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Because I’m a Geek Bitch, Baby!

13 Sep 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Rob Thurman's Twitter

No, I didn’t relapse. We had a big storm Sunday night that knocked out the phones (and the infernal dial up until today), which was probably for the best as it forced me to do nothing but alternate resting and walking (getting on my feet to walk again was difficult, stairs still almost impossible.) I’d love to answer all the emails I received from my fans encouraging me to heal and with relief I’d survived, but, goddamn, you all crashed my email account with so many emails! I had over 500 new emails. I always joke about Rob’s Reavers, my fans that are superfans and the best fans in the world, but little did I know Rob’s Reavers are an army.  Under my dictatorship…er…wise leadership, we could conquer a small Third World country, inhabit it and limit immigration to hot kick-ass guys, hot kick-ass brothers–Rom and Russian, hot cynical psychics named Jackson, and hot mythological pansexual car salesmen. Ah…lock and load, Reavers, the promised land awaits us.

But back to the subject, since I basically had to do a hard dump of those 500 emails to get my email functional again, I’ll have to thank now and at once all my brilliant, loyal and compassionate fans who sent kind words and thoughts when I needed them most.  Sometimes you think after writing for so long that fans might take your presence for granted. All of you showed me that will never happen with you. I might not be NYT#1, but you can bet your ass no other author is as lucky as I am.

In other news, I  couldn’t wash my own hair as it was too long and I’m still too weak and my kind-hearted hair dresser came out to my house (as I also can’t sit up long enough to be driven to and from the salon and sit in the chair–my salon is a good 45 minutes away.) She whacked my hair off above my shoulders so I can hopefully take care of it myself and not have to have family come in the shower and wash it for me…just one less humiliating weakness. It’s a cute cut…like Claudia’s from Warehouse 13. I’ll post a picture once all my bruises have faded and I look less like an eggplant gone bad. And maybe I’ll post it showing off the tote bag I had made to carry at the Con (which of course I missed to fun in the sun in the ICU). That’s about all I can do with it. You can’t carry a bag that says “Because I’m a Geek Bitch, Baby!” at the mall.  Okay, well, you could, but the effect wouldn’t be quite the same as when surrounded by fellow geeks.

I’ll try and keep everyone updated, although never as good as Jayda did/could do, but if a few days pass, don’t worry. I’m just recuperating…and picking out that Third World country…

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  • Stephen


    So glad to hear you’re doing better. I didn’t find out about the accident until talking with Glennis at D*C. Let’s take over the Greek island of Hydra – the only motor vehicles allowed are garbage trucks. And, well, it’s a Greek island.

  • mary

    Just to say – I love your books, and I’m glad you on the recovery road.

  • Dex

    We are incredibly glad that you’re alive! I hope your road to recovery is paved with the sexy bodies of sarcastic brothers laying themselves willingly at your feet. 😉 I’ll join the invasion effort if I get to shoot a gun that’s large enough to be CLEARLY a penis extension.

  • Jill S.

    You go Rob! And count me in for the invasion, I’ll happily help supply weapons for the invasion that even Cal would drool over. I suggest Tahiti. And once you become dictator I suggest you get the new nano-armor developed by the US military, prohibitively expensive but I figure as dictator you could afford it. And I know we’d all chip in if meant we didn’t have to worry about you getting killed in a crash. You scared us Rob! Take it easy and remember we all love you.

  • Sammy

    Very good to hear from you! I’ve always wanted to take over a country, myself… perhaps we should find a map and vote on one? Buying your books in a way that’s beyond my financial means, just because I want to, and you’ve got amazing skills. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • Nancy Holder

    Much love from San Diego, Rob.

  • Peg

    Hopefully, you’ll need wizened old bitc -uh, wise and venerable advisors 😉 in your new nation! I am at your command! I’m in agreement with everyone else on the updates are grand when YOU feel like it part. Love hearing from you and how you’re doing but only when you have a bit of extra energy. Likewise, posting the pics of the frabjous new ‘do. As someone who went super short after a sojourn much like yours, the easier it is, the better. And each everyday thing that you feel in control of, is one more step to healing! Rest, unlax and rewind, expand that horizon just a bit each day as it feels right, and know that your faithful troops will be here waiting to claim a nation of hot bods for you! Just chose your island, your sedan chair, and we shall conquer! Meanwhile, naps are your inalienable right! Hugs to you, and Jayda and Mom!

  • Deidre


    Proof! We ARE an actually army of reavers!

    You are the best and obviously people have taken notice.

    What took them so LONG?


  • Qwill

    Just hugs, Rob. Lots of gentle hugs.

  • Olivia

    When my sister told me you had gotten into a car accident I nearly had a heart attack. Not least because saying you are in ICU means that Cal, Niko, and Robin are also in ICU . . . and that kills (yes I know you’ve written many other characters but those three stand alone in my mind as your awesomest creations ever). Anyway, I immediately searched for an update and got one – I must say I am much relieved. Thank you for having the constitution of a puck the willpower of an anal retentive ninja (yes, I mean that as a compliment) so that you can continue to bless this world with your wonderful characters!

  • Theresa

    It’s so awesome to be getting updates straight from you. I appreciate Jayda keeping up in the loop as she could, but for a while there, I was afraid to read anything from her!

  • teresa

    you take it easy and REST! its great to hear you are doing good, taking one day at a time, just DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF, and if its a few days between posts it beats dragging yourself down to the point your hospitalized again

  • Willow

    So happy to hear you’re starting to be up and about 🙂 You’re the best dictator ever! :p

  • RodNayMcKay

    So, so happy and relieved you are on the mend. The world would be a bleak place, indeed, without a regular therapeutic dose of certified Koschka snark and hottie kick-ass-ery. *sends very gentle virtual hug*

    BTW, just hit the Dexter reference in Basilisk, and the cats left the room because I’m giggling like a homicidal maniac….

    • Rob Thurman

      You’re the first person, I think, who mentioned getting that reference. :>

  • Christina

    I’m sure your new “do” is great. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Take care of yourself and don’t rush the healing process.

  • B.E Sanderson

    OMG, I bet Claudia’s haircut looks awesome on you – fading bruises or no. And didn’t you know? The eggplant look is in this season. ;o)

    Keep healing and take it as easy as you can. I know the urge to want everything back to normal like NOW is powerful, but stuff like this takes time. You’ll get there. Meanwhile, your minions are building you an island kingdom.

  • Brenda

    Hmmm….I love your idea of immigration reform! Sign me up for the conquering horde!

    In the meantime, get lots of rest and let us know how we can help you recover!

  • Beth

    So glad to hear that you’re recovering!

  • Cath

    Rob, I recommend Togo. Very little organized military presence, some insanely hot men and the advantage of English basically being a secret language. Of course, that means you have to speak French, but all good dictators have people for that, don’t they?

  • Quinten

    Its nice to know your ok, also oh a tad more awesome (i thought it might not be possible) when you mention Claudia. I hope you reach one hundred percent real soon.


    I’ve been to greece, I fucking love it, i wouldnt mind greece at all, all im asking for is a great view, and the ocean, to scuba dive.

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I’m all set to invade an island and start a Bad Romance with a pansexual car salesman. Just sit back and relax, Rob, and let your Reavers do the heavy lifting of the incursion. Point the way from your easy chair like the benevolent dictator you are!

    • Rob Thurman

      Hey, you got the Lady Gaga/Gleek origins. Love that!

  • Rane Aria

    It’s wonderful to see you on the mend Rob, make sure that Reavers country has some nice all year around weather, with hot guys serving drinks ;D

  • Breanna

    Reavers, we are clearly on our way to becoming the greatest fandom of all time. And why? Because of our inhumanly badass leader.
    Rob, keep with the healing and sign me up for a room with a view when that country comes to fruition.

  • qultng1

    I’m so glad you are still you! You make me laugh and knowing that you’re able to do that after what you’ve been through fills me with joy. You just keep doing what you need to do to get better. We’re here when you need us. 🙂 *hugs*

  • Jill

    Ok, so if Niko + chopped off hair = next level of bad-assed-ness, it naturally follows that Rob + chopped off hair = next level of bad-assed-ness (which is, like, BOSS level now…)

  • altpointofview

    Thrilled to hear you are doing better. (And as a recent victim of short hair makeover gone wrong I sympathize with the enforced makeover.)

    Can’t wait to take over a country. Looking forward to working border patrol!!!! 🙂

  • Linda

    Great to hear from you and so very glad you are on the mend, hugs!

  • Courtney

    Glad to hear you’re recovering–we all are, obviously.

    As to hostile takeover… just point where and we’ll move mountains, islands, whatever to make it happen. >:D
    We need Reaver Army uniforms.

  • FireDancer_Cat

    I was Air Force, I can totally run a fleet of remote control planes to begin aerial bombardments on whatever country you decide on. I’m ALL for this idea!

    We REALLY missed you at D*C but your Reavers were all over and we did our best to represent you!

    Don’t worry too much about keeping us updated, now that we know you’re home and getting better we’re not giving ourselves ulcers with worry anymore. Personally I’d rather not hear from you and know that you’re resting and on the mend then get blog posts every other day and know they’re wearing you out. Lots of love and encouragement from all of your Reavers!

  • Psistriker

    I like the small island idea, count me in. 😉

    And I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  • Lester

    So glad you are on the mend!

  • GingaNinja

    It warms my nonexistent ginger soul to see you posting again.

    This hostile takeover idea… I like it.

  • Aniday

    Damn skippy we’re a feckin’ army… Hardcore and bat-shit crazy, that’s us… Good crazy, of course, but still feckin’ crazy.

    Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’, Rob. It’s lame, but time is needed to get stronger… Seein’ as you’re near superhuman anyway, I believe you’ll defy all laws of physics and get well sooner than expected, but still – try not to push it too much.

    You’re a rock star, Rob. We’re behind ya every step of the way… Today: recuperation. Tomorrow: our own freakin’ country!! Hahah.

    With love,
    ~ Aniday.

  • Sam

    Great to have you back online! I’m very proud to be one of your Reavers.

  • Caitlyn Marie

    Happy to hear you’re sounding ready to kick ass again Love. Can’t wait to start our own Country, I will happily sing the national anthem.

  • Jen

    Looking forward to becoming an ex-pat and taking up residence in the new country! SO good to have you back!

  • Krys

    Actually, I hear there are lots of islands around Greece up for grabs, I’ve heard…

    Any takers? <3

  • Susan Hall

    Thanks for the update! Very happy you are on the road to recovery!

    As for Rob’s Reavers: No power in the ‘Verse can stop us!



  • Liana Brooks

    I’ve always wanted to take over a country. Which one would make you feel better?

  • mary

    so glad you’re feeling better and on the mend! still sending lots of thoughts and positive energy your way!