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A Writer’s Social Life

15 Jan 2011, Posted by RockinRobin in About, Blog, Fun, Photos, Rob Thurman's Twitter

You thought it was all wining, dining, and book signing, didn’t you? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Here is an illustration of a writer’s actual social life (subtitled: I really need a date or it’s waaaaay too late for a date) , because we’re on a deadline. We’re always on a deadline or five.  Someone has to keep those bellies full.

Rob's Social Life

Rob's Social Life

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  • deidre_dee

    That looks SO similar.
    Well minus a dog, and adding 2 more cats, a chinchilla and 3 goats…D:
    But the goats don’t exactly get the couch.
    Such is a writers life.
    You really DO need the chair, eh?
    I almost always end up on the floor.
    Oh well, at least there is carpeting…

  • CKing

    Haha firstly I completely understand… my cats think that anything I’m working on is theirs to lay on… No questions asked.

    Secondly… I think it’s pretty funny that they’re all on one couch but all facing different directions and or very far away from each other. 🙂

  • Fafner

    I would like to thank you for your social sacrifice in creating some of the most kick-ass stories out there! Take some time off, sounds like you need it!

  • Lingeorge

    Actually it doesn’t look all that different from mine, The Reader. *can’tputbookdown”

  • thepinkegobox

    Looks about the same as mine really, two retail jobs, writing when i can.. Oh the glamor!