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BASILISK Virtual Launch Party / Contest

27 Jul 2011, Posted by JaydaSteele in Blog, Books, Contests, Fun, News, Reavers, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Cal Leandros Novels, The Chimera Novels
Party / Contest Details
Party / Contest Details

Click for Party / Contest Details

All right, everyone… here it is!

Participate in the BASILISK Virtual Launch Party and you will get secret access to Cal Leandros Book 7, DOUBLETAKE. You will also be entered in a prize drawing. You do not need to purchase anything to win or participate!

I myself cannot wait to see how BASILISK looks with my plush Cthulhu. And if ONLY I had a pet ferret – he would SO be posing next to my copies of CHIMERA and BASILISK. 😉 I, of course, won’t have access to prizes, but I’m just looking forward to all the fun ways to get the word out about BASILISK next week!

If you have any questions on contest/party details, post your comments here or send an email to:

Signing Off For Now…


Paint it Red!

The Rules in Plain Text:

ALL Participants Will Get:

-VIP access to secret excerpts* of March 2012’s Cal Leandros Novel 7, DOUBLETAKE.
*Different from the excerpt at the end of BASILISK.

-Access to the Cal Leandros Novel 7, DOUBLETAKE cover art before it goes public.

-The chance to win prizes from Rob Thurman’s personal stash of Reaver Rewards.

Goodies Include:

-Your choice of six [autographed] Rob Thurman Novels [anthologies not included].
-Collectible Rob Thurman DOUBLETAKE cover art post cards.
-Buttons with a gun-toting “Godzilla” that say, “Guns don’t kill people, ferrets do.”
-CAL LEANDROS video wallpaper prints.
-A $25 gift card to your chosen [US-based, national] bookstore – including Amazon and iTunes.


SELECT Participants Will Also Get:

->Featured on Rob Thurman’s official blog and/or Facebook fan page, and/or on Rob’s Favorite Fan Videos pages.

->Fan-Follow-Friday’d on Rob Thurman’s official Twitter.


Ways to Participate:

Get the word out about BASILISK and The CHIMERA Series from 08.02.11 – 08.06.11 with your own creative photos, video uploads, fan art, reviews and tweets – include @Rob_Thurman in your tweets. All entries must be BASILISK or CHIMERA-Themed. Fan art cannot use the book covers.

Upload/enter your submissions to your favorite social networking, book/media review sites and/or blog/personal websites.

[YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Deviant Art, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Live Journal, etc. etc. – any social networking site of your choice qualifies].

Send link[s] to your videos/photos/fan art/reviews/tweets to:

You will receive an opt-in email asking for permission to share your entries on Rob’s website/fan pages if selected, to be included in the DOUBLETAKE VIP Access mailing list and to be entered into the prize drawing. Your email will be used one-time-only to notify
you of the secret location to the DOUBLETAKE sneak preview, and/or if you’ve won any prizes.


Photos, video submisions and tweets must have an upload/tweet date from 08.02.11-08.06.11

Reviews and fan art must have an upload date from 08.02.11-08.08.11. Reviews must have a 50-word minimum.




Ideas for Photo & Video Submissions:

PHOTOS: Pose with BASILISK in your hands, or snap a shot of it in a fun location – like with your pets or next to a plate of sushi | Take a photo of BASILISK loaded into your eReader while in your favorite reading spot | Pose next to BASILISK and show us your best “Basilisk Killing Look” | CHIMERA-themed photos qualify, but if at all possible, please focus on BASILISK.

VIDEOS: Read a short, spoiler-free excerpt of BASILISK. | Hold up a copy of BASILISK and show us your best “Killing Look.” | Do a quick video review of BASILISK or CHIMERA – tell everyone what’s great about this series. | For the really ambitious: act out a short scene from BASILISK – without bloodshed or explosions, please!


The Fine Print: This event is not endorsed by ACE/ROC Fantasy or Penguin-Putnam Books, nor is it officially affiliated with any social networking sites or commercial retailers. Please be safe and smart. Play nice, express yourself, but be respectful. Don’t spam anyone, don’t get hurt and have fun!
If you injure yourself, piss anyone off or get in trouble for your creativity, Rob Thurman will not be held responsible or liable. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE OR WIN. We do not share your email address or contact information with anyone.



Classical Mythology.
a creature, variously
described as a serpent,
lizard, or dragon,
said to kill by
its breath or look.

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  • Rowan

    Oh man, this contest makes me wish I still owned my snakes… Nothing better to pose the book with than a mentally challenged ball python!

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  • Lupa

    Oh, I am so entering this~! Ideas are already forming… Things are going to go down~! Mwauahahaha~!

    • JaydaSteele

      Sah-WEET! Bring it on, Lupa! 😀 😀 😀

  • Annette

    Chimera was awesome…tons of twists and turns kept me in the edge of my seat. Cant wait for Basilisk!!!