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Ask Cal Leandros & Michael Korsak

02 Jul 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Books, Contests, Extras, Interviews, News, The Cal Leandros Novels, The Chimera Novels
BASILISK: The CHIMERA Novels, Book 2

BASILISK: The CHIMERA Novels, Book 2 Reavers!

So…. I just had a call from one Caliban Leandros–that’s right: Caliban, not Cal. And that is serious shit.

Seems that he’s going to go all “Auphe” on our asses if BASILISK doesn’t take over the entire damn UNIVERSE during its **8/2-8/6 release week.

I guess he and Michael Korsak [you met him in CHIMERA, you’ll really get to know him in BASILISK] have been… I dunno… bonding over “better living through weaponry” and “driving your older brother insane”, or some crap. They both also think that step one in the 12 step program of AA (Assassins Anonymous) is a bitch, because, really, they don’t have a problem. It’s everyone who gets in their way who has a problem.


Caliban insists you all get to know Michael (he’s curious to see if you survive the experience), so the two are coming here to seize my blog for their own sometime in July. No respect, I tell you. I’ve been trying to get a date out of him – so I can prepare properly (hide under the bed) – but he won’t tell me when they’re going to be here! Typical of those homicidally hot asses.

So… if you have any questions for Michael Korsak and Cal Leandros, you may want to ask them right here, right now in the comments on this post. Each will pick their two favorites, and those lucky commenters will win a little something from the Leandros-Korsak reavers rewards.

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If you haven’t yet met Michael, read this excerpt from BASILISK and you’ll see why he and Cal are getting along so famously these days…and why their brothers need mental health insurance in the worst way.

I just hope my website doesn’t turn into one big, scorched earth, bio-hazard site once they’ve been here!

**Books only have a chance of kicking major list-making ass when purchased during release week. So to prevent Caliban from being disappointed (Caliban spells disappointed ‘E…V…I…L’ and don’t ask what he uses for ink), readers would need to get all their BASILISK-lovin’ in from 8/2-8/6 – no earlier, no later.

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  • AliM

    For both Caliban and Michael

    I know that as the younger child it is quite easy to give into temptation and annoy your older siblings to insanity. I know you both do this quite frequently with astonishingly hilarious results. Has there been a time where this has been reversed? Like your brothers purposefully annoying you or driving you crazy? Or some sort of quirk they have that just drives you absolutely raving mad?

    Please be nice to Rob, both of you. We love her and need her very much alive and sane.

  • Haley Hattan

    For Caliban: What did Niko make for dinner last night, and did you actually eat it? And if you did eat it, did you eat it willingly or was there some brotherly force used?

    Micheal: Have you ever tried/wanted to deep fry a candy bar?

  • Sofi Bento

    Cal, would you kick me if I came up to you on the street and hugged you? ((I’m a 17 year old girl …))

    And for Michael my question is…Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Ok no, that was a dumb question. What about, is Stefan Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

  • Mad_Bonnie

    One last question for Cal: how can you be such a slob with your keen sense of smell? I mean seriously – if Niko has to alert the neighbors that your dirty laundry is not a decomposing body, I can’t imagine how it must be for you. You remind me of a dog I once had who would carry home the worst smelling things she could find in the neighborhood (and she had a talent for finding the truly gross.)

  • Kellan

    For Cal: Do you ever read any of the fanfiction wtitten about you and, if so, what would you say to the writers?

  • Raynaki

    This one is for Cal: What would you rather deal with: A pissed off Salome with Godzilla as back up or a horny puck trying to talk you into a threesome with his peri and why?

    Ok and for Misha…er Michael: Whats the most awkward moment you’ve had with Stephan and what made it so awkward?

  • NiNi

    Cal and Misha: Have Salome, Spartacus and Godzilla all met yet? If so, what do they all think of each other?

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Another question for Misha:

    Your brother mentioned a girl during your first adventure. Any thoughts on meeting her and playing (re)matchmaker?

  • Kooie

    Hey guys, thanks for the chance to throw some questions your way.!

    Both of you have a history with “Peter Pan”, were you ever able to actually read the beautiful story or are you two too freaked out to even try?

    Misha, is Stefan still as overprotective now that you’ve been free for a while? Did he still let you get away with anything?

    Cal, do you sometimes wish for a place of your own? As you did while amnesiac? Or are you ok with your living arrangements?

    Ok, I’ll stop now… Even though I could keep going for pages…

  • Sharice

    This one is for Cal. How do you feel knowing you will be stared at by all the Otaku’s out there? A world wide phenomenon of the Manga world? And what do you think Niko is going to do to all your crazy stalker fangirls when they find you?

  • Nohbhdy

    Okay, ready for some “What If….” questions?

    Cal: If you were stuck in a room with Robin and Ishiah for two weeks with only one bullet left in your gun, who would you shoot (Robin, Ish, or yourself) and after how long? (immediately after figuring out that you are going to be stuck in a room for two weeks with a horny puck and his peri?)

    Misha: If you were to come across another hitch hiking pregnant lady in the middle of nowhere, would you a.) risk picking her up like last time or b.) leave the her in the dust without so much as a backwards glance?

  • GingaNinja

    Alrighty, so question for Cal:
    I’m not sure if you remember this far back or if your brain was just too flustered, what with all the drowning in your own fluids, but who was your favourite character from Steven King’s The Stand?

    And one for Micheal:
    How on Earth do you keep Godzilla from squirreling away everything that you own? Seriously, need some future advice here…

  • Peg

    Here we go – lol. Question for Michael: Has anything else in your life with Stefan freaked you out like the whole tree in the woods bathroom bit? And if so, what?

    Question for Cal (sorry, but he’s younger! :-): Does your bedroom really have a floor? And as it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, do you remember what color the carpet/tile/floor covering is?

    No offense intended, guys! Just want to see the Doubletake cover and devour the Basilisk on 8/2-8/6!

    Glad to see you two bonding, if only in the virtual world! Peace, brothers!

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  • Anne V.

    Cal: Have you ever considered that you might find some supernatural therapy as a helpful option for yourself or your brother? Surely someone out there can specialize in the non-human issues. If anyone needs to cope with the anxiety caused by your existence it would be Niko.

    Michael: Would you consider a normal, human girlfriend in the future or would you be worried about your abilities and training making it too difficult/fraught with problems? What would your ideal mate be like?

  • Mete

    I’ve got a question for Caliban. We all know how important Niko is to you and what would happen if you lost him. It’d be the end game for you. These days though, your world’s expanded a bit and I have to wonder, what would you do if you lost Robin?

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  • Nightcrawler

    Just a simple question to both of you. When’s your birthday [And Cal, when’s Niko’s?] We have your age, but no correct date to spam Rob’s PO box with cake.

  • Natali

    Caliban, I know this has to have happened somewhere off set, so how did you react to your first crazy fangirl?

  • J

    I have just one question for Caliban:

    Why do you have a tendancy to nearly drown in various fluids? You’ve nearly drowned in mud in Abbagor’s cave, the dead-body-ridden water in the ex-asylum, zombie-Jello at the cemetary, and in the water at the canal. You’ve also almost drowned in your own blood when you were shot and in your own mucus when you were hit with a super virus. Seriously, you should think about carrying scuba gear around or find some way to grow gills cuz’ what you’re doin now just ain’t working for ya.

  • Suz

    Cal: How tall are you? No seriously. We know Niko’s taller, but we never know exactly how tall. (My sister and I are gonna be playing Cal and Niko in a fan-fiction role-playing-game, so we’re really dying to know!)

    Michael (aka blonde-fluffy-bunny-kid!): Why a ferret? Don’t you know they’re demonic? They’ll chew holes in your toenails while you’re sleeping. On second thought, maybe that’s why….

  • mad_bonnie

    Caliban: I’ve been thinking of taking up monster hunting myself (other employment opportunities being rather scarce, as of late.) So how are the benefits? Specifically the mental health care coverage?

    Misha: What would you say is the best thing about finally having a big brother? Any major drawbacks?

  • Ally-oop

    Caliban: What do you think your life would have been like if you hadn’t been born half-Auphe, and what do you think you would be doing?

    Michael: Similar question… What do you think you would have pursued in your life if you had never gone to the Institute?

    Thank you! ^.^

  • K. Ann Pecua

    Hai! Okay. What shall I ask….?

    Caliban – Ohmygoodnesshello! This is probably a self-explanatory question, but…when you and your brother were still on the run, I think I remember you saying you had thoughts of running on your own (?) correct me if I’m wrong, have you ever successfully left your brother to keep him out of trouble and danger without him catching you and, if you did, how long were you able to keep away? Sorry. That’s kinda a double question.

    Michael – Ohmygoodnesshellotoyoutoo! This question is one of those ‘if you could’. If you could go anywhere in the world, to be free, to do whatever you wanted, where would you go? That was about to turn into a double question too with an added ‘why’ but you don’t have to say why if you don’t want to.

    Okay! Thanks you guys! 😀

    -K. Ann. P

  • Aria

    I have a question for Michael. Michael, if Cal were to set you up with a smokin’ hot supernatural “femmortal” like Delilah or Promise, would you be open to… you know… cross-supernatural dating?

  • Taylor

    Caliban – after delilah, would you ever consider dating again? and also, what monster would you say is your favorite monster species? Not necessarily to hunt, just your favorite. Last question for Cal, what is your take on demons? Real/not real?

    Misha – What was life like at the Institute place? Do you feel remorse for your past life now that you’re hanging with your bro? and how is Godzilla doing?

    So much love for the bother of you!

  • Cayla

    Quick question for Caliban.

    I’ve always wondered how you came to use firearms as opposed to blades, especially since your brother is so fond of the shiny and sharp. Not that thiers anything wrong with it, I’m sure the monsters appreciate the vierty. Well…at least in the few seconds they have left to appreciate it.

  • BeckyK

    Caliban–that’s going to take some getting used to. Do you object to Robyn’s reference to you as a “Hot ass?” (I know the homicidal part pleases you)

  • Caitlyn

    Ok so I have a couple of questions for Caliban, but I’ll limit them to one because I like my face in the condition it is. So here it goes.

    : I feel like I’ve seen you go through so much. So much in fact that I’m worried that your brain might be post – apocalyptic. So I know I have had to take multiple therapy sessions (AND THATS JUST FROM BEING YOUR SUPPORTER!), could you even handle a therapists many inane questions? Can you even handle this one?

    And now heres a quick one for Michael, you adorable little ass you. I’m thinking about having a closet party. Where you cram a whole bunch of people into one tiny closet. I’d love for you to come and enjoy the festivities. WIll you?