| Webradio interview is HERE!



Webradio interview is HERE!

20 Jun 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Audio, Blog, Extras, Fun, Interviews, Reviews, Rob Thurman's Twitter

I did do the Binwalla (radio for geeks and gamers and techies) webradio interview (which was supposed to last 20 minutes but ended up an hour) and it was hilarious. I was choking on my wine. It simply was the most fun I’ve had in forever and it was absolutely hysterical. They said I was more entertaining than a rock musician they’d once interviewed. How rockin’ is that?

And then they edited it…incredibly nice people who wanted me to keep my job and the FCC from hauling them off to Gitmo. So now it’s an entertaining and informative (with picture) interview.  It follows 30 minutes of Pokemon discussion by their anime person (as we all know: you fall on two sides of Pokemon. I LOVE Pokemon!  And the rest of us who thinks Pokemon is the Antichrist.) So you can fast-forward 30 minutes to my interview or if you are a Pokemon fan, listen to that and then me. (Meanwhile I’m requesting the original R-rated version for my own entertainment.) Hope you enjoy! It is at or   There’s all sorts of hints to what’s coming in the future of Cal’s world. Also on the Library Shelf is a very nice review of BLACKOUT.

Now, Pokemon, go! I mean, damn it, Reavers, go!

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  • xXLupaXx

    I look forward to hearing this once I get home from my serving job tonight. It will be the perfect way to unwind from the stress of smiling through my teeth and generally dealing with people.

    Much Love~!