| The CAL LEANDROS Video is Here!


  • Tris

    Nice xD
    Delilah was a shock since she looked a lot different than the cover art, but still hot <3
    LoL, and I totally lost it when I saw Goodfellow…

  • K_Rae

    I totally love this series! The day blackout came out I almost ran to the bookstore to buy it and would die if there was a show or movie on it cause it just rocks

  • Anne V.

    I wish there was a screenplay/movie! It’d be better than most of what’s out there and more enjoyable.

  • Kishlian

    Not really what I expected them to sound like, but the graphics were beautiful.
    And that last facial expression, “So much for the competition”… that was BEAST! XD
    Quite shamelessly I’ve posted it to to my DA blog. lol

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I could watch this all day. Someone get me a beer!

  • Coley

    I want want want there to be a movie and a manga! It would be a great anime too! I can’t help it they are just so….Amazing!

    • Rob Thurman

      Sorry. Not going to happen. Japan is stopping translating the books at Deathwish. Sigh. Going to miss that manga art.

  • DresdenRose

    So awesome! I’ve pimped it on my LJ. Hope it gets you many many new Reavers!

    • Rob Thurman

      Pimp away and be sure to share the widget!

  • CalibansGirl667

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • watanuki.sama

    That…was sexy.

    Someone should make a movie or six for this series. And it needs to be just as hot as that trailer.

    Rawr! >:3