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BORDERS and new release BLACKOUT

21 Feb 2011, Posted by RockinRobin in Blog, News, Rob Thurman's Twitter

New release of BLACKOUT (3/1) and Borders: I am unsure what to do at this point or to advise my fans, so I asked my agency and their response was this – they don’t know where Borders are getting their books at this point.  As far as they know, most publishers have stopped shipping to them. I checked the Borders website and BLACKOUT isn’t available in their remaining stores, only online (and if my publisher isn’t shipping books to the stores, I’m not sure from where the online books are coming.) The publishers/authors are unsure where the money is going to…us? Elsewhere?  I hate to tell people to not order BLACKOUT at Borders with their already precarious situation, but as authors are dependent on royalties, it might be much safer to buy  BLACKOUT at Barnes & Noble (but if you pre-order they will pre-deliver), Books-a-million, Indiebound, or any of the other bookstores out there to be certain payments are getting where they should go. I feel nothing but sympathy for Borders (especially as I have many fans who *work* at Borders and have always been gracious and extremely helpful), but I have to eat, go to the doctor, pay the mortgage, vet bills, etc. as well. I need to know if my books are sold, I’ll see the money from that sale. It’s a sad situation for all.

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  • jj

    Now that it is march, i wanted to tell you that i had no problem acquiring BLACKOUT at my local Borders, and there were several copies on display. My location may be one of the lucky ones, but hey, i will take it! Can’t wait to read another NIKO and CAL volume.

  • thepinkegobox

    As money if made available, Borders buys more from Ingram, titles that were already on order before the major part of the finical crisis began. That being the case, SOME Borders store are getting Blackout. Mine was one of them. As far as the stores go, they are really in the dark about shipments, we keep getting a slow trickle of books in. Best thing you can do is to call ahead, ask if they can check the stock/shelf and hold the book if they have it. If you are unable to get to the store, they can place an order for you and have it shipped to your home for free. Other than that, another bookseller like B&N is an idea.

    It’s very sad to see what is happening to my beloved bookstores. I love my Borders! Plus.. I uh, kind of want to keep my job.

  • UnseelieMe

    I know that my local Borders (all 6 of them) did not have any of the books released for Jan – Feb. on time. From what I understand of Borders situation, the influx of cash they got from GE paid up enough of the debt that they all received shipments of some books that were on hold from publishers. However, that influx of money wasn’t nearly enough to fix the situation. Supposedly, they’re bleeding over $2.6 million a day from stores across the country. That’s why they’re basically having Fire Sales and closing doors ASAP. If they don’t stop the bleeding, the whole company is going down. The goal is to re-organize what remains & hopefully survive. (They apparently don’t have the funds to even ship books from stores that are closing to other stores.) I know Blackout isn’t in any of the Borders in southeast Mass., even the one shutting down. Unless they get another influx of cash, I don’t think there are going to be ANY new releases in the stores anytime soon.

    The Borders near me are starting to look like barren wastelands in sections. The employees are doing their best to hide the fact that they don’t have enough books to fill the shelves by putting more books face out. It’s pretty sad. I’m still shopping there (because I like Borders better than B&N), but I’ll be making a run to B&N today for today’s releases and I’ll be buying Blackout there, too, just to make sure I get it.

  • CRV

    I just finished Blackout.

    Another greeat book.

    Cal with no memory. WOW.

    Good thing Nik and Robin are fast and good what they do or Cal would have had em for lunch.

    Great read. I wonder whats next for the Leandros brothers and their minions???

  • Moneneko

    I feel bad for Borders, it’s alwasy sad to see a business close down and people lose their jobs. Sadly though, that’s the way the world works.
    I’ll be waiting to purchase my book at the local Chapters just down the road, as a chain bookstore I believe you get the royalties from them? Am I right?

  • SaintSpoon

    Damn, I was totally banking on going to Borders because it’s MUCH closer. *sighs long and hard* I’ll drive further for my Cal, Niko, Robin fix.

  • Mad_Bonnie

    My local Borders is closing out the last day of February! I really feel bad for all the helpful staff who are losing their jobs in a week. I’ll be picking up Blackout either at the local indie bookstore or ordering from Amazon (after the 1st – we don’t want them shipping/selling it early!)

  • AlmostExBordersEmployee

    As a soon to be former Borders employee I would agree that buying the book elsewhere is for the best. If the remaining stores are able to get the book it would more than likely only be 1 copy. Ingram was still shipping small amount of books to us but I am unsure if they still are now that my store is closing.
    If I can still go I look forward to seeing you at DragonCon this year. I’ll try not to be such an idiot this time .

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