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BASILISK Virtual Launch Party: More Tweet Entries!

05 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Books, Contests, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Chimera Novels
Because Cal Leandros Would Use a BLACK Twitter Icon!

Because Cal Leandros Would Use a BLACK Twitter Icon!Shirtless, volley ball playing Coasties + @Rob_Thurman ‘s Basilisk = Fan-freakin-tastic day so far! –@cj_simon

@Rob_Thurman Got my copy of #BASILISK and my work is done. Nothing to interrupt my time w/ the Korsak brothers. *happy dance* –@qultng1

Hey one of the best authors ever, @Rob_Thurman, has a new book out, Basilisk, get it and get Chimera too. Great series. –@jcaleba

@Rob_Thurman ordered today from USA Amazon too, all the way to Peru (SAmerica)! Expensive but worth it! Got e-version already! –@pdcg440

Get Basilisk by @Rob_Thurman between today, Aug 2, and Aug 8 for max author support. If u haven’t read Chimera (1st bk), get it too! –@abyassee

@Rob_Thurman I’ve been talking up the series to all my gaming friends and encouraging them to Go! Buy! Nao!! –@Zerlina_CoH

Drawing of Stefan & Michael Korsak from the books Chimera & Basilisk by @Rob_Thurman, fanart for virtual release! –@wheretheywander

Reading Basilisk!! Read it now or the ferrets of @Rob_Thurman will find you. 😉 –@cvlopez11

Evil Jayne the cat says read “Basilisk” by @Rob_Thurman OR ELSE.

@Rob_Thurman lovin’ me some Michael and Stefan in BASILISK!! *huggles her copy close* –@ranearia

@Rob_Thurman can seriously do no wrong. Basilisk is AMAZING and I love getting the story from Misha’s pov. This series for all the awards. –@theRevBlasphemy

@qqwill: The Chimera Novels – Chimera and Basilisk by @Rob_Thurman– Giveaway of both books at The Qwillery. –@qqwill

@rob_thurman It appears my copy of Basilisk is being guarded by one! –@ThePinkEgoBox

Loving @Rob_Thurman ‘s Basilisk so far. Who knew ferrets could snore?!? –@xXLupaXx

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  • Peg

    Hi, Rob,

    Don’t have a computer or cell phone with a camera that tweets, but I did want to let you know that I bought Basilisk on August 2 at our local Books-A-Million and devoured it that same night! Excellent outing as always, and a cracking good story! I will definitely be re-reading it along with all it’s “brothers and sisters”. 😉 Hope all 3 series are renewed for as long as you want to keep writing them! Am also looking forward to reading your mainstream thriller when its published. And waiting for the public revelation of Cal 7. *sigh* Best of everything, Peg

  • Cheryl detmer

    Loving Misha again. What a great read. Loving it. Best of luck on the sells.