesn’t bode well because I’ll bet very few have a brother like Niko watching their back and keeping the monsters at bay.

    It’s lovely hearing from you, Rob. Keep healing!

  • Naomi G Gargano

    Love this cover, cannot wait until it comes out, but mainly just want to say that it makes me so happy whenever I see a post from you…still feeling grateful you are on the mend…this cover keeps me guessing, my son was convinced at the end of the last book that there were more creepy relatives out there, more than the ones Cal killed…interesting cover.

  • Sammy

    Um. I think I’m dead. I’m just… DEAD. This is GORGEOUS. /fans self.