| Update: BASILISK eReader Problems, PERIOD.



Update: BASILISK eReader Problems, PERIOD.

02 Aug 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Books, News, The Chimera Novels
BASILISK on Kindle: Don't Miss THE EPILOGUE!

BASILISK on Kindle: Don't Miss THE EPILOGUE!


Well… crap. The epilogue-skipping is happening in the B&N Nook too, which means it’s very likely no eReader is immune.

If you could please let us know here in the comments or on Facebook how this is impacting YOUR eReader – are you able to GO BACK and read the Epilogue once it skips over or not? – that would be helpful. We can then make sure everyone else is well-informed.

We’ve got a call into the publishers to see if this can be fixed, but for now, be sure to look for the epilogue on all eReaders.

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  • Theresa

    I have a Kindle and had no problems with the epilogue.

  • cass

    I run an Android ePad and I don’t live in the USA. Please please please how do I buy a non-DRM ePub version of this book? All the websites listed either tell me I live in the wrong country or want to force me to use their personal software. I’ll live with an epilogue in a strange location, just so long as I can READ the thing…

  • ycorgigirl

    Well, I don’t have an e-reader (soon time to get one) but I have been to 2 book stores and been unable to get a copy yet. The first was my local, very small books-a-million and they may have sold out of the only copy they had but the second was a B&N that I drove 30 miles to get to. Their computer said they had four copies but they couldn’t find them any where and told me to come back in a few days and maybe they would be on the shelves by then. Amazon here I come. (a very frustrated fan).

  • Paige

    I had absolutely no trouble with epilogue skippage, and I’m on a Nook. What gives?

  • Naomi G Gargano

    I am one of those readers that read everything, the acknowledgement section, the author bio(even if I have read it, you never know what may be added) so it was no problem, I just clicked to the next page and there the epilogue was, I just went hunh? Then went ooops, that sucks for people who will click that. I have had corrections from Amazon before, they send a letter, with the problem and ask if you want to download it again, with the corrections, it is available. Hope it happens sooner than later for you. It was as great book, I hate to see you have this problem when you work so hard not only on your writing but on having to sell your books and get your books out there.