25 Mar 2011, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Fun, Rob Thurman's Twitter

My best bud send me a celebration present as she does for every book release (for Chimera she gave me a stuffed ferret. For other books she sent me slightly more evil things) For this Cal book: BLACKOUT…if you don’t know the fork story within BLACKOUT, too late for you. I’m spoilin’ and t’aint no one can stop me. She sent me five forks with engraving on them. I wanted to send a picture but no matter what light you use (natural or flash) you just can’t see more than a third of the engraving. So I will describe.

The first says: A fork in a puck is worth two in a hand and has a tiny fist clutching a fork with a drop of blood

#2: Forks don’t kill people…unless you’re Cal

#3: Niko could kill you with a *spoon*

#4: Who needs a Glock when you have flatware?

#5: WMD (a rocket) weapon of mass dining (and a picture of a nuclear explosion)

River, you are the best friend who never stabbed me with a fork. Daryl thanks for the engraving.

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  • Wrayth

    Forks! Ii already read the book by FORKS! Gotta love ’em and all that but what about sporks? They have no love but double the use of thier cousins….Oh well.

    ~If it’s my keen intention you’d like to destroy, I’ll withstand your best shot; I’ve got the right toy.~

  • Skye

    Okay, you have the best friend EVER.
    The first one made me snicker out loud,.

  • Becca

    Simply amazing There are NO other words for how amazing those forks must be.

  • Lingeorge

    Too Absolution Great! Now that is a friend.

  • NiNi-admin

    LOVE it!!! 😀

  • Dawn C

    Your friend is Awesome and so are the Forks, CURSE YOU CAMERA’s!

  • qultng1

    That is completely awesome! Loved the forks. I think for a while Cal thought he was best with a fork. 😀

  • mad_bonnie

    What an awesome friend! My favorite is #3, ’cause I’m a Niko fangirl all the way. 🙂

    I can only imagine what she’s going to send you for the next book, what with the Puck reunion and all.