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24 Jun 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Books, The Cal Leandros Novels

It’s better than Christmas morning! I received the cover for DOUBLETAKE (Cal 7) and Chris McGrath is always brilliant–the ART GOD, but this cover is the best in the series x 100! X 1000! I want it printed on sheets so I can sleep on it. I want a tattoo of it covering my entire back. I want a cool 80’s style van with disco ball and this painted on the side. I want the Japanese to get off their asses and stop making realistic female robots and make me THIS DUDE. DAMN! I want to start a church where this cover is worshipped and tiny chili dogs are deposited on your tongue for communion as to Cal’s taste. I’ve spent the entire day staring at it and I didn’t adapt. I didn’t get used to it. Every second it is still as stunningly kick-frigging-ass as the first second I saw it. 

Now when are you going to see it? In a  few weeks. It’s part of a surprise package and you’ll appreciate it more when you finally do see it (trust me, I wait much longer and when I finally see the covers, I freak. Except this time, I didn’t freak…I totally lost my shit, it is that damn brilliant. And with that….I have to go stare at it some more.  Reavers, be patient (but, ah, it is so goooooooooood.)

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  • Kellan

    Okay, Oh my gods! I just saw the cover on someplace that should be fairly obvious, but I’m not going to say for the sake of not pissing the author off and having her sic Cal on me (in that case, maybe I will 😉 ) and it’s every single little tiny bit as absolutely amazing as she said it is. Christian McGrath is the single most talented artist in the world. I sat in Borders this afternoon while the people around me made like beheaded chickens, running around collecting books with no real direction, reading the exerpt of Doubletake in the back of Basilisk with open-mouthed wonder.

  • Kellan

    I’ve heard that teasers are like crack for writers, but my god, you’re an addict! I have my theories about the next book, and will seriously develop a twitch if it you keep this up! 😀

  • Theresa

    Saw two guys walking on Fletcher Ave here in Tampa. One was dark blond, built and he moved like a cat wearing black (in Tampa!! In the heat!). It was the other who caught my eye. Black haired. HANDSOME. Totally snarky attitude as he glided along next to the blond guy. I almost went off the road thinking that I was seeing the Leandros brothers. YES, I am very angry, I want to see that cover NOW! When I finally am reading the new book, THEN all will be forgiven. Maybe.

  • Cristina

    Curiosity killed the cat? No, curiosity killed ME. Your gloating on the awesomeness that is Cal creates a malignant jealously within me I can’t even put into words. I will physically and verbally attack you if we are not updated soon!!!!

  • Ronni E

    Dammit!!! The Cal Leandros novels are like my favorite books!!! I dont wanna wait. Can’t you release it now so you can start work on the next one? You are gonna be writing them forever I hope. I can’t get enough of em. Cal totally rocks and Niko (literally) kicks ass.

  • Rubygirl29

    I want to see this cover, seeing as the other ones seriously made me drool over the Leandros Brothers. And I think you ought to pursue the idea of the sheets … I want some, too!

  • Suz

    Now, that’s not fair, gloating over the awesomeness long before we get to see it. :c You should totally put up a sneak preview–we won’t tell anyone. Much. :3

  • Dee

    Must you tease your devoted readers so? Really? I mean Doubletake won’t be pub’d until March…2012!!! What am i gonna do until then? At least there’s only two months and two days left until Basilisk hits the stores. I’m counting down…

  • Anthi

    OH. MY. GOD. NEW COVER/NEW BOOK!!!!!! I can’t freaking wait to see it!!! You tease I hate you!!! LOL! When is the book going to be published?

  • Yolanda


  • Mariana

    Ooops I mean, Cant wait.

  • Mariana

    Yeaaah! I’m sure is going to be bad ass. . . Can wait.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, there’s going to b a 7th book. Sweet!!! I cant wait.

  • Gloria Oliver

    Hah! That’s so EVIL. lol. You tease!

  • B.E Sanderson

    Arrgghh. Now curiosity is going to kill me. I can’t wait to see the cover and I really can’t wait to read the book.

  • Cal's_Girl

    you are an awful, terrible person for telling us how brilliant it is and making us wait!!!! I guess I’ll have to bide my time rereading Cal and waiting for the Corrigans! oh well

  • Mad_Bonnie

    Booktease. That’s you.

    (And we love you for it, really.)

  • Miranda

    Ohhhhh I cant freaken wait!!!

  • Caitlyn

    AWE! I want to see it so baaaaad!

  • Psistriker

    So your website crashed my work computer _again_ & I don’t even get a peek at the cover for my troubles? You are evil, woman! But you did get me off the phones for 5 minutes, so all is forgiven. 😉

  • Sara Anne

    Grumble, grumble. Tease.