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German Moonshine Giveaway

13 Jan 2011, Posted by RockinRobin in Blog, Books, Contests, Fun, Rob Thurman's Twitter, The Cal Leandros Novels

MOONSHINE: Cal Leandros, Book 2

Do you speak German? Scratch that…can you read German? If you can and have some inexplicable desire to have a signed German Moonshine (Moon Spirit…Germans don’t know what they’re missing with good old country moonshine) then comment and say why you want a German translation or give me some lovin’–I’m easy! I’ll give two away at random (same Chris McGrath cover–with a dark green tinge, but much thicker a book. I think Germans take about three lines in a manuscript to say ‘tree’.)  To enter, leave a comment below.  And don’t forget…BLACKOUT March 1st (and if you could purchase it from a real brick and mortar store between March 1st and March 6th, you would be doing me an unbelievable favor.) Also, if at B&N, BLACKOUT may be in a cardboard display with other books of mine and not necessarily hanging about the SF/F section (check the aisle that leads to Starbucks.)  Now…German-lovers, start your V-8s and hammer down!  Contest ends mmmmm Wednesday.

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  • Taibhse

    Is this contest finished? By dates wise im guessing it is? (I got curious and also cant find winners post up O_o soooo?)

    And yes, germans do seem to have bigger books… if you’ve ever read Janny Wurts, she uses big words/lots descriptions in english and her books are big enough… but in german! XD i remember one of my books was split in half. And it had the longest words i’d ever seen in german language! 🙂

  • phantomfreak

    Wow!!! A signed German copy of Moonshine would be amazing! I love all of your books, but the Cal books are my favorites (awesome ninja Niko is my favorite, in case you were wondering). I can read German, it is one of my favorite languages along with Japanese, and having a book like this in German would be wonderful.

    Thank you for making such great stories and characters that always make me want to come back for more!

  • deidre_dee

    Hmmmm, I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak German…
    Maybe now is the time.
    I had an acquaintance in high school that was a German exchange student.
    The language is so fascinating…and brutal at the same time…
    Or maybe that was just her – heh, it was probably just her. D:
    Oh well, RosettaStone here I come!

  • CKing

    So I was planning to jump up and down and say me me me because I looooooooooove your books and can speak/read German and am always looking for ways to brush up on my German.

    Proof: 😀
    Deutsch ist wunderbar! Yay!

    But! Zerlina seems to need it waaaaaaaaaaay more than me. That friend of hers in Germany needs to get hooked and experience the yummy awsomeness of the boys (hopefully she’ll read the other books first else it might be a little confusing)

    <3 Viel Gluck/Good luck Zerlina & Friend

    P.S. Can people in the U.S. buy the series in German if we want to?

  • Jörg Mosthaf

    Gratuliere zur deutschen Ausgabe. Freut mich, dass die genialen Cal Leandros-Bücher auch in Deutschland erscheinen 🙂
    So yeah, I would love to get a signed German copy. If you are prepared to send them to germany 🙂
    And I also have no clue why German translations are usually longer than the original. They even used to publish some books (like e.g. the Dragonlance Chronicles) as TWO German books for every english one. That – and the fact that the translations are often atrocious – made me read fiction in english.

    And I just pre-ordered Blackout on Amazon Kindle – as a German reader I don’t count towards the Bestseller lists anyway 😀

  • JackieU

    Dude! Yes! I’m an Uhrmacher. Of COURSE I need the German book. Psst…you should still come have an event at Bitten. : ) You know you want to…

  • Apollymi

    I would definitely love a German copy of Moonshine! Please do consider me for a copy!

  • Melaniermg

    I would love to have a German copy! I used to be able to read and understand German but have fallen out of practice. I’ve been looking for a way to get back into the swing of things without boring myself to death in doing so. I absolutely love your books and can’t think of a better way to practice! 😀

  • Sara

    I’ve been looking for a German copy FOREVER!! I picked up nightlife years ago and loved it. Definitely one of the very best series on the market not to mention the slightly unhealthy obsession I have developed with Cal 😀 and I’d LOVE (love love x1000) to see how they put all that snark into German. 😀

  • Samaelx2

    Yes, would totally love German Nightlife, even if I don’t read it.

    People at work already know NOT TO DISTURB me on March 1st. So we’re ready for Blackout. <3
    ((BTW, AWESOME site design! It's so….. spiffy.))

  • ladydeathfaerie

    Rob, totally interested in a German copy. not that my German is all that strong, but i can read it and i think i still understand enough.

    on a side note, a gift from a friend allowed me to get all of the books that i haven’t been able to pick up in the past two years. so yay for that!

  • Zerlina

    Me Me Me! Ok I dont speak or read German but I have a friend I’ve been singing your praises to who lives in Germany and she would go ape if i could send her a signed copy in her native langueage 🙂