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Our Valkyrie Rob Thurman is Holding Steady…

30 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News
"Valkyrie" by Edli on Deviant Art

Hi Everyone,

Well, our feisty redhead is just kinda treading water. No more big improvements since The Moment of Awesome the other day.

I’ll take this as a good sign, though: her body is recovering slowly, but it IS recovering. As long as she doesn’t decline, in my opinion, we’re golden. The body knows what it needs to heal, and often, time is the most important factor. Time and rest.

For those of you who have asked about flowers and gifts, her mother appreciates your kindness and thoughtfulness, but Rob is still in ICU and unable to have anything in her room.

Also, when I personally put myself in Rob and her mother’s shoes, I had a bit of an “aha!” moment myself: a huge barrage of gifts and flowers would only add to the stress, you know? Although we mean well by wanting to send gifts, neither Rob nor her mother need to be any more overwhelmed than they already are. Just sharing my own epiphany over that, because believe me, I’ve had my own finger on the florist button ever since I first learned of the accident. 😉

As always, keep the kindness and thoughtfulness coming in online comments, thoughts, prayers, beams of healing energy, and if you can, by increasing The Reaver Army! 😀

Thank you all so much.

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  • jenni

    Keeping Robyn in my meditation and sending healing thoughts her way. We are all crossing fingers for you here in Oklahoma. May your greatness live on

  • Dex

    Good lord ‘n’ butter, I don’t check the site for a bit over a week and my favorite author is suddenly down and out! I’ll go out and buy a couple more of her books to leave in strategic places around town. I only wish I could do more. We love you, Rob!

  • Linda James

    Hope everything is still OK…

  • Dana

    Rob, your books helped me get through some tough shit in my life. Now we’re here for you. Keep doing what you’re doing and get better fast!

  • Kat Richardson

    Keep coming, Rob. Next year: in the Promised Land–(Dragon Con)!

  • L. Blanchard

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Rob and her family. I encourage anyone who wants to do something right now, to buy 3 of her books, keep one and give two away, or make a donation to her favorite dog charity. I plan to stay posted as well to see if funds are needed to help out with medical bills. I see nothing wrong in enlisting help from those of us who have gained so much enjoyment for so many years from her writing.

    • Lyn

      I totally agree, buying a book today. Peace.


    Not enitrly what i ment to say but Healing thought and Feeling to You rob Blessed be )O(

  • Emily

    You can do it Rob!! Thanks for the updates!

  • Qwill

    Thank you, Jayda. Continuing to send healing thoughts and hugs to Rob and hugs to her Mom… and you for keeping us up to date.

  • Cathy/greytfriend

    Why don’t we hold off on gifts and donations for now in case they do end up needed funds when the bills add up once they have to deal with the financial end of all of this? I know they’d never ask, but I’d rather save my money (and I’m a dog rescuer too) and contribute to a medical fund if they do need it. As anxious as I am to to something NOW, with this long a stay in ICU, I’m afraid of what the bills will be, even if she has good health insurance. Unless you can afford to do both, then do it please, the dogs need all of the help they can get!

    Jayda, please tell Rob and her mom that thousands of people are praying for them and sending love and energy throughout the day every day. And reading the books and having contests and giveaways and just having fun enjoying her work. And we’re thinking about you too, sweet friend, you hang in there as well!

  • Tracy

    Wasn’t it the Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue? She had posted something about donations a while back when she lost one of her dogs. Making a charity donation sounds like a wonderful idea.


    Thats great! lol does any one wish that her universe was real 😀 i had a dream about Cal and Niko it was great lol

  • qultng1

    This is still awesome news! The body needs rest and quiet to do the work of healing, so I totally understand about the gifts and flowers thing!

    Love you Rob! Praying really hard!!!

  • Lisa Shearin

    Thank you, Jayda! Rest is the most important thing right now.

    There was a suggestion to donate to one of Robyn’s favorite charities. I think she would LOVE that! Robyn donates to certain dog rescue charities whenever she can.

    Jayda, could you find out from Rob’s mom (or maybe even Rob herself), if she would like for us to do that?

    Thank you so much!

  • Nic

    Keep healing Rob!!
    We know you can do it and we are all waiting for you and loving you!!

  • Christina

    Continued prayers going to Rob. You can beat this Rob, keep on fighting.

  • Tracy

    Rest rest rest. The most important thing for a body at any period of stress.

    And instead of flowers, if we all bought one (or more) her books instead…yeah! That ‘s the ticket!

    Keep fighting Rob!!!

  • teresa

    good to hear that she is holding steady ! you may want to see if her mom would think of a good wishes page that you can print out so Rob AND her mom know that many people are thinking of them and sending prayers/healing energy…etc, just a suggestion

  • Ann

    In lieu of flowers, how about donating copies of her books to libraries or other places where books are appreciated (schools, hospices or hospitals, shelters)? Or donating funds to a charity that helps wolves or wolf hybrids?

  • Jackie Kessler

    The Deadline Dames just gave away 50 of Rob’s books to eager fans — tons of well wishes to you, Rob, from many folks who love you very much! Keep on healing!!!

  • Peg

    Time is the ultimate healer… if you can’t find Rafferty Jeftichew, anyway! Take it one day at a time – we will all be here rooting for you every step of the way!

  • B.E Sanderson

    Since Rob can’t receive gifts, could donations be made to her favorite charity in her name? That would be like giving her a gift without adding stress to her or her mother. Just a thought.

    Keep on the road to recovery, Rob. We’re thinking about you here in Colorado and sending positive vibes speeding your way. =o)

  • Aniday

    Take all the time you need, Rob. We’ll be here.

    ~ Aniday

  • Jill Scott

    Hang in there Rob we’re all hoping and praying for you to get better!

  • Ashley

    go Rob! Thanks for the updates Jayda! You are fantabulous!

  • Jen

    You’re right- holding steady is nothing to sneeze at right now! 🙂 And about the flowers. We can all overwhelm her later when she’s better by buying loads of her books 🙂

  • Laura Anne

    Tell Rob (via her mom) that the first round’s on me, next DragonCon. All she has to do is show up to collect. We’ll hold her seat for her.

  • Liana Brooks

    You can do it, Rob! We’re all here waiting for you.