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Auphe Pronounciation Lesson

18 Jan 2011, Posted by RockinRobin in Blog, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Cal Leandros Novels

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I get this question frequently. How do you pronounce Auphe? Well, it is difficult. I don’t even know how it’s pronounced in the audio books (nope, I don’t have time to even listen to my own audio books.) So here we go: in the original dictionary from the 1800s, I found it in it is a synonym for elf (I never once thought of using elf to label the Auphe as they are worlds away from elves–even demonic elves). The dictionary read that it was pronounced ‘Off’ or ‘Ouphe’. However, the Auphe language cannot be spoken by the human tongue (or many supernatural ones for that matter, even Goodfellow doesn’t know the language–only Cal from his two amnesiac years in Tumulus knows it/can speak it, but only on rare occasions when faced by an Auphe–otherwise it’s lost in the dark of his mind. Darkling knew it but mentioned it was painful to hear or speak and then there is one other person ***(spoilers!)*** who knows it. So officially it sounds somewhere between “Off’ and “Auph-fey” to the human ear and is not entirely unpronounceable by anyone but an Auphe. And hearing it feels like someone shoving ground glass in your ear. Yes, I made things difficult for myself. So if anyone knows HOW they pronounced it in the audiobook, I’m curious. I’m curious to know if they got Abbagor right, too. Or Vayash (Vay-ash—last A as in ah.) Surely that one wasn’t too difficult though.

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  • wmsm76

    Rob, please, please, tell me that Blackout is not the final book in the series. Someone told me that they had read that it was. I love the books and all the characters and wait anxiously for the next chapter. I devoured Blackout in two days and am presently re-reading it.

  • Samuel_Bane

    UM hey. You are my fav author (keats notwithstanding) but on the topic of Auphe, and the difference between Trixa and Cal… Have you planned on ever allowing the two to meet because that would be a meeting worth a great deal of attention? secondly I aspire to write a novel of my own but im not clear on how to track down mythology accuratly, any suggestions other than fliipping through a thousand old books or surfing the web tirelessly?

    • RockinRobin

      No, Trixa could not abide an Auphe to live and so it would be war between the Trickster Novel characters and the Leandros Novel characters and someone would no doubt die and I don’t want that.

      As for your second question, *NO*. There is no other way. Did you think there was a chip to plug into your brain and automatically download all mythology?? OF COURSE you have to research it, by books and internet-endlessly. I’ve been reading mythology books since I was ten y/o (before the internet when things were much more difficult) and there’s still plenty I don’t know. If you want to write, you’re going to have to work harder than you ever have in your life. No pain, no gain. Go to the library for God’s sake and ask for help, book-wise and internet-wise.

  • SaintSpoon

    Okay, I’ve been pronouncing wrong as well I suppose. I’ve been pronouncing it,like Auche which is the German word for eight. But I will not dispute the Author for she, you, are always right.

    Ugh, I tried to listen to the audiobook but I couldn’t sit past the first few minutes. I’m particular and not that into audiobooks anyway.

  • Mad_Bonnie

    When I first read your books, I was pronouncing it ‘owf’, sort of Germanic sounding. I remember some time ago you said it was ‘off.’

    Now I keep waiting for Cal to angstfully (is that a word?) press the back of his hand to his forehead to say, “I can never be happy, for you see, I am half-auhpe.”

    And then some smart ass quips: “Half off? Did Niko find you in the bargain bin or something?”

  • yxrucker

    I am a new reader to the Trixa series. I read the first two chapters of The Grimrose pack, when I purchase the audio of Tick the light to get better background knowledge. I have 2hrs and 33 minutes remaining in Trick the light and still have no idea of Trixa species. I know that her family has lived as nomads. Her family and Leo’s (Loki) are aware of each other. At one time Leo’s family thought, she and Leo would be a couple. Did I find this out in book 1 or book 2?
    In Trick the Light, it is implied that Trixa is not human but it is never said what she is . Yes, she is a trickster, she tricks people, but how does that help her in a fight? Trixa is compassionate, has great gymnastics moves, a heck of a shot with a gun. However, what skill or ability does she possess for her to feel she can go against a demon. In the Grimrose Path, by page 5, she identifies herself as a shape-shifter. At the top of page 6, she is human due to some action, which occurred in Tick the light.
    Since I enjoy the longer version of stories, I purchased Tick the Light to find out the exciting details of Trixa’s ability as a shift –shaper. I have read 5 hours and 7 minutes, Trixa has been in many harrowing situations and has never shape-shifter or mentioned that she could.
    Peripheral characters Griffin and Zeke are wonderful. I have continued reading to find out they will do next. Their actions, thought process, and relations to each other and the other characters are the uniqueness of the story.
    Saying all of this I am asking others fans did I miss something? Will Trixa’s character become a bad ass? Are the characters in the other Rob Thurman books’ all talk no action?

    • RockinRobin

      You should never, *never* read the second book in a series about *tricksters* (tricksters…tricks…there’s a theme there) without reading the first book beforehand. Trick of the Light had a massive surprise ending (actually it had *four* surprise endings) that explained everything you are asking about. But as you read the books out of order…sorry…the surprises won’t be all that for you now. But if you want to be less confused although not as entertained as you could’ve been (:<), you'll get the explanations you're looking for at the end of Trick of the Light.

    • RockinRobin

      Again, no, there are not ‘all talk, no action’…if you read them in the correct order, especially when the series is about tricksters….who trick…thus the name. Hint. Hint. Dude, seriously, you *ask* that of the author? Whoa. That’s some balls.

  • Wildwolf

    In the audiobooks…. for Trickster, she says it like “Off”. For Cal, the guy pronounces it as “Oaf”.
    Of course, if anyone shoved ground glass in their ears, we’d get a better description of the Auphe language. Volunteers?

    You HAD to put that spoiler blockage there. Will we learn who else speaks Auphe in Blackout?

  • KitanaBradford

    Oh, I know this one. Just bought the audio book.
    He pronounces it “oaf.” I die a little inside every time I hear it. Thank god the singular is plural. If it got to the big, dramatic finish where Cal/Darkling was talking to the “oafs,” I think I would probably pee myself laughing.
    Though, to be fair to Lawlor, I just looked up the word origin of Oaf and it said this:
    An alteration of auf, alfe goblin’s child, probably from Middle English alven, elven elf, fairy, from Old English elfen nymphs; akin to Old English ælf elf

    Meh, meh, meh.
    I like yours better. Sounds more sinister.

    And while I’m at it, he says Ah-BA-gore.
    Uh… I can’t find anywhere he says Vayash so someone else is gonna have to grab that one.
    Hillary Huber (The reader of Grimrose Path, etc) does a bit better job. Her voice acting is FRICKIN’ AMAZING!

    Uh. Speaking of pronunciation, Rob…Robin…Ms. Thurman…O-Great-Author-Whom-I’m-Damn-Close-To-Hero-Worshipping
    At great risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I’ve got to ask — How do you pronounce Niko?
    Lawlor says “Nee-Ko” and the shortened version (Nik) as “Nick.”
    …Is that right?
    Back when I first read it, I said “Neeko” then got to wondering if maybe it wasn’t “Nick-o,” especially after Merry calls him “Nikki.”
    Now I just switch back and forth between the two and drive everyone nuts. (Including myself.)

    I know, I know, what a stupid thing to get fixated on, but hell, I figured out how to pronounce Auphe on my own from reading your context clues, but I can’t get Niko’s name right of all things (Niko! Awesome older brother Niko! Dear god, my puny brain cannot handle his awesomeness.) and I can’t let it go. The lack of closure is killing me. I swear I’m going to give myself an aneurysm or something. Gah.

    • RockinRobin

      Nee-ko is his full name. Nik (short i…rhymes with Rick…for short) as I couldn’t imagine Cal yelling Neek! in a battle. I had Monty Python flashbacks. We are now the Knights who say NEEK!

  • marchia43

    Aha, thank you for kind of clearing it up for me. I can now go and pester my partner for the £10 he owes me (mind you, he’s never read the books so doesn’t have a clue!)

  • noniemyra

    Well to correct my previous statement, the reader kind of says it like off with a long O

  • nightmare

    Ive been pronouncing it the dictionary way- ‘off’… my friends and i always bicker on how its pronounced now i have something to back me up… though in a sense i’m still sorta kinda wrong… haha but close enough right?

  • CalibansGirl667

    I have always pronounced it Ou-f (the au sounding like the beginning of ouch). But the narrator for the audiobook (sounds just like Cal if you ask me) pronounces it Oaf. Glad to help and waiting not so patiently for March to roll around so I can get my hands on Blackout!

    Much Love

  • noniemyra

    In the audio book, the reader pronounces it as Off….Abbagor is pronunced like it looks…Abb-a-gor, soft a and hard g.
    You know I was not sure at first I liked the reader, but he really grew on me. He does different voices for the characters really well, and his Cal voice grew on me. I really enjoy the audio. I have insomnia and I listen to it a lot at night when trying to sleep. I know too much information….anyway, the reader is good.