| Being Rob Thurman: Appreciating Science Fiction/Fantasy’s Hardest Working Author



Being Rob Thurman: Appreciating Science Fiction/Fantasy’s Hardest Working Author

05 Sep 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News, Reavers, Reviews

This blog post from B&N’s Paul Goat Allen is just so beautiful and perfect. It will make you laugh and a little teary-eyed… teary-eyed in a GOOD way. The best possible way…

Paint it Red!

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

It’s sad but sometimes it takes a tragedy – or a near tragedy – for us to truly appreciate what we have. Take prolific science fiction and urban fantasy novelist Rob Thurman for example. A few weeks ago, she almost died in a car accident…

Rob is so much more than a gifted writer – she is a person that I’ve come to cherish in the years since I first reviewed her debut novel Nightlife back in 2006…

[Read Paul’s Entire Post Here]

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  • Peg

    Paul, beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  • Larry

    I have been praying for rob ever since i saw the first post about the accident, i’ve been reading one of her books every week and then start on the next. I found her series by accident oneday after passing through a book store and have loved them ever since.

    I hope she gets better and makes a full recovery.



    Omg my god for a minute there i thought something bad happened in her recovery and she sadly left us… but then i realize this is all apperciantion for her… then i calmed down, Yes i agree with everyone here, Rob you are amazing and loved of so much very loved. )O(

  • Deidre

    I was very shocked to learn of this twist of events in Rob’s life, and deeply sorry, for if I had known I could’ve been sending my prayers much, much sooner. I cannot express how happy I am to learn she is making her way toward recovery.

    I did think it was odd she had not been on Live Journal to post about Basilisk’s release and now I know why. Finally the curiosity got to me and I found the posts here, I only wish I checked in sooner.

    I wish Rob and her family the absolute best – they are definite warriors for trekking through this rough time and hope things continue to get steadily better.

    I LOVE YOU ROB! You are my absolute role model, and HERO in more ways than I can express.
    You are a definite Valkyrie and I’m praying with you every (small, and large) step of the way!

    Thank you to those who kept us posted on her condition, she might not be family to her fans but she sure means a whole helluva lot! (:


  • Linda K James

    Fabulous! Get Well Soon!!!

    Linda and Richard

  • Linda

    I have been reading Rob’s books for years and own and love all of them.
    I have not previously left a comment on her blog but I just wanted to add my support and best wishes to everyone else’s for her swift recovery.

    Rob, I love your writing and I thank you for all your wonderful books and look forward to all the future ones you will write. Get well soon.


  • Rubygirl29

    What a heartfelt testament to Robyn’s humor and strength! I hope Rob can read this soon. It will surely cheer her to know how much she is appreciated and loved, not only by her Reavers, but by professional colleagues as well. Thank you, Jayda!