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Weekly Guest Judging Hot Geek Gods on Webradio. Vote!

22 Jun 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Contests, Fun, News, Rob Thurman's Twitter

I am now a weekly guest on the hilarious and magnificently run Thursday show on . Do I talk about books? Not quite. Do I talk geek? Yes, I do. Meghan, Kirichi and I each pick a hot guy any geek girl would drool over and compare their…rawr…attributes. After listening to us wrestle with the hotness, you then you get to vote which Geek God wins. I chose Michael Fassbender/Magneto (and may have mentioned that his buns were so steaming I’d slather them with cinnamon butter and have them for breakfast.) Meghan picked Hugh Jackman (boo! hiss! We’re oversaturated with the Jack.) And Kirichi picked Richard Nixon…no, not the late Richard Nixon. I was confused as well. Apparently he’s a geek god singer who un-rapped the rap song Lollipop. I’ll have to check him out. So listen to the show Thursday and prove Fassbender is hotter than Meghan’s Jackman and Kirichi’s geek singer Richard Nixon! And as it’s a weekly thing, feel free to post suggestions on my twitter.

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