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Hey Everyone, it’s Time for BLACKOUT! To celebrate release week, I’ve extended the contest through March 6th! So get your “comment-on” and increase your chances to win right here…

Paint it Red!
As my blog fiends and reavers, you will always get the early scoop on contests, announcements and news, so here’s one for you – I’ve changed my contest just a bit to make it more intriguing. For those who have already entered – no problem, you are still officially included and can even enter again with a MANTRA if you like – up your chances. Either way, you are entered – so here’s the new twist:

I will be throwing a BLACKOUT contest starting FEBRUARY 16th (you might have already known that.)

Why so early you say…as BLACKOUT’s official release date isn’t until March 1st?

Well…let me be very “Niko” for a moment and give you the whole story. Official release dates and actual release dates often aren’t what we authors think they’ll be. So there’s a chance BLACKOUT may appear in stores a week or two before March 1st. Of course, rabid Leandros fans will want to snatch it up immediately, and who can blame ’em? I mean…Cal in a gingham apron…who wouldn’t want to snatch that? But this is the thing…when people buy books before the “official” release dates, it doesn’t count on the biggest rankings (the best time for BLACKOUT would be March 1st – March 6th). Rankings are damn important as it’s one of the best ways for readers to know that CAL LEANDROS is a series worth buying. Cal & Niko in front of more eyes = more Cal & Niko books to come. That’s what great rankings do: they keep Cal & Niko alive!

So! IF you were planning on buying BLACKOUT, to help the Leandros brothers kick supernatural ass in the rankings, it would be extremely faithfully bad-ass of you if you waited until 3/1-3/6 to do so.

And that’s where this newest part of the contest comes in.

I think that Cal and Niko need a 3/1 release week mantra. A motto, a slogan, something that spreads the word about BLACKOUT: 3/1 in one small sentence (ignore Niko’s usual mantra of “I will not kill my brother. I will not kill my brother.”) For all you creative minds out there, comment on this blog entry with a Cal Leandros/BLACKOUT 3/1 Release Week Mantra/Motto. If you’re lazy like Cal or don’t have Niko’s patience to create a mantra, just comment and tell me how freaking excited you are about BLACKOUT: 03.01.11. If you’re new here and new to my books, just comment “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

When you comment here with any of the above ideas, you will automatically be entered to win a butt-load of cool stuff, and the best mantras (chosen by me) will also become part of the “quote rotator” on this web site’s BLACKOUT page sidebar.


Rob Thurman Invades Dragon*Con 2010

Win This Kickass Poster! - Click for Larger Image

What You Will Be Entered to Win:

-A $50.00 Gift Certificate from Barnes & Noble or Amazon (your choice)

-SEVEN of my books, your choice (with the exception of the WOLFSBANE & MISTLETOE Anthology)

-A poster from Dragon*Con

-An art print of TRICK OF THE LIGHT (already reaved)

-An art print of MADHOUSE (already reaved)

-And, donated by superfan Ariel (who won them in a costume contest at a SUPERNATURAL convention dressed as the Trickster/Gabriel), four SUPERNATURAL shot glasses, AND Dean’s Necklace! (We knew Sammy fished it out of the garbage. No way that didn’t happen).

So sign up here from now through March 6th by commenting with a BLACKOUT: 3/1 mantra, OR a comment about how you’re looking forward to the 3/1 release, OR by just introducing yourself if you’re new to my books. You will then be entered to win the above prizes (seriously, who doesn’t *want* those prizes?)

As always, thanks so much for all the support. You are my guys, my fans, my reavers, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without the damn lot of you. You are AMAZING! And you and I working together, we can keep Cal around. Right?

Oh, and one more thing! During the 3/1 BLACKOUT release week, come on back here to to see a CAL VIDEO… (Subscribe to my RSS feed so you’ll know the moment it’s posted).

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  • Julz

    I’ve already bought BlackOut. There’s gonna be a 7th one, right? I’m scared

    • Rob Thurman

      You need to read the most recent blog entries first then work your way down. There’s a blog entry from yesterday talking about Cal 8 and 9, so, yep, pretty much ensures a Cal 7. Go check it out. Also need to read Chimera as it kicks major ass and Trick of the Light as it has Zeke, everyone’s favorite sociopath on the side of good…and with Zeke you better be very, very good indeed.

  • Racheal Morgan

    I totally reeved. I just didn’t have time because of midterms to tell you I not only bought the book on time and not before like a good fan, but I think it is in your top 3 best books of all! I can’t WAIT for Basilisk! The little preview was so tantalizing!
    My favorites:

    Masterfully written!!!!! ^.^ Loved it!!! So glad I bought it!

  • Janice

    How I have I not heard of this series before??? I have friends to tell and books to buy! See ya later.

  • rhea77

    How about a mantra of “buy the books… enjoy the consequences :D”
    Finally bought the book a couple days ago and finshed it, amazing!!!

  • Mandie

    I’m jealous of everyone getting to or having already read Blackout! Being unemployed sucks. I’ve had to get my book fix from the library recently. I was really disappointed to find they weren’t getting Blackout.

    I’m going to have to look in my couch for spare change! I need to buy a copy! I can’t even read this site for fear of getting a spoiler 🙂

    Rob, you always keep me wanting more and I can’t wait to read Blackout!

  • Melissa

    Irksome: the husband pre-ordered Blackout from Amazon a couple of months ago (Amazon pre-orders still work with the March 1 sale date, right?), but accidentally had it shipped to his office…only he got fired two weeks ago. Now I have to spend 24/7 with the husband, AND I don’t have Blackout to read. Very irksome. Please, husband’s ex-workplace, forward the damn package!

  • MelS

    I absolutely LOVE Blackout!! I was literally counting down to the release and the wait , while super frustrating, was totally worth it!!! I love Cal and Niko!

  • Sarah M

    I’m finishing up Blackout right now….. only 60 pages left before I can put this baby in my DONE pile!

    “To Fork or not to fork, that is the question?”

    “I AM a good brother”

  • Dawn

    I just bought Blackout yesterday (mar. 5th) ! I think you are one of the best writers I have ever read! Thank you!

  • Maggaroony

    I wanna write like Rob Thurman when I grow up. I wanna write like Rob Thurman when I grow up. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • SamB

    I have recently become a loyal Reaver, so much so I bought Blackout on Mar 1 and am now reading it for the second time.

  • FireDancer_Cat

    I waited to buy and now, because of homework, I’m being forced to wait to read. My Sociology teacher is now being equated with the Auphe for sheer EVIL right now. But on the plus side I did my best to recruit two guys to Reaver-dom while I was at BAM to buy Blackout!

    I’m so excited to read it my homework is probably going to be crap anyway, but needs-must and all that… Niko would be proud.

  • Cassay

    Another Canadian Reaver here! I bought my copy this week and I wished it would help the NYT rankings. Just because we say “aboot” and “eh?” doesn’t mean we aren’t people too! HAHA

    I hope you get your ranking Rob! I am crossing my fingers!

    Good Luck to everyone in the contest 🙂


  • CalibansGirl667

    I waited! I bought it! I’m 1/2 way through and its awesome!!!!!! Amazon and Barnes and Noble has another positive review!!!

  • Faith

    This series is *everywhere,* and it’s awesome. For three years, these releases have been like the bright spot in a book drought for me. 😀 I even hooked my boyfriend’s aunt! She’s currently borrowing Madhouse and Deathwish from me. Can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on Blackout! It’s a damn shame I didn’t see this earlier this week or I would have gone ahead and bought the book now, instead of waiting until pay day. Here’s to hoping you and the boys live forever!

  • Rislan

    Mantra for Cal:

    “I will not think about Robin fucking my boss…I will not think about Robin fucking my boss…I will not think about Robin fucking my boss…shit, not thinking about it’s making me think about it. I will not think about Delilah’s breast…I will not think about Delilah’s breast…I will not think about Delilah’s breast…”

    • Rislan

      *Breasts, damn it.

  • chaigrl86

    Just wanted to let you know that I added a review on AMAZON. Blackout has to get promoted throughout the site as soon as possible. I just reread it for a second time! It was even better! People do not know what they are missing. While at a Patricia Briggs book signing this week, I was handing out your books. LOL. I think you will have some more followers soon!

  • tammy ramey

    “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

  • pan_pandeus

    Just got my copy of Blackout (through the mail, as it was preordered) and posting here before grabbing a fork and hiding in my room for the next however-long-it-takes-me-to-read-Blackout.

    As for a mantra…

    “I declare allegiance to the Cal Leandros books and Rob Thurman, the author they represent, one series, under awesomeness, with humor and action and hot guys for all.”

    Hmm. Debating whether to add “Amen.” to the end. Or would that be a bit too ironic?


  • Sam B

    “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

    New to you, and this awesome fandom! Love it all!!

  • Winchesterwoman

    Hmm….mantra… about: “Well, fork me! I’m a monster. Who knew?”

    Okay, not really what I would call a mantra. The one I had to use on myself was “I will not buy Blackout before March 1. I will not buy Blackout before March 1.” Because it was sitting right there on the shelf in BAM, where I would go in and drool over it but I didn’t buy until March 1st! Loved it!

  • Sarah

    I just picked up Blackout yesterday (March 4) and am so excited to read it as soon as I finish this midterm essay.

    I’ve loved all your books and think you’re freakin’ awesome.

    I tried waiting to enter the contest until I had some catchy slogan but apparently my brain is mush from midterms because I got nothing, but I couldn’t resist dropping my name into the hat anyway.


  • Laura

    Currently saving up money for Blackout :)… happy release week!

  • Diane Amy

    Brand new to this wonderful world you’ve created with Cal and Nikko! Looking forward to catching up with the books so that I can jump in and read your latest, Blackout! Thanks very much for such a great contest. It makes me want to read the books even more. Started with the first a few weeks ago, and the second is now proudly sitting on my bedside table. Thanks again!

  • Terri

    I was thwarted in my reaving attempt yesterday by the impending closure of my local Borders store. So I had to resort to on-line reaving, which is nowhere near as satisfying, but still gets the job done.

    (But that means I have an extra 2-3 business day wait till I can read — woe! lamentation!)

    Nevertheless: reaving accomplished!

  • bookg31

    or perhaps this slogan: Yes, fork IS a four letter word!

  • bookg31

    Slogan: If a monster doesn’t remenber he’s a monster, is he still a monster?

    Read Bloackout in one day! Very dark, but the emphasis on character was just so dead on. Do we really have to wait a whole year for the return of Niko and Cal?


  • Joe R

    I live in the Virginia suburbs of DC. The local Borders had four copies of Blackout up front on the new release table. But, I could not find Blackout at the local Books a Million. When I asked about it, I was taken to the Sci Fi section in the back. And, they had two measly copies. I left them there for someone else and ordered a copy from Amazon, instead.

  • Kishlian

    I have strep, and thus the parental unit is baring me from traveling to a book store to buy the book. BUT IT WILL BE DONE BY THE 6TH. THIS I SWEAR! I WILL BATTLE AN ARMY OF CAR SALESMEN TO GET TO THIS BOOK!

    And now for my motto/mantra:
    “Gingham lolitas do not shoot people… gingham lolitas do not shoot people… gingham lolitas do not shoot people…”

    But we do get the books we want!
    I’ll report back once it’s in my hands! 🙂
    And because I’n new here: “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

    • Kishlian

      Having now read Blackout… and started to read it over again… I fear my mantra/motto must be revised.

      That and this book was so wonderful it made me want to write.

      So, new motto:
      “I am Caliban Leandros. I am New, I am Old, and I will stab you with cutlery in a friggen gingham Sunshine.”

  • Sharon

    I would love to read Blackout It sounds like a really good book to read. I love a book full of suspense and such. I can’t wait to read Rob’s other books too.

  • Amberdreams

    How about – Sometimes, remembering nothing at all is forking brilliant….


    Gingham frills – yeah, eat me!


    Part monster, part gingham, all fork. Yeah, Good tines for all.

  • Bexboox

    Life’s a beach, someone’s got to clean up this mess!

    I must have had a blackout about the release date. Good thing because if I had been in the bookstore, I’d have snatched BLACKOUT in a hot second. So, I’m going today and picking it up at B&N and yes, I will review and possibly blog about it. Thanks for the contest.

  • marybelle

    “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!” I am very new to your work but not for long.

  • Solace19

    MANTRA: Blackout is dangerous, so sharp are its pages

  • treelanka

    I FINALLY got the 1st of these books for myself and ended up giving it away as a last minute Xmas present – Hope i win!!

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I reaved my copy of Blackout Tuesday at my local indie bookstore. No one dared comment about the scythe I brought along. 😉

    They had a half a dozen copies on the shelf, so good for them! They usually aren’t so great about putting out urban fantasy books right away, so someone’s on the ball this time.

    As for a motto, I just keep thinking of my sweet little old neighbor I had while growing up, who had a bumper sticker on her car saying “Bingo players do it ’til they blackout!” Heh – all kinds of fun you can have with that one.

    • Mad_Bonnie

      Oh, and of course this came to me after I pressed the submit button:

      Blackout: fork it over.

  • Psistriker

    As far as I know the B&N in Maumee, Ohio has plenty of copies. I say as far as I know because I had to co-opt my mother into reaving my copy for me as I had to work but if the book had been hard to find she never would have let me hear the end of it. 😉

    Now if these stupid customers would just stop calling so I could actually get some reading done. 😉

  • rina1

    Buybook buybook buybook buybook buybook buybook!!!!!!!!

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting!

  • Clarity159

    I have my copy of BLACKOUT, no thanks to Barnes & Noble! *glares at them*

    I went to my local retail B&N last night (March 1, official release day, right?), searching all the usual/expected places for Blackout. Couldn’t find it *anywhere*–not in the new paperbacks, new SF, freestanding shelves for new books, the ‘regular’ spot in “T” in the SF section (other RT books were there). NOWHERE.

    I find a B&N clerk at the info desk. Explain what I was looking for, couldn’t find it, did they have it? She checked a couple places in the store, then went in the back room (! =:-O to get me a copy. She brought out ONE copy. I thanked her, but said, are there more? Shouldn’t they be out? Today’s the release day, it’s important! She stared at me like I was suddenly speaking Urdu. I took my book to the checkout. Again, I explained that this was the only copy, brought from the back room! That Rob is a great/popular author and her books need to be out, esp. today with a BRAND NEW RELEASE OF A CAL LEANDROS BOOK! It’s important during this new release week. He just muttered, ‘oh, yeah, right.’ I said, ‘aren’t you going to put more out?!’ No response. Augh!!! &^%$#/! No wonder the B&N chain is in trouble. 🙁

    *weeps for book readers*

    Anyway, glad to have my copy, will be going back to check/make sure more copies are out!

    No mantra idea, just happy to get my book, Rob–thank you!

    • Rob Thurman

      Thanks for going back and checking to make sure they put them out. If you have a posse of family and friends, take them with you and pretend as if you don’t know each other and have each one ask for Blackout. Annoy them enough and maybe they’ll put them out. :> Or call them over and over with different voices (but don’t order online…online they deliver it 2 weeks early and *still* screw up my rankings. The B&N God is cruel and capricious.)

  • TBarringer2001


    “I have a brother? Is he human?”

  • Moneneko

    Yessss, got my copy now.
    Grabbed it before work yesterday, than had to fight off the strong desire to skip work to read it.
    Thus, this book has inspired a new (Slightly spoiler-ish but not really) matra.

    Forks are a mans best friend.

  • terioncalling

    BLACKOUT was successfully reaved yesterday! 😀

    I’ll be back to think of a mantra when I don’t have two writing responses to write really quick and a test to fast-study for.

    • terioncalling

      A-ha, a mantra!

      I will not stab Goodfellow with a fork (no matter how tempting it is).

      And extra because I just thought of them:

      Forks: Not just for eating with.
      No memory, no problem. Monsters are still going to die.

  • jennydreamcolor

    I’m new to this site and new to your books,you are amazing.

  • sweetmaggie

    Read the preview of your new book in my Writerspace newsletter. Sounded good and I checked out your site. I do believe I’ve found a new author to enjoy. Paranormal & action packed I hope.

    • Rob Thurman

      Any more action and your socks would fly off in mid read and do the Macarena before trying to kill a monster. There are excerpts (the first chapter) for every book on the site. Cal series starts with Nightlife….that’s where I’d start with that series. Go and browse.

  • Coley

    I got my copy today! I screamed loud enough that my friend (who’s ears I hurt) tried to take the book away. … she almost lost her hand.

    Of course I’m not like Cal and I don’t have a Niko to keep me in check but…I did have my dog get in the way just at the right time I didn’t bite her for trying to take away my book.

  • paige62182

    Have reaved (riven?) and fully devoured. The Leandros brothers can break my heart. There were tears. ‘Nuff said.

    • paige62182

      Also, I may have managed to talk the checkout clerk at B&N into trying your books. All I had to do was say “Sarcasm.”

  • SunSoar25


    Do not BLACKOUT with excitement!
    Do not BLACKOUT with excitement!
    Do not BLACKOUT with excitement!


  • AlwaysTardy

    Have my copy. Was on a in a new release stand in front of the starbucks but kinda at the bottom. There was another stand for new releases that was much more visible that I “accidently” put a couple of copies on. Couldn’t remember where I got them from, honestly ; ) Love it so far and the video, all I can say is Wow!!!

    • Rob Thurman

      Move those books, sugar. Bring justice to this lawless bookstore!

  • hlnkid

    Bought my copy in DC today at lunch. Wasn’t on the shelf in any of the obvious places. Asked the info desk. He disappeared and came back 3 minutes later with a copy. Okay, that confused me. I never did see the book on shelf though. But got my copy!!!! Chapter 4 so far…LOVING IT!!

    • Rob Thurman

      Ahhhh. Not good. Call back and pretend to be someone else and ask if they have Blackout on the shelves yet before you ‘commit to driving over there.’ Be a sneaky reaver.

  • Ansheniu

    Got my copy this morning, and loving it so far!

  • watanuki.sama

    As soon as school let out, I went right to Barnes and Noble and bought Blackout. It was sitting on one of the center “New Release” stands, looking all shiny, with Cal being all smexy, and I was sooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

    I’ve already started reading it, even though I’m in the middle of two other books. And it’s win. : ]

  • chaigrl86

    What did I do first thing this morning (since I am unemployed and don’t have to be at work)?? I went out and bought Blackout!

    What will I do all day tomorrow since I will be still unemployed??? READ BLACKOUT!!!

    I know that after tomorrow, I will be waiting impatiently for the next release from you! Can’t wait until August 2 for Basilisk!!!

  • eponin

    Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  • Spica

    Picked up my copy at Barnes and Noble this morning. So excited!

  • Dee

    Hey, Rob – I’m in NYC and just bought Blackout at Borders in Penn Station, so the books have been delivered! Still hoping for a graphic novel treatment–one of these days…

  • legatu

    Mantra for Blackout:

    “If you walk with the Nightlife under the Moonshine, the Madhouse across the street might leave you with a Deathwish for Roadkill. You Blackout, permanently.”

    Time to go buy my copy!!!!

    • watanuki.sama

      That’s a good mantra! I like it! 8 D

  • dshoover

    Picked up my copy this Morning

  • troublesmom

    I have waited patiently for March 1st to buy Blackout. Now its finally arrived!!. Lucky Barnes and Noble is on the way home from work 🙂

  • Llama

    I am a poor college student that will be spending my laundry quarters on Blackout!

  • KAZ2Y5

    Hey Rob – Big fan!! I’ve read all your novels and am looking forward to both Blackout & Basilisk! (Is it August yet?) Would love to win the goodie bag. 🙂

    Since it’s after midnight it’s already March 1, but I still have a saying for you:

    Humans beware, there’s a Blackout coming March 1 – purchase between the 1st & the 6th to avoid the monsters on your tail…

    (Cue maniacal laughter, bwahahaha!)

  • Kitsune

    OMG tomorrow is the day!!! Been waiting a year and it’s finally here!!!! The new book!!!! I’ve been going crazy since I read the first chapter you had posted. CRAZEH!!!!

    I’m extremely poor this week, but I do have a credit card for emergencies… THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! My head my explode if I don’t buy Blackout tomorrow.

    I’m going to go try to kill time until I can go to the store tomorrow. KILL TIME!!!!

  • Coley

    I love Rob and want her dogs to be fed, if I buy before 3/1 may Cal’s amazing pancakes strike me dead.

    or perhaps

    I want to see more Cal books but I must wait, if I do not they’ll have an uncertain fate.

    Those are the best mantra’s I got I hope they at the very least amuse you. And do note I really did use them to keep me from buying the book.

  • minievilkiwi

    Been keeping up with the series since book 1. I’m looking forward to Blackout~! (Will order it tomorrow!) 🙂

  • paloma

    Hi Rob! I don´t know if I can win any of the prizes, don’t know if you’ll ship to Southamerica… but just wanted you to know you have a fan far far away!! I’ve bought everything you’ve written (paperbacks and ebooks) via amazon and paying the awful delivery prices!!! But it have been so worth it. Love your characters and stories and I’m waiting until tomorrow to buy Blackout, both the ebook (because I can’t keep waiting) and the paperback (that will arrive here in a looooong week)… Thanks for sharing your wonderful universes! Hope my english is not too bad….

  • spookyevilone

    The worst part of your books is the blackout between them. 😛 Snarky bros ahoy!

  • eightiswild

    Giving the mantra a go

    Rob Thurman is Blacking Out March!

  • DominoGrymm

    Cross my little black heart and hope to not buy!
    Cross my little black heart and hope to not buy!
    Cross my little black heart and hope to not buy!
    Cross my little black heart and hope to not buy!
    (Until the release date!)

  • MarcinMD

    Let me try my hand at being creative:

    3/1 – Go out, money out, ‘Blackout’…before stocks run out!

    “Try” was the operative word I guess! 🙂

  • tracy_in_uk

    BLACKOUT: 3/1 mantra – Watching out for you.

  • Wrayth

    I have loved Cal and his brother Niko ever since they first made their debut in Nightlife. Having bought the books as they came out, I must say that I’m a true fan. Oh, as for the Mantra…

    BLACKOUT the world on March 1st, kick ass on March 2nd, and take a nap March 3rd with Cal and Niko Leandros.

  • ItsElementary

    I will not drink so much I blackout until the 1st.

    However tempting that may seem it wouldn’t do much for my reading comprehension. Although it would make it easier to keep my grabby hands in check in case I spot the book early.
    Oh the things I do for you…

  • Ryusgirl1

    a BLACKOUT is not an excuse, buy this book on 3/1!

    I had to give the mantra a try. 🙂

    For now this loyal reaver waits for the release date. 😀

  • Angela


    …but I live in Korea so I don’t think my order will be added on Cal book selling count… (I don’t use Amazon or B&N because of shipping rate T_T)

    I read 1st Cal book and ordered the rest (of course, exclude Blackout) immediately. That was 2 weeks ago… they are still coming to me! It’s like Windows update! (going on… going on… VERY slowly.)

    I’m very happy for new Cal book (actually I’m fond of Niko. lol) and I swear this time I’ll use Amazon on the exact day! In the mean time… PLZ COME ON, my other books!!! I have to read them before 3/1 !!!

  • juliedelorme

    I have snatched the last couple of Cal & Niko books up on release day, and as hard as it is to wait for a new one I have waited patiently for any and all news for the next to come. Cal & Niko are worth the wait. I adore your sarcastic bad-ass characters! Worth the wait and worth the read!

  • CraxyD

    Here’s my official entry:

    mustwaittillMarch1st… noBlackouttillMarch1st… :

    mustwaittillMarch1st… noBlackouttillMarch1st… :

    mustwaittillMarch1st… noBlackouttillMarch1st… :

    mustwaittillMarch1st… noBlackouttillMarch1st…

  • infinitieh

    Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!

    I guess I can’t buy the book through Borders so I’ll have to get it from somewhere else…

  • lunascythe

    I can’t wait, but i am willing to wait!!!!!

    umm mantra??…..if i buy Blackout early, Niko will visit me…and not in a good way.

    i honestly imagine some terrible guilt induced nightmare due to buying the book before march 1st

  • TS

    “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

    Hi! I’m new here…actually, new to blogging in general. I suppose I can’t resist any longer, not when shaking booties, Cal, and Rob Thurman are involved!

  • Moneneko

    I will defeat my impatience
    I will defeat my impatience
    I will defeat my impatience.
    …And Robins monogamy.

    …I think my mantra is working. Although the wait is driving me crazy, I will indeed wait as asked.
    …although I really do wanna defeat Robins Monogamy….for selfish reasons that may or may not incude a can of whipped cream.

    I need this book so badly…and Deans necklace…My uncle is alwasy talking about finding god…maybe it would help?

    Argh! I will wait to buy the books with the secret hope that this series will never end (And that someday we’ll see Goodfellow on a cover?)

  • palegrl

    My Mantra: I won’t Blackout until March 1st…I won’t Blackout until March 1st…I won’t Blackout until March 1st

  • Spav

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

  • AlwaysTardy

    The HToH is so worth the wait, chewed fingernails and all. I’m waiting, just not patiently.

  • Taibhse

    Oooooo I only recently started your cal books, but i do love your trickster ones. Always did have a soft spot for Loki 🙂

    *ahem* “Best Wishes and shake your bootie for BLACKOUT release week!”

    Good luck .

    also lol at the reaver bit.

  • JLGould

    Good Monsters Don’t Buy Early. 😉

  • candyb5

    Hi – I’m a fairly new reader to the Cal books but I would love to win me a prize package 🙂 I’ve read the first 2 and can’t wait to ge through the others. I will definitely be buying this book next wee!!!

  • thatmadgirl

    Nothing will keep me from the bookstore on March 1. Not snow, not car trouble, not mythical monsters crashing through plate glass. Not even Robin Goodfellow wearing nothing but a smile. (I will, however, be happy to take him with me to the bookstore so he can whine about how he never gets cover art. I’ll even let him put on pants first.)

  • Jo

    I’m new to your books! Found you via Lisa Shearin 🙂 Your books sound awesome, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them from now on! 🙂

  • UnseelieMe

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting and waiting and waiting….please come soon March 1st.

    FYI – Not out anywhere around me, not even at the Borders that’s closing (there are 6 Borders & 2 B&N’s within 40 mins. of me) and having a fire sale to get rid of all their books. I’ve lectured all the stores about putting books out early & screwing with authors’ numbers (I think they might be afraid of me?…).

    MANTRA: I will support Rob Thurman. I will support Rob Thurman. I will support Rob Thurman, freaking awesome creator of Cal & Niko (yummy yummy Niko), Robin (well, okay you didn’t create Puck, but you sure made him HOT) & Ishiah, Stefan & Michael, Trixa & Leo, Griffin & Zeke (sigh – I so love them), and worlds most extraordinary with monsters & auphe & mummified cats & crazy killer werewolf girls & Thor & mafia bad guys & so much more. I will support Rob Thurman!

  • fortunecookie

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a ‘waiting! Can’t wait to get my Cal and Niko fix – not to mention Robin and his unique pet.

  • Joe R

    I will buy it on March 1 and complain if it is not prominently displayed . Looking forward to another Trickster boook. How about “When in doubt, don’t think, kick butt.”

  • watanuki.sama

    I have a lot of trouble coming up with catchy mantras or slogans of any kind, so I guess I’ll just go with:

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I plan to go to my local bookstore after school on the 1st and get it right away. I’m super excited!
    And even if I see Blackout in stores early, I will curb my poor impulse control and wait, because anything that will get more Cal and Niko is worth waiting for!

    So best wishes on making the charts, Blackout! >: )

  • CalibansGirl667

    This is a mantra for Cal… “I’m a good monster, I’m a good monster.” I say it again, I can not WAIT until Cal comes out again!

  • launch97

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a waiting!

    Didn’t realize I didn’t have an account here. Now I’ll be able to interact more here I hope.

  • scastle05

    I’m still waiting and impatient as ever for Blackout. Thank you Miss Thurman for introducing me to Cal and Niko

  • er12893

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting!
    As an outlet for my excitement I did this.

    This, along with nail biting, will keep me away from bookstores until March 1st.

  • riverbella

    BLACKOUT Alert! March 1, 2011 – Be prepared for the mind-blowing arrival of the new Cal Leandros!

    (I am finding it most inconvenient running around with my hands tied behind my back so I won’t grab it earlier!)

  • candylies2010

    03.01.11: Snarkgate 2011

    I can’t wait!

    • candylies2010

      …and by “I can’t wait!” I mean that I’m super stoked but I will nevertheless wait until the release date to buy. (Heh, I realized it sounded like I was going to jump the gun on buying right after I hit “Submit.” Oops.)

  • swinglizrd

    *i will throw overpriced hot coffee in the face of whomever tries to buy Blackout before march 1st.. Especially my own face… which will happen frequently if the book hits the shelves early.*

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lisa Shearin and Mantastic Fiction, Rob Thurman. Rob Thurman said: BLACKOUT CONTEST/CAL VIDEO […]

  • jtepavcevich

    I can’t wait for Blackout to be released and I promise to relate to the proper date to acquire it. My mom and I both completely enjoy your books and she makes sure I stay on top of when they come out so she can read it first (of course!) and then give it to me so I can read it and we can discuss it. Though we both loved Chimera and the Trickster novels, Cal remains very much a favorite. Cheers, as fellow hoosiers, we’re more than excited.

  • ghost

    I hereby declare that I will not buy Blackout until March 1 (no matter how much it hurts) and at that time I shall buy two (one for me, and one to lend, because I will not do without).

    Thanks, and I hope this one hits the top of the charts! (which is where your books should have been all along). 🙂

  • Black_Juju

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I have been going insane waiting for Cal’s new book! I laughed out loud at you post here and scared my dog! So, if barks count, both me and my Riley are both in support of waiting for the new book.

    I shall not boink Cal until the official marriage date of March 1st!

  • DresdenRose

    I will not boink Cal or Niko. However, I will pimp them on my LJ site for my followers to promise not to buy before March 1, because we want more Cal and Niko!

  • rockisan923

    I will always be a loyal reaver and wait!
    It’s worth it!

  • CynicalSavior

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting!

    Anything to help a great author out.

  • Rislan

    “I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Yeeeah, you get the idea <3

  • Windsaygale

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’

    I may have to cuff myself to a pipe or something, but I swear I’ll wait.

  • redskyeraven

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I can’t wait!! I probably won’t be able to read it right away though, but I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH.

  • Aniday

    “I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!” – And counting down the days. =) 19 more to go…

  • rhea77

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    Can’t wait for the new book!! 😀

  • sea0tter12

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’

    I’ll definitely pick it up March 1. Does preordering on Amazon count?

  • pudu415

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

  • dreamingrain

    I’m a loyal Reaver and I’m a’waitin.
    Although I also solemnly swear I’m up to no good

  • pamerd


    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!!! Love your books!!!

  • Nana56

    I am a most loyal reaver and I’m a’wating! I will go nowhere near Blackout until March 1st. *raises hand to swear*

    I’m totally caught up, so it can’t come soon enough. 😀

  • jmath679

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    I’ll be buying the kindle version as soon as I can! Thank you so much for digital copies!

  • Qwill

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting, but you know that! 🙂

  • chaigrl86

    I look forward going to Borders the day the book comes out. Blackout has been something I have been looking forward to and I like knowing it is also helping you. I have never bought a book early and I won’t be starting now. We have to keep you writing, earning some money, and free publictiy that comes with a top seller!!! Only a few more weeks to go. I haven’t bee this excited since Supernatural came back on tv last week. Take care.

  • CalibansGirl667

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’

    And when did Dean get his amulet back? I thought Cas still had it?

  • wellworld

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’

    I’ll slap anyone’s hand that reaches for one and let my local bookstore know what’s what 🙂

  • khek

    Oh, wait. I did it wrong the first time.

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Even though it will mean staying out of bookstores until March 2nd. Just to be on the safe side.

    Please ignore my first message. I was too quick to jump in!

  • khek

    I’ll be waiting! I may have to stay out of bookstores until March 2nd, but I’ll do it! 😀

  • restinpieces

    i am a loyal reaver/reader/reaper and am waiting 😉

  • Megan Baker

    I cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll stick a needle in my eye; this book until March 1st I will not buy, even as I release a sigh.

    “I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!”

    And should I decide to try to reach for it prior, well, I always was a fan of handcuffs… 😉 That’ll keep myself from getting it any earlier.

  • urbanfae

    I’m a loyal Reaver and I’m a’waiting to buy a few copies of the book (digital and paper).

  • severedscythe

    Loyal reaver and waiting. Will buy over the net so it actually shows up on your lists, babe. I still think it’s ridiculous that buying from another country doesn’t coundt. 🙁

  • Kaz2y567i

    I’m a loyal Aussie reaver and I’m waiting Down Under for Blackout……Cross my heart!
    Crowley may have my soul and feed it to the hell hounds if I’m fibbing.

  • Fozzie

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!…all the way in New Zealand!

    Love ya.

  • LishiePoo

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!


  • Karshal

    I am a loyal Reaver and I am waiting ^^

  • Blondiegrrl

    Loyal reader here … I shall wait until March 1 to purchase “Blackout.” Looking forward to it!

  • Fafner

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Can’t wait for more kick-assery!

  • Spica

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I promise to wait until the appointed day. Really looking forward to it!

  • fangedmonster

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I’m definitely waiting until March 1st. Free promo for an amazing series is definitely worth the wait. I’ve been telling my friends to read the books since I first started reading them. They’re awesome!

    I’ll just have to occupy my time during the wait with Supernatural and rereading all of the books.

  • deidre_dee

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting…if I must.
    Hah, nah, I always have waited until the release dates.
    I’m a good lil Cal obsessed fangirl like that.
    I don’t know about waiting for the boinking though…I think THAT’S asking too much.
    If I can have Niko I promise I’ll leave Cal alone ’til the 1st. Promise!
    We don’t have to tell anyone else….it’ll be our little secret!

  • acmelvin

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting! Have to keep you on twitter so you can kill me in discussions.

  • KitanaBradford

    I swear on behalf of my roommate and myself! No boinking Cal. Right.
    Count me in! Hell, the party began in our apartment on the 1st of Feb! We made a special dry-erase [CAL]endar that counts down the days to Blackout!
    Thank god Feb. is a short month!
    I’ve been desperately trying to think of ways to kill time… though Rob, you may kill ME when you see what I came up with:
    (Chokes back laughter.) I’ve despoiled him!
    Is it just me or would Cal HATE that hairstyle I inflicted on him?
    Shhhhh shhhh. Don’t say anything about Cal even owning a hoodie. I’m pretending it’s Niko’s.

    Oh, god, that only took up one day. 21 more to go!

  • Ansheniu

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting! Also, waiting to see if any of the local B&Ns have the display of your books. I’ll take a picture!

  • myrsss

    I’m an EXTREMELY loyal reaver and I’m waiting (although impatiently) for the March 1 release! I will faithfully and creatively rearrange the shelves at all Borders locations near me if I see Blackout released early !

  • willohwisp


    Your books are one of my absolute favorite things in the wooorld (coming in second to only food and sleep). Stumbling across the very first Cal book was one of the best things I could have ever done, and I've greedily and nearly obsessively read all of your books. AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL I DIEEEE. Or you stop writing. (But mostly until I die.)

    Your deserve all the praise you get, and deserve more recognition than you currently have. LONG LIVE ROB THURMAN. /endcrazyfanrant

  • xxladyhattaxx

    I solemnly swear to wait until March 1st to buy blackout. In fact I plan to buy it on my way to my doctors appointment that day in preparation for a looooong stint in the waiting room XD

  • Julie

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Wishing all the best!

  • Alohiel

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Things hardly ever come out early here: I usually have to harass the staff to go into the back and find the box with what I want, because they haven’t unpacked it yet 😡

  • ambervulgarism

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Got the date marked on my calender and I’m counting down the days! 🙂

  • fortunecookie

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting. I’ll just have to read the other Cal books again to tide me over. Might have to vist Zeke and Griff while I’m at it.

  • rae2412

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Though it’s gonna be tough!

  • paige62182

    I will buy during the week of March 1. I’m super excited!!!

  • Silverness

    I’m a loyal reaver and i’m a going to try and wait! However I hold these books close to my heart, and much closer then the bible even (lol good thing I’m Taoist)

  • Phaetniexs

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! :] I even plan on picking up an extra copy or two for friends or just to leave at local coffee shops to entice new readers :>

  • DominoGrymm

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Cross my little black heart and hope to undie!

  • Nikki

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Woop for this!! i can wait a few days….just
    may have to forgo sleep when the time comes for reading it 😀

  • Mad_Bonnie

    I am a loyal reaver and I solemnly swear to keep my fangirly mitts off Cal, Robin, and even…*bites knuckles*…Niko until the official release date.

    I am soooo glad February is a short month!

  • dreaker

    I shall not boink Cal until the official marriage date of March 1st. Promise!!

  • Alejandra

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting till March 1st for the boys 🙂

  • Sylvia

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting!

    As shall all those I know who read the series. Beer and pancakes will be withheld if the deed is not done. Been waiting months, we can all stand to wait a couple more days.

  • Jevvica

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Now I need to forget all about this so I don’t drive myself insane.
    Oooh…Supernatural tonight?
    That’ll do.

  • deb_rasmussen

    I am a very loyal reaver and I will wait to buy Blackout. My youngest sister is now hooked on your books since I pimped them to her, so I will be buying her a copy also.

    I am really excited for Blackout, and a Cal video is BONUS! Thanks for sharing your fabulous characters with us! 🙂

  • legatu

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    People, this is a big deal! I want Rob Thurman to be on the top of the NYT Bestseller list! These books have the strength to be up there, but they need that extra boost from the fans! Be patient, re-read all the books, and build anticipation! March 1st, let’s storm the bookstores! 🙂

  • Lingeorge

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a waiting. I am tying those nasty hands behind my back. I will control myself and only drool over the cover.

  • nightmare

    i’m a loyal reaver and i’m a’waiting!
    Though if it matters none of the book holders around me would be great enough to do such a thing in the first place… so you can be doubly sure i wont do that until your reccomended time 😉
    Haha well love your books cant wait til im allowed to get blackout!!

  • Sara Anne

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I work at Barnes & Noble, and besides shilling this book/series/your authorness to everyone who’s ever even heard for urban/noir fantasy, I won’t even put the books out on the sales floor until March 1st (if I can help it!). As for myself, I wait with bated breath for this month to end.

  • UnseelieMe

    I will be parked outside of Borders on release day waiting for it to open. I will not buy Blackout one minute before the release date…..and I will be counting the minutes until then.

  • yolatengo88

    I am, of course, a forever loyal reaver and will be waiting like one! However, I can only be expected to wait so long, which means that I’ll be at my local Borders at exactly 9am when it opens, at the checkout counter with the store’s entire stock of “Blackout” copies in my hand. (And…a replacement for my copy of “Nightlife,” because I lent out my fourth new copy and it has once again been passed on and away…)

    In the meantime, I will continue my mission to convert EVERYONE I KNOW to the reaver religion! Mwahahahahaha! …Wait, I’ve already done that. Very well, then, my new mission shall be to meet new people, THEN convert them to the reaver religion! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    …Do you people have any idea how excited I am for March? Rob Thurman, you are one of the biggest reasons I hate the month of February. Every year, it’s the last thing standing between me and a shiny new book.

  • Adara67

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting! (Impatiently, yes, and hating the entire month of February with a fiery passion, but still waiting!)

  • wicca_girl

    I’m a loyal reader, and as much as it pains me I will wait until March 1st to buy Blackout.

  • KaitetheAlmightyKumquat

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    February is the only thing standing between us and Cal. Meh! Stupid pansy hearts…

    • yolatengo88

      OMG HI KAITE!!!!!

      • KaitetheAlmightyKumquat

        Oh hey there! *flails* I finally got “Blackout”. I drove through the tornado to get it. WORTH IT!

  • Seregil61

    I’m a Loyal Reaver and I’m waiting!!! Can’t wait to see that NYT stamp! I won’t even go near the Cal books in the store until the 1st. Promise, promise, promise!

  • Nightcrawler

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Waiting since I got to pre-read chapter one <3
    I'm also waiting to buy the series for the school library March 1st too. The poster has alot of students excited about it . Thank you again for sending it .

    I'm so excited, the months cant go by fast enough!

  • juliedelorme

    ‘I’m a loyal Reaver and I’m a’waiting! As hard as it is to wait I WILL WAIT until the first week of March to buy Blackout. It will be divine to get back with Cal, Niko and Robin and find out what they are up to now. Thank you Rob Thurman for creating a world I cannot hardly wait to get back into!

  • noniemyra

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a “waiting”….I have already pre-ordered the book on Amazon, I will cancel my order just in case they ship early and re-order on March 1st….of course I will pay extra to overnight it so I get it faster! Can’t wait….

  • lissalady

    ?”I’m a loyal reader and I’m waiting.” I’ll go so far as to not even make my once a week trip to the bookstore until March 1st. It’ll be hard… but I’ll take one for the team so we can get that NYT stamp!

  • thepinkegobox

    You know that I’m a loyal Reaver and the only way I’m touching those books before March 1st is so that I can keep them off my stores shelves until March 1st. Working in a bookstore pays off like that at times.

    And I’ve been keeping up with my duties and hooking new fans, typically of the Muse fan variety. Apparently, Muse fans all seem to be fans of Supernatural (I guess having one of their songs in an episode helped) and it’s easy to get them to make the jump into your books. And yeah, I’m going to be thinking of 70’s porn mustaches and cheesy sci-fi western stuff when I finally read that fey western thing you wrote. This is why Muse is awesome.

  • saendie

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I have waited every time for that ‘magical week’, so it’s like a tradition at this point.

  • Amy S.

    I am a Canadian reaver, and although it doesn’t count towards the NYT count (I believe), I will be waiting until release day to purchase my copy! 🙂

  • riverbella

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I can wait until March 1, but it won’t be easy!

  • chibi1723

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    So… I actually have an amusing story to share about Blackout’s release date. ^_^ Back a month or two ago when you initially posted the release date, I — like every good little Reaver, I’m sure — went and put that sucker in my calendar. ^_^ Anyway, in the meantime, life started happening and my Uncle’s surprise party was scheduled for that Saturday (3/5).

    A week or two later, I was trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment and they wanted to schedule me for 3/3. I stared at my calendar long and hard and fretted. Why? Because the entire week of my uncle’s party, I had written “Blackout!!!” underlined and circled. I didn’t schedule the appointment because I couldn’t remember why I would have “blacked out” that week (unless possibly for the party) as it’s not normally a term I would have written on my calendar with no explanation.


    Two days later, I was in Barnes and Noble, browsing the Sci-Fi section and trying to remember when the release date on your new book was so I could buy it (or not) if I saw it. That was when the light bulb went on and I finally understood my “cryptic” calendar message. It wasn’t cryptic at all! I’m just a little slow sometimes. ;D

    Happy Reaving everyone!

  • padalecki12

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’
    I super swear that I will wait until March 1st, even if I see Blackout in stores earlier .
    Gotta go read Deathwish again!

  • terioncalling

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Obviously school has murdered my brain as I had completely forgotten Blackout was coming out so soon. *headdesk* But now I will remember!

  • faustinblack

    Always a loyal reaver, and patiently (well, not patiently) awaiting Blackout. I just wish we could see some Z&G.

  • sariabryant

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! Can’t wait for new reading material :3

  • er128

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’
    It’s tempting as hell, but I always make sure to wait to buy your books. You deserve to get the recognition for your awesome work. 🙂

  • Zerlina

    I’m a Loyal Reaver and I’m waiting. I will be buying a copy on my nook color and a copy at the book store!

  • rebar531

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    It feels like the wait has been so much longer than a year! I’m so excited to read it and once again parade around saying “Look at my new book, don’t you want to read it and get sucked in too?”

    I recently got a fan of Cal addicted to Chimera too, so now we’re waiting together 🙂

  • dshoover

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’
    I solemnly swear that I will wait until March 1st, even if I see Blackout in stores earlier .

  • parisindy

    ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’

  • spiffikins

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’ve got my alarm set for March 1!

  • eightiswild

    Your loyal twitter follower, popping up here to let you know I’m not going to buy till March 1st. Why? Because you are that awesome.
    I’m a waiting Cal!

  • JackDaniel

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

  • DresdenRose

    I’m a loyal Reaver and I will prove it on March 1st. I’ll even pimp it on Twitter!

  • Psistriker

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I’ve also been doing my reaverly duties and got 1 of my co-workers hooked on the Cal books. I’m having so much fun torturing her with my future knowledge too. ::evil grin::

  • AlwaysTardy

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting(impatiently but waiting.) So waiting for Supernatural as well!

    Thank you for the Cal books! Love them! Currently rereading the series while waiting. Sigh.

  • Serena B

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I will definitely support you and your writing. Even though I’m super excited about the newest book coming out, I will be patient because helping you helps us. 🙂 You’re so great to your fans, it’s the least we can do.

  • sociopathicsun

    I swear I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    It’s true, I went the other day just to make sure it wasn’t there yet… Last time your book was out in Borders early (not BN, yay) I told off the supervisor and he said they would check more carefully next time. (Maybe I’m naive, but hopefully my local Borders will behave… :P)

    Excited for it to come out!!

  • scastle05

    Waiting impatiently till March 1st to buy Blackout, I would have waited anyway, the prize pack is just a bonus.

  • beckalooby

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    I will force myself to survive the excrushiating pain of waiting because dang ‘best selling’ looks cool as hell on the front of these kick butt books!!! I’ll go read Chimera for the third time while I wait. Stefan and Misha can keep me company until Cal and Niko can get here properly!

  • weswaking

    I’m a loyal reaver and i’m a’waiting! Loved the books so far and can’t wait till the next one comes out so that i can enjoy it too. Keep em coming!

  • Wildwolf

    I’m a loyal Reaver and I’m a’waiting! 😀

    I solemnly swear that I will wait until March 1st, even if I see Blackout in stores prior. And will viciously slap on the wrist anyone who dares get it before. Slap with the intensity of a mama grizzly.

  • century


    I always wait until the right week!!!!

    P.S. I’m going to promo the shit out of Blackout on my blog.

  • wiredwizard

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!


  • waywardgrrl

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!
    Gosh, now I feel like a prince awaiting his lady. ^.^
    I can’t wait! Oh my gosh. I’m so excited for Blackout. Also, yay for Supernatural!

  • bcardoo79

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting! I virtual pinky swear!

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  • SaintSpoon

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m waiting!

    I vow to wait until March 1st-6th to buy Blackout, so we can make this the biggest selling Cal book yet!

    Finished Chimera and I want more! XD

  • hlnkid

    I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!

    Waiting until March 1 to buy Blackout, so we can make this the biggest selling Cal book yet!!!!

    In the mean time…waiting impatiently for tomorrow nights Supernatural to see Sammy and his soul together again! Oh, and I’m reading Grimrose Path too. 🙂