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Best. News. EVER.

08 Sep 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News
SDCC - Me As Lady Deadpool

SDCC - Me As Lady DeadpoolRob is off all machines and expected to finally, FINALLY come home by tomorrow or over the weekend.

I don’t know when she’ll be online or available to the world-at-large again, but none of that matters, right? We just want her to take her time healing and getting herself all ready for “The Big Comeback!” πŸ˜‰

I wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to all of you who promoted the living daylights out of her when she was unable to attend Dragon*Con. If you want to tell us your D*C Reaver Army stories, feel free to post them here.

Also, as always, thank you – ALL of you – for being THE most incredible fans EVER. When Rob is back online again and able to catch up, she will be amazed and so grateful.

Please keep her constantly in your prayers and healing energy, even when she’s out of the hospital… coming home after a long, nearly comatose stay is not easy. Bittersweet, I’m sure: relief at being with your loved ones [including those of the furry variety] again, but also, frustration at the body’s weakened state and the limitations that come with that. Life is not the same after such a huge accident, and many adjustments will need to be made as she continues to heal. Β She will still have some major ups and downs, and will need us to help her through.

But Reavers!

Love and hugs to you all!

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  • Wrayth

    Glad to hear you are getting better. My cousin was just in an accident but she got out with a concussion so that panic was over nothing. But when I get the chance, I’ll send a goodluck Voodoo Doll over for her to hold onto. I have a pair of them myself and I feel better about things when I touch them. So I wish her a speedy recovery. Good luck!

  • Jennifer M

    I was at quite a few of those Dark Fantasy panels, and like Dew said… there was almost always a mention at some point of the accident and the request for prayers or healing thoughts. It made me so proud to see all the authors, whether they knew Rob or not, supporting her. I also saw (because I ended up in the booth about 14 times over the weekend, lol) other authors passing out the teaser chapters and chatting up the books like they were their own. Yes… there was definitely a strong “Rob” presence at Dragon*Con, being shared among fans and passed along to newbies, the whole weekend!

    I’m so glad you’re doing better, Rob… can’t wait to see you NEXT YEAR in Atlanta!! **hugs**

  • Chys

    Don’t push yourself after you get home! Take it easy and take good care of yourself. It can still take a while to recover once you get over the hospital hurdle and make it home.

  • Kim

    Wonderful, fantabulous news! Keep fighting the good fight back to recovery, Rob – the world needs your light!

  • Sara

    Best news ever! I’m so glad Robs going to be alright!

  • Breanna

    Awesome news!
    Keep healin’ Rob, we love you!

  • Willow

    This is awesome news!!!!! Rob, we love you and are so happy you’re comming home. Just don’t push yourself too hard ‘kay? πŸ™‚ You have to let your body heal at its own pace…as frustrating as that is. You’re our Valkyre, so you’ll get though it <3 I'm so happy.

    Love and Light


  • Alexis Morgan

    You’ve been in my thoughts since I heard about the accident. So glad you’re on the mend. Hugs to both you and yourf family.

    Take it easy and take it slow–


  • Myra

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  • Sarah

    This is really awesome news! I’m glad to hear that Rob’s ready to go home! I’ll keep sending my blessings and well wishes Rob’s way – YOU CAN DO IT, ROB!!! keep on fighting!

    And thank you, Jayda, for your continued updates! πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Shearin

    YES!!! That is the best news ever!!!

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Yahoooo! I’m sending Rob virtual (and very gentle) hugs.

  • Helen

    Yay!!!! Great News!! Hope Rob continues to heal well and to soon be back at 100%.

  • Ely R.

    Hey Rob, I discovered your Cal and Niko series about 2 weeks ago, therefore I’m very surprised about the recent news. I’m very happy to hear the good news that you are about to go home. It will feel very odd, the return home that is, after all the muted whiteness of the hospital. My mum had a stroke a couple years back. I’ve journeyed from ICU to hospital room then home. The wagging tails (and a Rottie’s nub) were the confirmation of coming home. She has a new perspective on life and I can barely keep up with the woman nowadays.
    Rob, no matter how difficult things, recovery, and every day seems, keep on going! Keep on going. Mum had to learn how to walk, speak, read; now she’s back at being the computer geek and developing computer applications. Yeah, really. You can do it! You just wish you had Rafferty for the extra juice!

    I just picked up Nightlife 2 weeks ago and I’m about to devour book #2. So addictive. They are like candy cocooned in chocolate, deliciously evil! I love the cover artwork too. I’m telling my friends about Cal and Niko and they all seem excited to also read the series.

    All Best wishes and fast recovery!

  • Christina

    Great news!!! Welcome home Rob!!! Follow doctor’s orders and don’t push yourself. Still sending healing vibes and prayers your way.

  • Linda

    Wonderful news. Thank you for keeping us informed.

    Tell Rob to take whatever time she needs to heal, it is easy to become frustrated and try to do too much.

    Best wishes for a swift recovery.

  • cassandra phoenix

    Having nursed my (now ex-)husband through a similar situation shortly after our marriage, I can totally relate. Be gentle with yourself, Rob, and know we will all be here whenever you feel ready.

  • Christopher Kellen

    So glad to hear it!! Keep fighting, Rob!

  • allyson f

    oh my goodness this is so great! Thank you so much for keeping all of us fans in the loop this whole time.

  • Nic

    Welcome Home Rob!!

  • FireDancer_Cat

    Thanks to the awesome generosity of a couple of other Reavers (Hi Naomi and Kate!) my boyfriend, Kate, and I were able to give away 31(!!!) copies of Rob’s various books to the crowds waiting for the Exhibition Hall to open at Dragon Con. Everyone who took a book stopped to listen while we explained what we were doing and why, and most of them promised to read a few chapters and buy a copy of the books themselves while passing on the one we gave them. There were a lot of people who were really excited to read the books once I gave them run downs of what they were about! The well wishes we heard for Rob’s recovery (from people who hadn’t even heard of her books yet!) made me want to cry. The time and effort and money that people spent helping me with Operation Recruit Reavers was really humbling, but it was such a joy to be able to share Rob’s books with new people. Our official photographer got a bunch of pictures of the whole process so hopefully I’ll get them from him soon and post them on twitter for everyone to see!

    We stopped by the booth Rob was supposed to be at on Monday dressed as Cal, Niko, and Rafferty and found out that most of Rob’s books (Including books two and three of the Leandros series, which I’d shown up to buy for my boyfriend) were all sold out. No luck for me, but wonderful news still! And we took a group shot of us all in costume and that will be posted as well, as soon as I claw my way out from under this suffocating mountain of homework.

    Rob we’re SO excited that you’re heading home! I never doubted that you would recover from this but I’m so pleased to learn that it’s happening relatively quickly. I’m sure your puppies missed you just as much as we do! Rest up and recover well, we’ll be waiting whenever you’re up to coming back!

  • Alicia Miller

    Do not push yourself Robyn. Take your time to heal and just try and do a tiny bit more every day. Keep a journal if you need to remind yourself of how far you have come. Write your frustrations down and figure you have a whole new source of angst, frustration and anger for your writing… Yeah I know it sucks, but it is sooo much better than the alternative. In its own way pain is good, it means you are alive. I told my kids life means pain, so learn to embrace it because trying to smother it will kill you. Yoga helps too, as does having something to go to to pretend (like writing)

  • Jacinta

    The greatest news to end an equally awsome day!
    Welcome back Rob πŸ™‚

  • Ashley

    Such awesome news!! You rock Rob! πŸ™‚ *HUGE GRIN*

  • Aniday

    Epic. Just epic… So relieved and grateful – Jayda, you’re the best. Thanks for keeping us all updated, it’s meant the world.

    You’ve got a feckin’ army behind you, Rob. You can do anything, you spectacular woman, you.

    ~ 'Day.

  • Kate

    So excited to hear the news!

  • Heather

    Speedy recovery, Rob! Basilisk helped me get my mind off things while I was recovering from major surgery that took place this August. It helped SO much, thanks for that. During the first two / three weeks, I wished I had the ability to heal myself. It wasn’t so much the pain, but the inability of doing things for myself was the hardest (and not being able to sleep on my sides). Tough chicks can cry too. A year ago I decided I wanted to treat my body like a temple, not to Niko’s high standards, but enough to make certain lifestyle changes. The crap that was found in my body was hindering that, so it had to get the hell out and fast before it could spread. I’m happy to say it didn’t. Recovering from this was the hardest thing I EVER had to do. Life… what a bitch, but definitely worth fighting for.

    Indeed, best news ever! Keep it up, Rob! We’re all rooting for you.

  • Peg

    YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m wearing a smile a thousand miles wide! Excellent news! And having been hospitalized and in rehab for a month in ’09 for a stroke, I know how good being in your own home and your own bed will feel! Revel in it, take it easy, one day at a time, Rob, and we will all continue to celebrate every milestone with you, every step of the way on your recovery! To quote my dad, “I want to hear you’re all healed up and haired out before you try to take on the world again!” The world needs you, we all need you, you are our Light of the World! Jayda and Mom, if it’s okay, can we join you in your happy dance of joy? Thank you and hugs all around!

    • Jayda

      OF COURSE!

      Happy dance & much squeeeeeeing with you, Peg! πŸ˜€

  • Cath

    Rob, clearly we have all desperately missed you. Jayda is amazing but you being well again is paramount, and we can’t wait to see you (metaphorically speaking, I do get the whole internet thing) again.

  • RodNayMcKay

    *muppety arm waggles of pure joy*

  • Yvonne Richmond

    Jayda, thank you for providing these updates. Robyn, this is the best news I have heard in a long time.

  • Yasmine Galenorn

    This is wonderful news. All the best, and lots of healing thoughts to her.

  • xXLupaXx

    This is just such great news~! <3 Love you Rob~!

  • Cathy/greytfriend

    Truly wonderful news! I’m so happy for her, and her family, and her dogs!

  • Jackie Kessler

    HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news all week. πŸ™‚

  • The Scofield

    Very good news. Having just recovered from 3 months of bed rest after surgery to repair a broken leg and ankle, I can attest, healing sucks. My thoughts are with you Rob, I wish you a speedy and full recovery. If you get bored, there’s always online poker. πŸ™‚

  • SarahReads

    So happy for Robyn! Get well soon and know we are all rooting for you!

  • B.E Sanderson

    Yay! I knew you could kick butt. Coming back from a bad accident is a long road, but it’s always better than the alternative. Keep a positive attitude, attack the problems you face and you’ll conquer whatever comes at you from here on out. :hugs:

  • Shiloh walker

    that’s wonderful news…

  • Andi

    Rob, so thrilled you are doing better and going home soon! That is awesome news. I will keep sending the good vibes and healing wishes your way. I expect you can tell how much we’ve all missed you and you have been in our thoughts constantly.

    Jayda, you have been a blessing keeping us informed and sharing the good news. Thank you so much.

  • Jaimie

    Thanks for keeping us updated! What wonderful news!!!

    Rob, all you need to do when you get home is concentrate on your recovery. We’ll be here whenever you’re able to get back online…NO RUSH!!!!! *hugs*

  • Dew

    Every single panel I attended in the writers or dark fantasy tracks, Rob was mentioned. Her books came up constantly and panelists often asked for kind thoughts and prayers sent her way. She may have not been there, but she was on all our minds. Glad to hear things are improving for her!

  • Amory David Day

    Mruhaha, excellent! Let the good news roll!

  • Tracy

    Best news EVER is right! We knew she could to it. Can I get a WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YAY!!!!

  • Jen

    Wheeeee!!! Deliriously happy about this news!!! So so SO awesome!!

  • Deb R


  • Vinity

    Hurray! You’ve been in my thoughts so often.

  • Psistriker

    WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!! That is awesome news, Jayda! The poodle & I shall do a happy dance on her honor. πŸ™‚


    *Crazy dances and falls over bed squeaking*IM OK! OMG IM SO HAPPY!

  • Rane Aria


  • Mary

    Great news! Praying for a full & speedy recovery.

  • Ashley

    yayyyy! Great news! I’m sure she’ll be super relieved too get the heck outta there!

  • Liana Brooks

    Yay, Rob! *flailing muppet dance*

  • GingaNinja

    I very nearly smashed my TV in the fit of excitement I had over this. Well done, Rob.

  • liz

    Thats awesome!!!! GO ROB!!!!

  • Melissa (My words and pages)

    This is amazing news!!! Great to hear. And thank you for keeping up posted. Glad to hear she is doing so much better. Keep going Rob!