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Future Variations on Steampunk

12 Jul 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Fun, Rob Thurman's Twitter

It’s been said many times that Steampunk is what happened when Goths discovered the color brown. What will be the next in the progression?

Steamdunk: Goths discover swimming…and that chlorine turns the black dye in their hair pink/purple.

Steamfunk: Goths discover George Clinton and the Funkadelics and give up ‘I wanna die with razor blades in my eyes’ music. 

Steamgunk: Goths discover there is an over-the-counter medication for the cheese between their toes (combat boots are sweaty.) 

Steamhunk: Female Goths discover some men do have chests that aren’t concave. 

Steamjunk: Goths simultaneously discover socks in your pants give you junk, all women look good with junk in their trunk, and Sandford and Son. 

Steamsunk: Pre-Goths discover that Titanic cruisers thought they were all widows and widowers, but the end of the trip was full of death and despair. Pre-goth win-win. 

Steamxunk: Goths discover they have mutant powers and could save the world! But….eh, who cares? And instead go get another tattoo and skull earring. 

Steamzunk: Future Goths go see Avatar 15 in hopes those damn blue naked Smurfs finally die horribly and additionally discover what the hell unobtainium is.  Wouldn’t semi-obtanium be more appropriate?




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