| Calling All Geek God and Goddess Worshippers…



Calling All Geek God and Goddess Worshippers…

02 Jul 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Appearances, Blog, Fun, Interviews, News, Rob Thurman's Twitter
Binwalla Radio: Epic Geeks - Epic Radio

Binwalla Radio: Epic Geeks - Epic RadioEpic Geeks – Epic Radio. Sound like your kind of thing? Yeah, me too.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell a “Binwalla Radio Show” is, the answer lies right here on my new Radio Show page under the Multi-Media header up there ^ on my main website menu. See how this all began and listen to all the episodes that have aired to date right there in one place – like your own, virtual Binwalla Map. My new, epic web-geek will keep that page updated as new episodes air, so if you ever miss a show, just come back to that page, and catch right back up.

My “dirty job” on the show is to pick out a Geek God of the Week. My candidates chosen so far have been Michael Fassbender [of Hex, 300 and X-Men] and Seth Green [I really hope I don’t have to tell you who he is]!

Now… since this is such a tough, tough, job *sniff*, I thought perhaps I could open up a blog entry for you all to submit YOUR choices of Geek Gods… and… I don’t want this to be one-sided, so guys, if you’ve got a Geek Goddess you’d like to submit, do it right here. If I pick your choice for the show, I just may announce your name on the show too – to thank you for helping me handle such a strenuous task.

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  • Psistriker

    Well my personal Geek God will always be Wil Wheaton. Not only is he cute & funny but 12 year old me developing a serious crush on him is the whole reason 36 year old me is the geek I am now.

    My other choices would have to be Nathan Fillion & Zachary Levi for all the obvious reasons. 😉