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The BASILISK Buzz is Humming: Virtual Release Party Entries

03 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog
BASILISK Virtual Launch Party Contest

BASILISK Virtual Launch Party Contest Wow, we are getting some wonderful entries for the BASILISK Virtual Release Party/Contest!

It’s gonna be tough keeping up with you all, but don’t stop! This week is MISHA’S time to shine – and YOU are his BEST WEAPON in accomplishing world domination. 😉

Below the red line are links/shout-outs to some of the fans who have sent in BASILISK/CHIMERA reviews for their entries. [Note: all have given their express permission for us to post these entries on Rob’s site and share them on any of Rob’s social pages].

If you’re fashionably late to the party and wondering what the hell is going on, click here to learn more about this party/contest.

ALL participants in the contest will be granted VIP secret access to a sneak-preview of DOUBLETAKE [that is NOT included in the back of BASILISK]. ALL participants will also be entered into a prize drawing – there is no purchase necessary to participate. Click here for details if you need ’em [or if you just need a refresher-course], and keep the BASILISK-love a-reavin’!

Paint it Red!

“No author on the face of the planet writes the connection between siblings as well as Rob. And frankly, her ability to make the characters come to life is nothing short of amazing. Her stories are filled with snark and emotion – her plots exciting and action packed. I want to live in her brain.” -From Karen F. on Shefari

“Thurman writes great action sequences and the chases and escapes pulled off by Stefan read like an action movie.” Bethany the WordNerd [on CHIMERA]

“Rob Thurman’s new book BASILISK is out in stores and needs to be bought ASAP. If you’re not convinced it’s the book for you then you obviously don’t like gun-wielding ferrets and THAT…is a serious personal problem.” -Cristina L. Facebook Status Update

“CHIMERA by Rob Thurman has brothers, very bad villains, really cool guns, and a ferret. What more could a girl want in a standby, fill-in boyfriend [aka Cal Leandros]? No, I can’t think of anything else either.” -Jennifer, Brewed Bohemian

BASILISK includes Rob’s brilliant humor with Godzilla the ferret. (“Guns don’t kill people. Ferrets do”) I laughed so much at parts I had tears in my eyes. I also had tears at some of the more heartbreaking moments between the brothers. This book is epic! Worth the painful wait! And is overall f**king amazing!!!! Long Live the Korask Brothers!! -Nikki’s BASILISK Review on GoodReads

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