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Love to My CHIMERA Reavers on Twitter…

15 Jul 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Reavers, Reviews, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Chimera Novels

BASILISK: The CHIMERA Novels, Book 2Sending a shout-out to you who made my WEEK with your BASILISK-lovin’ tweets. CHIMERA is my personal favorite work. I and the Korsak Brothers thank you for reaching beyond the Cal-iverse and giving this series a try. You all seriously ROCK.

Featured reTweets

RT @b_yous: @Rob_Thurman I love Cal books, but Chimera topped all of them. I can’t wait to read Basilisk and be inside Michael’s head for a while!

RT @pdcg440: @Rob_Thurman Love Chimera, have paperback and e-book. Plan to do the same with Basilisk, even though international shipping is a $ nightmare.

RT @tracy_in_uk: Chimera by @Rob_Thurman is the best book I have ever read & I cannot wait for the follow up – Basilisk!

RT @gettingdrastic: @Rob_Thurman At first I didn’t want to read Chimera, but I love your writing so much so I gave it a chance and I couldn’t put it down.

RT @gettingdrastic: Finished @Rob_Thurman Blackout yesterday, loved it. Can’t wait to get my hands on Basilisk next month.

RT @winchesterwoman: @Rob_Thurman Can’t wait to read Basilisk! I love Cal & Niko but after reading Chimera, Michael & Stefan also own a piece of my heart.

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