| CAL & co have been SNUBBED!



CAL & co have been SNUBBED!

13 Apr 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Rob Thurman's Twitter

REAVERS! Look at this shit! Best sidekick list and Niko the ninja who can kill you with a tube sock didn’t make it. Robin Goodfellow (used car salesman and Totally Puckable ) didn’t make it. Nor did the 7 lb mummified cat Salome who has the arguably highest kill count in the series. Reavers…throw the blood on the ships, grab your best human skin kilt and RIGHT THIS WRONG:  We are not taking this sitting down…unless we’re sitting on the soft, comfy BODIES OF OUR ENEMIES! GO!

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  • Daniela

    What?! Blasphemy! How could Niko the Buddha-loving-ninja NOT make the list? Or Robin, for that matter? Our boys (and mummified, murderous cat) shall not be ignored! Here’s an idea: have Niko kill them with a tube sock, or Robin can talk them to death.

  • Kritchie

    I just went to site and posted my horror that Niko did not make the list. Hopefully enough of us will protest and next round of this type we will get a chance to vote you in!


  • Natali

    We shall spam the website and force them to include our boys!(and mummy cat)

  • Ash

    No! This is not exceptable! Robin or Salome needs to be on there! Heck, even Cal, but I’d never thought of him as a sidekick. He got his ass kicked sometimes, but never a sidekick. None of them, really, but they still need to be on there! Though I do love Bob, the talking skull who reads romance novels. XD Still! No excuses!

  • Joe R

    Just went to the site and put in a protest comment. All Cal Fans should do the same. If there is a cat, it should be Salome.. incredible.

  • Willow

    Bob-the-skull eh??? Really, I love Bob. But I love Niko and Robin more. They need to get on that list!

  • B.E. Sanderson

    You know, I never thought of Niko as a sidekick. But Robin? He’d shudder at the thought, but he’s totally the sidekick.

    • Rob Thurman

      There is a quote from Roadkill that perfectly describes Robin’s opinion of his magnificient self…when Cal asks if he’s tagging along for this job:

      “Tag along?” The puck frowned. “I do not tag along. I have led crowds of virgins to a mass fertility and deflowering rite. I accompanied the Argonauts because I thought I’d look amazing in golden fleece and a threesome with Castor and Pollux was nothing to sneeze at. I told a drunken and toothless hedge wizard a ridiculous story about the ‘Holy Grail’ and watched King Arturus’s knights roam about the countryside forever looking under every skirt and stone for the thing. I was with Columbus when he found the New World and at the Hawaiian barbecuing of Captain Cook, who, while a cranky bastard, was quite tasty.” He pointed the empty wine bottle at me and almost made it upright in indignation. “I create adventure. I live life as it has never been lived before. I forge legends. I do not tag along.”
      “You’re tagging along then,” I drawled.
      “Yes,” he sighed, falling back again. “I’m tagging along.”

  • Skye

    They will pay for this atrocity! We must find a way to get them on this list!

    …At least I do love Spike, and Wesley…and Bob.


    • Rob Thurman

      I love Spike too…and I liked Bob, but only the television Bob. Bob-the-skull, eh, but SyFy Bob was fun as hell. But that doesn’t mean my boys (and dead cats) will be ignored!