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Conventions: SDCC & DRAGON*CON

19 May 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Appearances, Blog, News, Rob Thurman's Twitter

This year I’ll be going to San Diego Comic Con in July, but won’t be appearing on any panels or doing any signings as I didn’t know I was going until it was too late and by then no spots were left for me. If enough fans want books signed, I’ll arrange to meet them at someplace in the Gaslamp…Starbucks…whatever, if enough people are interested in fighting through the zombie horde to cross the street (I am massively over the zombie horde blocking the goddamn street.) I will also be at Dragon*Con as a guest (which is supposed to guarantee me 4 panels and 2 signings, but how that information is passed along, I don’t know. I know I don’t have it yet or know how to get it….so…if you can’t find me at those, I will be in Booth 100-102 in the Marriott Marquis Ballroom–selling all my books and happy as a frigging clam to sign whatever you want (that can be legally exposed in a  public place.) I will not be at the booth I was last year, no reason to look for me there. Go to 100-102, twice the size, *and* the debut of the Godzilla ‘Guns Don’t Kill People. Ferrets Kill People’  free buttons! Whoo hoo! I might even cosplay–for the fourth time, but probably not as the last costume had me falling down stairs giving me permanent arthritis from a hairline fracture…and I’m too damn young to have arthritis.  PS BASILISK (sequel to the book I love the most, CHIMERA) will be released Sept. 2nd *at* Dragon*Con…again Booth 100-102. And Michael is a bad bad boy. Don’t miss it!

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  • k2pec

    Yay! I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to go to a ComicCon before and Dragon*Con is the only one that I know about that’s around where I live! XD It’s gonna be my first one. 😀 Guess it’s just more reasons to go this year. Haha!

  • Racheal Morgan

    The ONE YEAR I can’t attend Comic Con!!
    But I’ll try to make Dragon Con instead.

  • thepinkegobox

    I feel your pain on the too young to have arthritis front. I have it in my knees and have had it since I was 16. That’s just balls. I so wish I could be at Dragon*Con but I’ve learned that a roadtrip in a SmartCar is just dumb. And very hard on the rump! You really need to get your ass to the New York area. Start planning for next year for the NYCC!

    Oh, and I hope those buttons go over well!