| Webradio Interview, geeks & goons! Tune in!



Webradio Interview, geeks & goons! Tune in!

13 Jun 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Appearances, Blog, Extras, Interviews, News, Rob Thurman's Twitter

I’ll be doing a webradio interview to be posted Wednesday (PST time) on the Library Shelf of ‘s Library Shelf or and then on Thursday it will also be posted on their main show (which I assumes covers many topics other than me…insane, I know, but what can you do?)  Listen in! For my editors and agent, I’ll try my best not to be myself. For my fans I’ll try to sneak a little bit of me in there <grin.> It’s a fine line to walk to please everyone. Perhaps Rob’s Reavers need a secret code language to allow my profanities to pass through. M***F*** could be mamafudger. Goddamn could be good dog. Piece of shit could be pound of sugar.  That mamafudging, good dog, pound of sugar really tinkles me off!  Yeah…so not me, eh? This is what social networking has done. All eyes on you and ears, too. But tune in and see how many times I screw up…because you know, despite my very best efforts, I probably will.  And if you want to RT, that would be great. The interview will also be posted on iTunes, but probably not under that ‘Mamafudging, good dog, pound of sugar!’

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