| SLIGHT Improvements on Rob’s Condition



SLIGHT Improvements on Rob’s Condition

25 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, News

Okay, everyone, I think what we’ve collectively been doing together in our hearts for Rob is beginning to work.

The lung doctor came in today and believes that she MAY be off the ventilator by tomorrow. Still not a definite, but I’ll take this as a good sign and forward momentum.

Anyway, that’s the latest update. It’s not a huge improvement, but damn, it’s AN IMPROVEMENT! She hasn’t had one of those in a week, so…our kickass author is fighting and I KNOW we’re giving her strength.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Reavers!

Love to you all,

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  • Cathy/greytfriend

    Thank you, Jayda, that gave me tears of joy. Having been through too many family crises myself, I know that one small change for the better can be the sign that a corner has been turned, I pray that’s the case this time. Thank you for keeping us updated, Rob has been so much on my mind, I miss my twitter buddy. But I’m loving reading Basilisk, her wry humor and loving heart are so apparent in everythhing she writes. Contining to pray and send tons of good energy!

  • Qwill

    A bit of good news. Sending healing thoughts and gentle hugs!

  • Karen Kaspari-Groff

    Any update on Rob today?

  • Shannon

    I only checked this site because I finished Basilisk earlier today and got all hyped… Very sad and shocked to hear the news! Hang in there, Rob. You have so many fans sending love and prayers your way.

  • Andrea I

    I had not seen the news about Rob until today. I was glad to see the note about some improvement. I will definitely pick up the books I don’t have next weekend at Dragon*con.
    I am sending my prayers for her recovery.

  • Natali

    I just got to check my emails, I haven’t been on since Monday. I’m so sorry for Rob and I will keep her in my prayers. I will push even more for people to buy her books. I’m so happy that she’s making some progress. I’m going out tomorrow to buy all of the books I do not have.

  • Cynthia Ward

    My thoughts are with Ms. Thurman for a quick and full recovery

    This is reminding me of a friend who was hospitalized for surgery and got very sick with pneumonia. We thought we were going to lose him, until his wife and doctor figured out that he was receiving the dose for the hypothetical average man – not someone of his particular height and weight.

    Once he got the corrected dose, he began to improve, and was soon released from the hospital.

    Lord knows at my shrimpy size, I’d always get too much medication if I were hospitalized.

    So maybe overmedication or undermedication isn’t playing a role here at all, but I feel compelled to mention this as something to discuss with her doctors.

    With all my best wishes,

  • Lisa

    I spoke to Rob via twitter only last week – what a lovely woman she is. Sad to know she’s been in such an awful accident.

    My thoughts are wish her, and her family and I hope she’s well enough to read how much support and love is being sent to her on both here, twitter and other book sites around the internet.

    Keep fighting, Rob – we’re waiting for you!

  • Pdcg

    Good news! 

    And job done, bought everything! I’m now the proud owner of everything written by Rob in paperback AND kindle.

    Thanks for keeping us informed

  • Ann

    I just found about it while browsing for new releases from my favorite authors.
    My thoughts and prayers go to her and her loved ones.

  • ladydeathfaerie

    i just heard about this today through Jocelynn Drake’s Livejournal. my thoughts and prayers and all my good Karma points are being sent to Rob.

    get better soon, Rob! sending healing (((((hugs))))) your way.

  • Semper

    Keep it up Rob, were right thier with you, in spirit if nothing else.

  • Jackie Kessler

    MORE PRAYERS AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! I’m glad she’s improving — keep improving, Rob!!!

    FYI, I just ordered 5 copies of each of her books to do a massive giveaway next week.

  • Jen

    So grateful for even a little improvement! Fight on Rob, you’re gaining ground and we’ll be right here behind you sending all the positive energy we can!

  • qultng1

    Still praying. Sooooooo grateful for this update and called my friends to let them know. Probably will see a real improvement with the new blood. Thanks again! Tell Rob we love her!!!!!

  • B.E Sanderson

    You can beat this, Rob. Keep fighting.

  • Jennifer

    Just heard through a friend yesterday about this – and I’ve been holding you in my thoughts ever since, Rob. So, so glad to hear about an improvement! More thoughts and prayers and good vibes for you for as long as it takes.


  • Tracy

    You know, I’m currently reading Basilisk right now and am having the most difficult time concentrating on it knowing about Rob’s condition. It’s hard to focus on this amazing book when she’s in such a life and death struggle. I just keep thinking about her and what she’s going through.

    But we know she can beat this!!! You can do it, Rob! Just keep fighting!!!! The Reavers are all with you!!!!

    Thank you Jayda SO much for keeping us all posted. We know how hard it this must be everyone around her.

  • Darnall

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed Jayda, it must be such a difficult time for you as well, and you’re taking the time to keep us Reavers informed. Although I don’t know Rob, I feel like I do through her books, that have helped me through troubling times. Sitting back with Cal and Niko makes any problem insignificant.
    I really hope she pulls through and sees what an impact she has made on all these people’s lives.

    Thoughts are with her and her family at this time. x

  • Jenni

    Blessings & Energy being sent. Positive flow of energy is amazing for healing.

  • Jacinta

    I only just read about this then. Thats just so scary and sudden.. Also will be contributing, to help her through buying her books. All my thoughts and Prayers for Rob, you sure are most certainly kick ass enough to get through this, stay strong, and keep the improvemnts coming for us!

  • Aniday

    Oh, man, you should’ve heard the sigh of relief from me right now. That is an amazing improvement, BTW. My fellow Reavers: keep it going – she needs all the energy we can muster to get her back to rights, it does help.

    Thanks for the update.
    ~ ‘Day.

    • Aniday

      – P.S.: A cause is only lost if you believe it to be. Keep the fight going in your heart and mind for her. She’ll feel it.

      Stay strong, friends.



  • April

    Here’s hoping for many more positive updates in the near future. Get better soon, Rob!

  • Ashley

    I really hope you get better soon Rob… you’ll be in my thoughts! *hugs*

  • Brittany Miller

    You can do it Rob! Kick ass! I’m praying for you!

  • Andi

    So appreciate the updates, Jayda. I will not stop thinking about Rob and sending my best wishes her way. Bought some books today, but I, too, would be glad to contribute to help with medical expenses, etc. I will keep watch on Twitter and the blog about that possibility. Hang in there, Robyn. We need you back.

  • Karen

    An improvement is great news. It means she’s in there fighting! We will be there fighting with her!

  • Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Thanks for the update. Keeping her in my thoughts and hopes.

  • Beth E

    Keep fighting Prophet.. we’re all rooting for you!!! and thanks for keeping us updated Jayda, very much appreciated.

  • teresa

    that is good news! any form of improvement is good, will still keep her in my prayers and healing thoughts!

  • Kellie Chapman

    As an Emergency Nurse, I know a lot about the human body. However, I have seen what prayer and collective good wishes can do. I am praying for Rob and sending love and strength to her.

  • Rubygirl29

    My powerful list sibs will keep sending good thoughts and reading for Robyn.

    • Jayda

      AWESOME! We are all part of a collective “whole,” and I really believe the more people that pull together and fight FOR HER while she is weak, the stronger she will become. Love and Hugs to you!

  • Peg

    Like has been said, any improvement is a positive. Celebrate each small milestone! I wanted to ask about the expenses and possible donations also… Tell her I’m gonna keep pumping out the healing until she can log back on FROM HOME and tell us she’s okay! Thanks for the updates, Jayda!

  • GingaNinja

    Thanks so much Jayda. I saw that title and my day got infinitely better. Words cannot describe how relieved I am feeling right now.

  • Amory David Day

    Excellent! Sending as many good vibes as I can, and I picked up four books of robs to give to friends today!

  • Karen Kaspari-Groff

    Thank you for sharing the good news. It is a good sign the docs are even talking about weaning her off the ventilator.

    Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. ~George Iles

  • Jennifer Tepavcevich

    We’re all pulling for her. I sincerely hope she recovers quickly. Spreading the word online can’t hurt, let’s hear it for retweets.

  • Tarrnation

    I too would be happy to contribute for medical expenses, she’s mentioned that she doesn’t have health insurance. I’m sending healing energy to her and believe it does work when a collective group is focused all at the same time. Keep working at it folks!

    • Jayda

      I will ask her mother about this with my daily check-in tomorrow. Other fans have mentioned this too… I’ll let you know!

  • Liz

    thanks for the update! We are all so very worried.

  • Ashley

    You can do it Rob!

  • Karen

    Hell, I’m keeping her in my prayers until she’s back here blogging.

    Thank you for taking the time to give us an update.

  • MelanieCDuncan

    Dawn asked what I was wondering: Can fans donate to a fund for Rob to help offset her medical expenses? Or does she have a Paypal account we can send money to?

    • Jayda

      I will find out tomorrow and let you know.

  • Troy

    I hadn’t seen the previous notes about Rob’s condition so this is the first I’m hearing about it. So sorry to hear what’s happened but glad to hear that she’s improving! All my positive thoughts and healing energy are sent her way. Best wishes, Rob! I know you have many more stories for us to love in the future.

  • Psistriker

    Hey, any improvement us a good sign so YAY!

  • Dawn nikithser

    can we send cards or gifts or flowers or donations or anything? Please email me if you can — I just emailed with Rob a week and a half ago, and my husband and I are so damn worried about her. Thank you for the update; even a small improvement matters.

    • Jayda

      The best thing you can do for her right now is buy her books. That is what her mother has asked of her fans, and it’s true: THAT is what would make Rob happiest.

      The moment she’s out of ICU, you bet i’ll be asking for a way to send her flowers and gifts, too. 😉 i will also be asking her mother about setting up a donation account for medical bills tomorrow… will keep you all posted.

  • Carrie Ann Ryan

    An improvement is an improvement. I am still praying.