| And Now… a BIG Step Forward for Rob



And Now… a BIG Step Forward for Rob

28 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News
"Valkyrie" by Edli on Deviant Art
Our Valkyrie Emerges...

Our Valkyrie Emerges...

Picture this: Rob sitting up with a long, red-haired braid hanging down over one shoulder. Awake, aware and not hooked up to a ventilator anymore.

Her mother’s description put so much joy into my heart, tears were streaming down my face as she gave me today’s report. And I also couldn’t help but immediately visualize Rob as an ass-kicking valkyrie! πŸ˜‰

As amazing as this news is, she is still not quite fully recovered, and there is more medical work to be done, so we’re not out of the woods, but damn, damn, close. So close, I may actually sleep decently for the first time in over a week!

As soon as I find out where/when she can receive cards, gifts and/or flowers, I will let you know. As far as a PayPal donation account – many of you are asking about this and wow, you’re amazing! – I really can’t set anything up until she is in a position to discuss these things. PayPal requires technical and financial information that really should not be on Rob or her mother’s minds right now. FULL recovery first. THEN we talk donations. Okay?

In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing, Reavers! Don’t back down just because she’s had a great step forward… she will need our continued prayers, energy, love and support as she rises out of the ashes.

But feel GOOD about what we’ve been doing together for Rob. Our feisty, red-headed valkyrie author is coming back to us. Slowly but SURELY, she is coming back! πŸ˜€


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  • GutterBall

    Oh, thank God! So glad to hear even the slightest good news in such a serious situation. Prayers and thoughts are definitely with you, Rob!

  • Gloria Oliver

    Totally fabulous news! Go, Rob, Go!
    P.S. The Valkyriue needs a ferret drapped over her shoulders like a stole. πŸ˜› Hee!

  • Praying for a Fellow Writer « The End Of Nowhere

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  • Karoline

    so glad to hear this!!!!! hooray! get well soon Rob! πŸ™‚

  • Jackie Kessler

    The massive giveaway of Rob’s books is now happening at Deadline Dames! You’re amazing, Rob. Keep on healing. ***hugs***

  • Jessica

    Thats our rob! Our phoenix that leads us to things bright and beautiful and totally kick ass. Get well soon, sending prayers your way.

  • Laurie

    Can I just say…whoa… I’ve not read any of Rob’s books yet, I just came here looking for information about them. Imagine my shock to see all of this news and to see a community like this one. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be reading the books… Prayers coming your way, Rob and Rob’s mom! And thank you, Jayda, for being such a conduit and a comfort for all these people who have so much to share with one another.

  • cassandra phoenix

    Oh, thank you, Universe. Thank you.

  • Andrew

    Alright! That’s what it is! Go, Rob! πŸ˜€

  • Linda K James

    Yeesssssss!!!! Still, a long road ahead…

  • Brenda

    This is wonderful news!! Best wishes to Rob for her recovery!!

  • Qwill

    This is excellent! Continuing to send hugs and healing thoughts! Thank you fro the updates, Jayda.

  • Rubygirl29

    Just checking in after work and saw this wonderful news! She is an awesome woman! I will pass this news on to my LJ community. Let’s keep the good vibes and book buying going strong as she heals!

  • Karen

    That’s AWESOME news!!! She must have received good vibes because I bought Chimera and started reading it and haven’t been able to put it down!

  • Rane Aria

    That’s awesome awesome news Jayda! *getting teary eyed* Rob is still in my prayers and heart!

  • Melankalia

    Not letting up on the healing thoughts/prayers/vibes, but damn, that’s good news. πŸ˜€

  • Liz

    AMAZING! Give Rob all of our love! We are still thinking of her and sending up prayers!

  • Andrea I

    Thanks for the updates. That was wonderful news!

  • Kitana

    YES! This is awesome news! I just knew that if anyone could kick this, it’d be Rob. I just know she’ll pull through! Thank you so much for keeping us updated, you’ve been a godsend Jayda!

  • ladydeathfaerie

    this is such wonderful news! thank you so much, Jayda, for keeping us all informed and updated. i know you’re doing this anyway, but please pass along my blessings to her and her mother. its so good to hear she’s doing better.

    rest assured i will continue to think about her and offer up my prayers for her continuing good health and recovery!

    she really is one of my favorite authors.

  • Tracy

    YES YES YES! This news just keeps gettting better and better. We knew and know she can keep on fighting. She’s as tough as those characters of hers that we’re all so addicted to…if not TOUGHER! GO ROB!!!!!!

    Jayda, you ROCK by the way! You’re just as amazing for keeping us updated and informed during such a hard and emotional time for you. And Rob’s mom too for helping her along this entire time.

  • Krys

    Survived an earthquake, a hurricane, and now getting the news my literary hero’s getting better? Yupp, this whole next month is just made. <3 This is excellent news!

    And, Jayda, I had a bit of a question inquiring about a creative get-well gift. Could you possibly email me at so I don't post it on a message board? ….Yeah I don't care who sees my email address. Ah, well. If you could, that would be great!

  • Sara

    That’s wonderful news!

  • Mad_Bonnie

    W00T! Go, Rob! This made my day. She’s been in my thoughts since I heard she was in the hospital. I’ll keep sending her prayers until she’s up and dragging heroic butts to Valhalla again!

  • Kelly Gay

    Thank the gods! So great to hear. Continuing to send healing thoughts your way!!

  • Sarah

    This is awesome news; I’m so glad to hear that Rob has made such a great improvement! Here’s hoping that she will continue on her road of recovery, and be much, much better soon! *sends more blessings, well-wishes and some very gentle hugs*

    Thank you Jayda, for the constant updates! πŸ™‚

  • Semper

    Amazing news! Keep it up Rob, you’ll be back to your usually ass kicking self in not time at all.

  • Dawn

    Good. GOOD. GOOD. Oh I am so glad to hear this.

  • Ali_U2fan

    This is wonderful!! I’ve had Rob constantly in my thoughts since I heard about the accident and I’m so happy that she sitting up and breathing without the ventilator.Thi image of a red-headed Valkyrie made me grin ALL day πŸ˜€

    Thank you, Jayda, for keeping us all so well informed.You have been a great comfort.

  • Willow

    AWESOME!!!! I’m so happy to hear that πŸ™‚ Keep getting better Rob! Love and light <3

  • GingaNinja

    Dropped my netbook and ran around the room in a flurry of towel-clad happiness when I read that post.

    Thank you SO MUCH Jayda for helping us get through all of this by keeping us posted. I know I probably would be rocking back and forth in my bathtub without the constant reassurance.


  • RodNayMcKay

    *flails about with muppety arm waggles of joy*

    And I don’t care that I’m at work and getting weird looks right now! That is fan-freaking-tastic! I knew Koschka was every bit the bad-ass fighter as her characters. So, so happy!

  • Andi

    Bless you, Jayda, for the updates and this wonderful news. You can’t keep a kickass woman down, and Rob is that and more. Still sending her my best wishes and energy vibes and spreading the book love, too. You go, Rob!

  • Lisa Shearin

    YES!!! That news makes even a Monday morning wonderful!

    I love the pic, Jayda. ; ) Robyn would make a great Valkyrie — or in line with her ComicCon cosplay characters — a spandex-clad super hero.

    All our prayers are working; Rob’s fighting this with her usual kick-ass determination! I’m sending a HUGE cyber-hug (since I’m not there to give you the real thing — and it’d probably hurt).

    Thank you so much, Jayda for keeping us all informed — you’re a lifeline!


  • Christina

    Woo Hoo! What wonderful news to start the day! Thanks again for all of the udates.
    Keep on fighthing Rob!!

  • Update on Rob Thurman « Lisa Shearin

    […] About a week and a half after what’s been described as a horrific car accident, Rob (Robyn) Thurman is, in the words of her mother: “Picture this: Rob sitting up with a long, red-haired braid hanging down over one shoulder. Awake, aware and not hooked up to a ventilator anymore.” The rest of the blog post is here. […]

  • B.E Sanderson

    Yay!! Keep at it, Rob. You’re doing great. :hugs:

  • Jen

    Wheeeeee!!! Best news EVER tp wake up to!!! Thanks for the awesome news Jayda- you totally made my day!

  • Skarrah

    *does happy dance of joy* That’s brilliant!!

  • Psistriker

    Now this was worth waking up at 6am for! Yay, Rob! And thank you, Jayda!

  • Sara Maxine

    A phoenix from the ashes is our glorious Rob!
    I’m so deliriously happy that she’s taken this huge step towards a full recovery and cannot wait for her to be out of the woods.
    I’m thinking when I send her a get well soon card/ congratulations on spitting in the face of death card, I’ll send receipts from buying her books in lieu of flowers.

    May all be well soon in the land of Rob and thank you soooo much for all the timely updates for the loyal, but rather scattered Reavers, Jayden. You’re a real touchstone in a time of need.

  • teresa

    thats awesome! let it all be up hill from here on in!!!

  • Jacinta

    This is great news and even better than the last!!! Keep fighting like you have been for the last few days Rob cause you’ve been doing such a damn great job of it at the moment.
    Thanks Jadya for keeping us all updated, I know how hard this must’ve been for you especially when it first happened. Anyways Here’s for smiles all round. πŸ™‚

  • parisindy

    oh thank goodness!

  • Bri O'Malley

    HOT DAMN!!! πŸ˜€ Thats awesome!

  • Peg

    WOOHOOOO!!!! Excellent news! Almost to the finish line of her being back and doing what she loves most, imagining worlds and being the world to her fans, family and four-footed friends. In the fullness of time, our Valkyrie (love the image and the thought!) will be kickin’ butt and taking names again! Thanks, Jayda and Mom, for being there for us and for Rob. Rob, may the Light keep you safe while you heal! I’m smiling ear to ear! πŸ™‚

  • Aniday

    Damn skippy. You’re astounding, Rob – we knew you could do it! =D

    Thanks so much for the news. This makes my day so much brighter.
    Keeping her in thoughts,
    ~ Aniday

  • Cathy/greytfriend

    Tears of joy and chills up and down my body. I’ll continue the prayers and good thoughts. I’ve been worrying about her pups too, pass along a few scratches and belly rubs if you can. Thank you for the great news.



  • Sophie Gale

    Our book club here in Peoria IL will be reading Nightlife in December. I’m excited about starting the group on the series. We want you hale and hearty for the New Year! Get well!

  • Breanna

    I’m so relieved!
    Stay strong Rob, I know you’ll be back on your feet before long. Sending an abundance of love your way.
    Jayda, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you’ve been keeping us updated so regularly. You’re awesome.

  • Deb R

    WOOTAGES galore! I literally am crying tears of joy for Rob, and am sending her much strength to get through the rest of her recovery. I have been really worried for her, and am very happy to hear she is on the mend.

    THANK YOU, Jayda, for the updates! You have been amazing, and I really appreciate the information you could share. We Reavers have to look out for each other, as well as Rob!

    Off to do a happy dance. Much love and support to Rob, and her mother. Recovery can be a long tough process, but we will keep sending positive thoughts to get them through it! πŸ™‚

  • Amory David Day

    Lifting a glass to the good news!

  • moneneko

    Damn, there are literal tears of joy and relief in my eyes right now. This is the best news I’ve heard all week.
    Thank you Jayda, for staying strong and for keeping us updated on Rob.

  • Dawn C

    I just flailed out if my chair from excitement. So glad she’s making a full recovery!

  • Val

    I’m so glad she’s made such a huge step forward! Continue to heal and get better!

  • FireDancer_Cat

    Thank God! I’m so relieved to hear this that I’m literally tearing up. We’re SO glad Rob’s getting better!

    Thank you SO much for keeping us updated so faithfully Jayda, I know it would be easier to just concentrate on what’s going on there and not post so often, and we really appreciate that you’re working so hard to keep us all informed.

    I’m off to share this wonderful news with my fellow Reavers!

    • JaydaSteele

      Thank you! I really wouldn’t have had it any other way… It’s helped me to feel like [although virtually and not physically], I’m “at her bedside,” you know? It’s so much better than feeling helpless. When it comes to people I love, I don’t do helpless very well. So honestly, this has been as much for me as for Rob and my fellow Reavers. πŸ™‚

  • Liana Brooks

    Wonderful news! Keep fighting, Rob!

  • Sara Anne

    AWESOME. Much love.

  • Jennifer

    I’m soooooo glad to hear she’s doing so much better today!!! One day at a time, our dear lovely Rob…. we’re all pulling for you!!! *sends more hugs and prayers*

  • Ashley

    Such awesome news!!!