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BLACKOUT (Cal Book 6) Giveaway

10 Dec 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in Blog, Books, Contests, Fun, News, The Cal Leandros Novels

BLACKOUT: Cal Leandros, Book 6

I have one, count it, one advanced review copy (ARC) of BLACKOUT (Cal Book 6) to be given away. You (that’s right, you!) have a chance to read BLACKOUT 2 1/2 months early. I also have a notebook with the NIGHTLIFE print on the cover to give away.

Now: what you need to do to enter. Enter here in the blog comments here at this entry [on my website]. LJers, FBers…sorry, but need it all consolidated in one spot. Here.

I’ll try and let the contest run until next Thursday as I know no one checks these things over the weekend. To enter you must list your favorite quote from Cal, Trickster novels, or Chimera. I stopped having time to collect them two years ago and my new website (out soon!) gives you a quote from one of the books every time you visit the site. Remember, don’t only include Cal. I need Trickster and Chimera ones too.

**** Important, the quotes have to be new ones…not the ones already on my buttons. Those I have. This is a search for new ones.

Have fun, good luck, and…GO!

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  • KitanaBradford

    Okay, I know I’m way WAY late, but I had to throw in my two cents because, well, because it’s hard to make me shut up when i like something, and your one-liners are seriously epic.

    “I feel very, very angry and in the need of hair spray and a pentacle-studded leather codpiece. Your doing?” – Leo

    Trouble was… I was tired of being saved. I was tired of my ass being in a sling because Mom had needed extra cash and had diddled the boogeyman. – Cal

    And (I know this would never fit, but it deserves some serious homage):

    Niko had raised me from birth. And he’d been on my ass since birth as well. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but close enough. Pick up your clothes, do your home-work, stop drawing cheat notes on your arm, eat your vegetables, quit trying to make out the porn through the scrambled gray zigzag lines. I was in my twenties now, so it was a little different. Run your five miles in the morning. Spar two hours in the afternoon. Study up on how to kill F through H in the Mythological Creature Compendium. Quit trying to make out the porn through the scrambled gray zigzag lines.
    Well, some things never changed.

    Hahaha! That has to be, like, my favorite quote. It pretty much encompasses the whole Leandros brothers experience. I love it.

  • Skye

    I know the contest is over, but I had to post one last qoute anyway.

    “Free will. God giveth, and the devil laughs all the way to the bank.”

  • Chys

    A bunch more I enjoyed while rereading Madhouse:

    When it came to mathematics, there were three numerical concepts I was interested in: barely worth the time, doable, and strategic fucking retreat.

    Make sure the imitation dead are the genuine dead

    You can’t smack out stubborn

    Musical aspirations cover a wide number of sharp bladed sins

    “You are such an ass” I scowled.
    “I do my utmost to live up to expectations”

    “Give me drink”

    “Stop? But I’m enjoying it so much,”

    You’re laughing at me….go ahead, someone should get some enjoyment out of this.

    Destiny and fate could kiss my ass

    Scars were badges of survival. They said, “I’m here. I’m alive. And I buried the son of a bitch who did this.”

    That cut through the happy-pill hoedown.

    You were watching his ass, don’t lie.

  • Carrie Fortune

    “You shall not suffer a bitch to live.” Zeke (from a short story)

    Grimrose Path Quotes
    “Render unto me any and all sexual favours.” Eligos
    “My last date was Einstein compared to what’s running wild and free in that skull of yours.” Leo
    “Some boots are made for walking and some for impromptu colonoscopies.” Trixa
    “Fortune rarely favours the fucked.” Leo
    “Rudeness is one of the seven deadly sins.” Trixa quoting Leo

    Trick of the Light Quotes
    “I came. I saw. I kicked ass.” Zeke’s motto
    “You do not want to end up down the incinerator like that Great Dane.” Robin
    “There is ugly, then there’s ugly, and then there’s your mama hooked up with King Kong.” Trixa
    “I’m a savant. Some are good with music, some math. I’m very good with sharp things.”

    “Life is short, so get to the goddamn point.” Stefan

  • Stephanieghost

    Okay, here it is,I hope I’m not too late to enter!

    from chimera, page 171: “go to the back and try not to drip any bodily fluids on your way.

    from the grimrose path, page 81: “it was too bad about him being a murdering sociopathic spawn of Hell.”

  • Taylor

    This is actually kinda hard i mean i might as well just put the whole darn Cal and Niko series right here… hmm i guess my all time favorite saying is:
    Jesus Christ, my mom fucked that?!- Cal
    that makes me laugh every freakin time!… sorry if im the vulgar one in thinking thats funny 😉
    (… you know if this was made into a button there would-sadly- be lots of children/people like and unlike Cal who would appreciate it- who have been in his shoes).
    … not that im suggesting to put that into a button…

  • N McAfee


    “It’s amazing how had I work to keep you from bleeding to death on so many occasions, and for so little reward.”

  • Traveler70

    It is so difficult to pick just a few! But I can’t believe no one has said these two yet TOTALLY classic!

    Nightlife: “People… they do the craziest shit.”
    Deathwish pg221: “I’m a cranky asshole with a gun and superpowers, remember?”
    this is not a quote for a button but I just wanted to let you know that it is so good I almost cry everytime I read it… in fact I did cry the fist time (whoops XD):
    Deathwish pg28 “Call a child a monster often enough and he’ll believe you, maybe all of his life.”

  • Rislan

    “Yes [i]she[/i],” Goodfellow snarled, “and a complete psycho bitch she is. Like many of my past liasons, as a matter of fact. Yesterday she somehow opened the locks, got out the door, and ran into Mrs. Federstein’s Great Dane. The woman”-he made a seesawing gesture as if he wasn’t sure she qualified for the gender-“wholly unattractive and not especially bright, lets the dog roam roam up and down the hall for exercise. The poor, wretched creature is a hundred years old, and no brighter than his owner. Up and down the hall he weaves, bouncing off the walls, probably praying for death from whatever god dogs worship.” He sighed and ran an agitated hand into his wavy hair and clenched it. “Well, he got his wish. I come home from the dealership last evening to find a ‘present’ on my pillow-one very big, very dead dog. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a Great Dane into the incinerator? Do you?” -Deathwish, 89.

    So morbidly funny I had to re-read it. And I’m a dog lover.

  • Deb

    Basically I could say to just read the books. Because I LOVE everything about all of them. But to go with a quote, I randomly opened up Roadkill and skimmed a little until I saw something that made me laugh. Did not take long.

    Blood probably stained the long sleeved t-shirt, but that was the great thing about black. It didn’t show blood and was slimming – a must-own for pudgy serial killers everywhere.

    Cal, p. 50 in Roadkill.

  • Marchia

    My fav quote is one I can’t really say without giving away the end of the book.
    Essentially it’s the quote in Chimera by Stefan’s Dad that Stefan had seen him from the window………
    I was convinced up until that point and then was made really sad by YOU! Thanks..

  • Beverly

    My introduction to Caliban Leandros of the Vayash Clan and the reason I kept reading. Not sure why, but it always makes me laugh.
    Cal thinking – Drunk people were starting to lose their charm; hell, they were even staring to lose their comedic ways. You can watch a wasted guy fall off a barstool and crack his head open only so many times before it’s just not funny anymore. Well, not ‘as’ funny anyway.

    Then Niko referring to Robin:
    ‘It is difficult to threaten someone who doesn’t have the necessary attention span to register fear.’

    And Cal -‘And who died and made you boss?’
    Niko – ‘No one. Like all truly great dictators, I seized that power myself.’

    There are so many more but I want to make the deadline. I love these books and own two of each one – just in case.

  • Megan

    “You’re the little spoon, arn’t you?” – Trixa

  • ladyofthetide

    “Thou shalt not kill–unless it’s in self-defense, for protection of the innocent, exterminating demons, or someone taking the last donut. That’s the rule.”-Grimrose Path, pg. 226

  • Sara

    Too many to choose from. But I always loved:

    Cradled on the edge of a precipice, knowing you couldn’t fall alone, but you could fall together… a feeling that anyone would have sold their soul for. -Trixa

  • Jessica L

    I tried to use ones I liked that weren’t already used.

    M: “…you use weapons and i am one”
    S: “Don’t get stuck on yourself, kid…compared to most people i know your a fluffy hamster.”

    Good Samaritans: “Truth,justice and the American way–for them it wasn’t only a comic book code; it was a way of life. it was admirable, courageous, and inconvenient as shit.”

    Trick of the Light
    “And i bet you thought you were the monster of this little fairy tale,”

    “The light of life, …instead of my naked and amazingly sculpted body? Your loss. Your horrifically catastrophic loss.”

  • Joe R

    From Roadkill
    Cal: “Is my being in a good mood that scary?” I complained halfheartedly.
    Niko: “Terrifying” he said. The word rang with sincerity. “Absolutely terrifying.”

  • Helen

    Only two right now:
    “In your blood, in your genes, you’re something new and something old, and something completely unlike anything on this earth” Rafferty in Roadkill

    Or as Cal was thinking at the end of that chapter: Something new, something old, and something entirely unlike anything on this earth.

    Other is:
    “Messy. I can always depend on you to be so damn messy…yes. Your sheer lazy ways save your life. Why am I not surprised?” Niko in Roadkill.

    Just like them.

  • Jenna

    I don’t know what buttons you’re talking about, so I hope this isn’t one of them:

    “You have to know and you have to remember, if there had been no Cal, there would be no me.” – Niko, Deathwish.

  • Sarah

    This is that first one that came to mind:

    “….I think my brain just exploded.”

    “Doubtful. I think you need at least two brain cells to rub together for combustion.” –Cal and Niko

  • Laura

    These are two of my very favorite lines, mostly because I literally cannot imagine another book where these could be used…and actually make sense!

    “There’s a line to be drawn, and necrophiliac bestiality would be it.” -Niko, Deathwish

    “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a Great Dane into the incinerator? Do you?!” -Robin, Deathwish

  • Michelle

    “Look,” I said sharply, “we don’t care what you did back then. We only care what you do now. You’re a friend, and you were a friend to us when any person with the sense God gave a mentally challenged rock would’ve run the other way.” –Cal Leandros, Deathwish

    Yep, repression, thy name is Niko. Or maybe it was Ninja-with-Panties-in-Twist. -Cal, Moonshine

    “Forget it,” I snapped. “Einstein here can soak me up. I hope I get Auphe killer funk all over him. I hope . . .” -Cal, Roadkill

  • Leanna

    Unfortunately, I can’t remember my other favorite word for word, but this is one that I think will always get me.

    He hesitated, groaned, then said, “Monogamy.”
    “Monogamous? You and Ish? You?” My mouth opened, closed, and opened again as I heard Niko, infallible warrior born and bred with nerves of titanium steel, fumble wildly at the M word and drop his bag.

  • Paloma

    Hi! New fan here (well, for some months already). I started with Nightlife and now have read every book you’ve written to date, and loved them. I’m still reading GP (and then will be bookless until march!) so this are the ones fresh in my mind:

    “You look like you were kicked out of a wet t-shirt contest.” There was a pause. “I didn’t know you could get kicked out of those” Zeke (love Zeke!)

    “His dick touched my gun. Now I’ll have to take it to the free clinic to be tested. Do you know how hard that is to explain?” Zeke (did I say I love Zeke?)

    Hope my english is not awful (not native speaker) and thanks for writing this wonderful books.

  • Sarah M

    Roadkill by far had many of my favorite lines….

    “I’m Auphe. I’m not human. Not part-time. Not even on the fucking weekends. I’m Auphe.” Cal, Roadkill (one of my personal favorites)

    “It’s just Cal. Half-Auphe. Possessed. So annoying his own brother stabbed him. No big deal.” Rafferty, Roadkill

    “”Where’s our kiss of potential death? Or quickie of potential death? I’m open to all options.” Robin, Roadkill

    “Like you deserve a mercy killing. Not today. Sorry about your luck.” Rafferty, Roadkill

    I will have to search out more later…. but here’s my contribution…

    “Robin and Ishiah had phone sex last night… until I cut the line.” Niko, Roadkill

    I know there are more but these jumped out at me…

  • Robin D.

    Geez! There’s a lot of quotes!

    Here’s a few of my favorites, all from “Roadkill.” (I can actually see using these in general conversation, but then, everyone tells me I’m a bit “different”. I suppose my conversation is, too.)

    “When you want to strangle someone, magic tricks weren’t what you wanted to see.”
    Cal Leandros

    “I loved little kids: manic balls of energy with four limbs waving like drunken windmills.”:
    Catcher Jeftichew

    “The profane and the pure. It wasn’t precisely a Match dot com dream come true.”
    Catcher Jeftichew

    I hope any of those aren’t ones you’ve mentioned aren’t on your “buttons” which I hate to admit, I couldn’t find (apparently I’m not as computer literate as I often claim). BTW, I’ve read and reread your Leandros books so often, that I’ve had to rebuy copies as mine fell apart (Yay! Another $1.92 in your pocket! I haven’t had to replace “Roadkill” yet.) Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  • Morgan

    I don’t have anything but Cal books on hand at the moment, so they’re all going to be from them. …Is it sad that I walk around with at least one of these books in my bag 24/7? Laa~

    “When I want to see belligerent, fashion-impaired monkeys, I’ll go to the zoo and watch the feces fly.” — Robin, Deathwish

    “Now eat, sober up, and face up to the fact that what you did was wrong, but not wrong enough to justify your murder as penance. …Did I or did I not say ‘now’?” — Niko, Deathwish

    “The massive hero worship you have for me brightens my day.” — Robin, Deathwish

    “Clap your hands. Clap them goddamn hard and wish like a mother.” — Cal, Deathwish

    “But since I hadn’t died in reality and Niko was faced every morning with half-dried toothpaste in the sink, wet towel on the floor, dirty dishes on the kitchen counters, and a trail of clothes from my bedroom to the bathroom, I think the memory faded bit by bit.” — Cal, Roadkill

    “Well, some things never changed. And porn channels were expensive.” — Cal, Roadkill

    “One: Pick up your clothes. I am not your maid. How do I know this? A maid cannot kill you with a tube sock. I can. Two: toothpaste, towel, dishes. …Three: I’ve disconnected the cable. You’ll eventually get eye-strain, and fighting creatures of the night while wearing Coke-bottle lenses tends to cut down on your aim and agility.” — Niko, Roadkill

  • Jess Nicole

    “Gods save us. I haven’t seen an expression like that since Medusa went through menopause.”
    – Robin, Madhouse

    “Sing your song, pretty canary. I’m listening… with every bit of my being. Think about that, sugar, every bit of a trickster’s being, all aimed at hearing your story – true, false, or what falls in between.”
    – Trixa, The Grimrose Path

    Jars don’t shatter too well when the glass is glued together with peanut butter. It’s not so much a satisfying explosion as a disappointingly muddy crunch.
    – Nightlife

    “Let’s start off with a hypothetical question: If someone endowed with flammable feathers cooks in the nude, is that a lifestyle choice or a death wish?”
    – Robin, Deathwish

    “There’s no I in ‘team,’ ” Robin pointed out, starting to get up, “There’s an I in ‘intercourse,’ ‘iniquity,’ ‘illegal,’ ‘intoxication,’ and did I mention ‘intercourse’? But there is no I in ‘team.’ And I’m all about the I, which means that I will see you later.”
    – Robin, Deathwish

  • mad_bonnie

    Oh, man: there are so many good quotes. I kept it to a select few:

    TOTL: Why, Trixa, loving bitch of my life, do you keep burning down my goddamn nightclub?

    GP: It’s nice to know he’s good for something besides stalking a women’s volleyball team and single-handedly supporting the Internet porn industry.

    Madhouse: I’m sure you’ll pluck it from my cold, clammy earlobe, Mrs. Nottinger-Granville-Schoenstein-Parsons-Depry. You seem to be quite adept at that.

    Chimera: Don’t get stuck on yourself, kid,” I contradicted, sliding down a little in the seat. “Compared to most people I know, you’re barely more than a fluffy hamster.”

  • Lingeorge

    From Moonshine, chapter 1.
    “Explosive rounds.” He continued as I gave a low whistle, “You’d be amazed at what they peddle in some dark alleys.”

  • Alex

    “Those puffy, bloated hands. The tiny gleaming eyes buried in pits of black paint. That maniacal grin awash in lurid scarlet, red as blood. Whose blood? You’d wonder uneasily to yourself. Could be yours if you don’t waddle away fast enough on chunky toddler legs.”

  • Ashley

    “You’re not a freak, Caliban. You’re a light, do you hear me? A light in the darkness.” Georgina to Cal in MOONSHINE

  • Samantha

    If I were to list all of the quotes I enjoyed/adored/loved from all of your books, I could probably fill a notebook or two. Thus, I only included one Cal quote, skimmed the Trixa books, and limited myself to re-reading only Chimera. Because otherwise, there would be a lot of quotes. Seriously.

    “No, no. With flight and massive firepower comes responsibility. The last thing we need is a guided missile with feathers. You’ll have to earn your license first.” –Trixa to Zeke, TOTL

    “If Eden House doesn’t rebuild in Vegas, you’ll lose the big paycheck and be shopping at Wal-Mart, Mr. Metrosexual, and then what will you do?” –Trixa to Griffin, TOTL

    …a gray-haired Zeke in a rocking chair with a marmalade cat in his lap, shooting at the annoying neighborhood kids with a BB gun might be amusing. I almost choked at the mental picture. –Trixa, TOTL

    I didn’t stab him with my fork, but it was a close call. –Trixa, TOTL

    “You can’t throw omelets at the cook. Hot cheese is like napalm. The guy will probably need skin grafts.” –Griffin, TOTL

    I waited almost ten minutes before I said it: “You’re the little spoon, aren’t you?” –Trixa, TOTL

    “How can I look after you if you won’t look after yourself, huh? How? I fucking can’t, can I?” –Zeke to Griffin, Grimrose Path

    “Move over, you cranky bastard. Don’t make me PDA you in front of God and everybody else.” –Griffin to Zeke, Grimrose Path ((Seriously, these two make up my most favorite couple ever.))

    “I can’t believe I was replaced by you,” the demon said. “It’s embarrassing. They couldn’t have gotten a flamingo or a canary? Both would be less insulting. The Canary of Death. It has a much better ring to it.”—Eligos to Azrael, Grimrose Path

    “I know I’m a moody, whiny, sometimes possessed, killer genetic monster freak with mommy issues, but do you think Scientology could honestly be the answer to all that?”—Cal, Deathwish

    Sleeping late wasn’t a hobby; it was a God-given right.—Stefan, Chimera

    I didn’t have the ATF. I had Saul, myself, and a set of balls that would’ve impressed even King Kong. It would have to be enough. –Stefan, Chimera

    “You want a fortune? Here’s your fortune. Life is short, so get to the goddamn point.” –Stefan, Chimera

    “You’ve been kidnapped, shot at, and fed cookies. What else could possibly happen? Take a nap already.”—Stefan, Chimera

    I’d dragged him here and there, nearly gotten him killed at every turn, and he hadn’t blinked an eye. But tell him to take a leak in the great outdoors and he was as outraged as an eighty-year-old nun.—Stefan, Chimera

    “I’m here to take care of you, Michael. To be on your side.”…”I’m here for you, nobody else.”—Stefan, Chimera

    “I like driving. How much does a car cost if you actually buy one instead of stealing it?”—Misha, Chimera

    “I’m going to be okay, Misha,” I declared lightly, unsure of the best way to approach a delicate subject. “I promise. I won’t leave you all alone out there.”—Stefan, Chimera

    “Apparently there are more things in Heaven and Earth, just like my bubblegum wrapper said.”—Saul, Chimera

    Redemption in an overly musky ferret; stranger things had happened.—Stefan, Chimera

    “You get a girlfriend, sweetie; you treat her real nice, okay?”
    On that note Michael’s blush progressed to full-blown, spontaneous human combustion and he hurriedly finished with the massage, “I’m not sure a girlfriend is the best idea for me.”
    “Oh, well, a little boyfriend then.”—Fisher and Misha, Chimera

    The sweet and the bittersweet; that was what life was all about. –Stefan, Chimera

    “I’m your family, Misha. I won’t leave you.”—Stefan, Chimera

    “He’s mine.”—Stefan to Jericho, Chimera ((I especially like this one. It’s so simple, but it strikes a chord.))

    And believe it or not, with this list, I was actually holding back.

  • Nick E

    My favorite quote to date is from Roadkill!!!

    “I’ve always enjoyed a challenge,” Niko remarked, shifting through the powder to lift something out. “I think perhaps there are other things I could enjoy instead. Bonsai trees, painting, forging my own weapons. The opportunities are endless.” He opened his hand to show me the small braid of several yellowed hairs. “Voodoo.” “Think it would work?” I perked up. Killing from a distance wasn’t usually my thing, but in this case, I’d make an exception.”

    Best one for Niko!!! 🙂 I would love to read the new book because I can’t stand the wait!!!!

  • hlnkid

    Okay, I can’t find the quote the is my favorite…I know part of it, but can’t remember which book…so I’ll go with another of my favorites.

    “The pizza sauce, you remember. A bad-ass tossing our car around like a frisbee, that you forget.” Cal (Deathwish)

    And from Chimera: “I guess neither of us is harmless”…”the only difference is you use weapons and I am one.” Michael (Chimera)

  • Holly

    Okay, I love all the sardonic wit of your books (one of the many reasons for re-reading the life out of them….) but this quote has been on my Facebook wall for months (an Auphe quote from Nightlife, Darkling is getting scolded, lol):

    “You are making ripples…Ripples become waves. Waves attract attention we cannot afford…Waves drown those who make them.”

    I have no idea why I love it, but I do. xD Also, I’m literally on the verge of loosing control of my bowels because I am so excited for the next Leandros installment!!

  • Chys

    Not sure I remember all the quotes that appeared on the buttons as I only saw a few of them.

    “Actually smug would be more precise.”

    “There’s a pool of puck vomit on the living room floor. Enjoy.”
    I did not. – Madhouse (cracked me up!)

    Sometimes you can’t tell the monsters from the maniacs, and sometimes there’s no difference at all.

    The more tangled the approach, the equally tangled your body parts were likely to be when it all went wrong.

    I liked the author’s note: Then again what has reality ever done for me?

    Loved Madhouse.

  • Deidre

    “Silicone rots the brain, kid. Hang in there. We’ll find you a nice girl closer to your age and basic chemical makeup.” (190)

    There were a ton of possible quotes! But out of context they might be confusing, and some of them are long. This was short and sweet and to the point. All in all Stefan catching Misha watching porn takes the cake. (;

  • Ashley S.

    “So you’re saying, now I’m stinky _and_ I smell weird? Great. My self-esteem says thanks for playing.” – Cal, Moonshine

  • Ailene B.

    “Insane doesn’t always have to mean impolite” Grimrose Path

    “the man had a mirrored ceiling in his pantry. His PANTRY.” Trixa about Robin in Grimrose Path

    “I fornicate elsewhere.” Ishiah

    “You showered together? And you didn’t have sex? Why would you shower together and not have sex?” Zeke (I wuve Zeke)

    “I lost my face, my life, my soul, and stepped in front of a bus. i think I have a resume in dangerous and terrifying.” Anna in Grimrose Path

    “You need anger management. The people in our neighborhood tell me that. Sometimes they leave pamphlets in our mailbox.” (Actually the whole anger management conversation is priceless) Zeke again

    “Fortune rarely favors the fucked” Grimrose Path

    Probably unuseable since it’s both spoilery and requires situational knowledge but “Chronos never had a Rose” compares well with “Luke, I am your Father.”

    “There’s not a whole lot poetic about dying.” Zeke

    If you can save someone, do it. If you can save someone and in turn have them save everyone and everthing, do that too. Grimrose Path

    “Damn fine kaboodle it is too.” Leo, Grimrose Path

    A priest, a rabbi, and a killer walk into a bar…

    “Which means you can’t fill her car with mating tarantulas…again.” Leo, Trick of the Light

    “I’d like to go home now. I have bras there and while I like to consider myself a free spirit, I’m not that free.” Trixa, TOTL

    “Do not fuck with our house. Do not fuck with our car. Do not fuck with the blond guy, Thank you in advance for your cooperation and the lack of future bloodstains on our driveway.” TOTL

    “Mama said never hold a grudge against a man; hold his balls instead and yank them off. Saved the both of you time. Aggravation time for you… recovery time for him.” TOTL

    “Naked people have limited options on wher to hide their weapons.” TOTL

    “Killing takes a lot of energy. Sugar gives you energy.”
    “So killing and sugar go hand in hand? Is that what you’re saying?”
    “That is what I’m saying.” Zeke and Griffin, TOTL

    Eh, more later

  • Ashley

    “Watch the first flush, Caliban. I would hate for you to blow off anything of importance.” Goodfellow in MOONSHINE.

    “Move over, you cranky bastard. Don’t make me PDA you in front of God and everybody.” Griffin to Zeke in GRIMROSE PATH

    “Shy, that one,” he mused. “An odd quality in death incarnate.” Jericho in CHIMERA

    “Having Kung Fu Fighting ring in funky cheer while we were approaching Abbagor wasn’t the best of game plans.” Cal in regards to contacting Niko in MOONSHINE

  • Steph

    I have two, and they’re both from Trick of the Light 🙂

    “Zeke was studying his shotgun with a furrowed brow and an annoyed lift of his upper lip. It was his equivalent of a man finding his wife in bed with the mailman AND the local Jehovah’s Witness before falling to the floor, shouting,”Betrayed!” to the skies.”
    -Trixa Iktomi


    “I’ll bet you thought you were the monster of this fairy tale.”
    -Trixa Iktomi

  • Lia

    Since I am just about to head to bed…

    “I threw guys down and committed vicous dental hygiene on them against their will. They called me the Flosser. Don’t make me do the same to you.”- Stefan, Chimera

  • Gnine

    A more serious one, but I’ve always loved this one:

    “He said the word as if he really meant it. Lost as a child who disappears on the way to school never to be seen again. Lost as the wife whose hand slips from yours as she’s swallowed by raging floodwaters. Lost as a brother whose silver eyeswatch you as he plummets downward through the night air until you can see him no more.

    Pretty goddamn lost.”

  • Dawn C

    Because Robin my favorite character from the Cal series I picked one from Roadkill.

    “Tag along?” The puck frowned. “I do not tag along. I have led crowds of virgins to a mass fertility and deflower rite. I accompanied the Argonauts because I thought I’d look amazing in Golden Fleece, and a threesome with Caster and Pollux was nothing to sneeze at. I told a drunken and toothless hedge wizard a ridiculous story about the Holy Grail and watched King Arthur’s knights roam about the countryside forever, looking under every skirt and some for the thing. I was with Columbus when he found the New World and at the Hawaiian barbecuing of Captain Cook, who, while a cranky bastard, was quite tasty.” He pointed the empty wine bottle at me and almost made it upright in indignation. “I create adventure. I live life as it has never been lived before. I forge legends. I do not tag along.” – Robin Goodfellow

  • Adamedwardo

    When Eli was standing there watching Trixa destroy Solomon’s face and she looked at him in her cotoye, fox, crow, dragon, wolf, spider form with demon blood dripping from her jaws and said…

    “You still want to hit this or what, Sunshine?”

    Eli disappeared in an instant, so fast he left a tiny sonic boom in the space where he had stood.

  • haley g

    “not a normal t-shirt of course, but one woven from the wool of the finest assassin sheep, I was sure.” – Cal about Niko’s wardrobe in Roadkill 🙂

  • Alejandra Soria

    “Kid, everything about you is catastrophic. Your temper, your fighting skills, your attitude, and let’s not even discuss your look. Simply put on eyeliner and join the rest of the Children of the Night knockoffs at the local Goth bar.” – Robin to Cal (Madhouse)

    “Later we can spar in the park,” my brother ordered. “If we can find you a worthy opponent from the playground.”- Niko to Cal (Madhouse)

    “You didn’t keep around a rabid dog on the off chance that Hollywood would call you to make Cujo 2, Wrath of the Motherpupper.” – Trixa (The Grimrose Path)

  • Ana

    Hmm… I am a Cal girl, and I have four pretty long ones… (This is just sticking to Cal in ‘Roadkill’ the site would overload if I went through the series.)

    ‘Maybe I wasn’t all human, but I wasn’t a raving maniacal killer either.
    Raving was a little too much work.’

    “I’m old enough to kill for my country, die for my country, vote for president, and to be drunk while doing all three.” -Cal
    “Yes, the very definition of responsibility.” -Niko
    (^ I <3 these two so much!)

    'Goodfellow choked on a bite of waffle. "You?" he coughed. "You're bad at dirty talk? You said 'Goddamn it to fucking hell' in front of that Catholic priest and the two nuns in the restaurant the other day. And you are bad at dirty talk?"
    There was a big difference between cursing like five shiploads of sailors and actual sexual dirty talk. "Just choke on the waffle and die already, okay?" I snapped.'
    (Giggled for about five minutes in front of my professor and the class. Think he thought I was a lunatic… On the bright side I got an A in the class :D)

    'I liked him sane and the way he was going, he was going to be leaking lucidity as if his brain were a sieve.'

    I love these books… I may have to come back later when I have time and add some quotes from Chimera, and Trick of Light/Grimrose path…

  • Sylvia

    Couple of my faves from the trickster novels:

    “And, lo, we shall smite the sinner with good old country girl ingenuity – all we need are boots and lighter fluid.”~~Trick of Light

    “I’ll check in later… Tracking killers. Damning souls. I might have to forgo running over puppies. This is going to be an entertaining day.”~~Trick of Light

    “It’s not a weird bondage thing. It’s a perfectly natural bondage thing. The porn magazine said so.” ~~The Grimrose Path

    “We hadn’t even put him on our list, because it would’ve been ludicrous. Overkill. Like making a list of what could possibly ruin your camping trip. Rain. Cold. Bugs. Or an asteroid the size of the moon hitting your tent dead on.” ~~Grimrose Path

    “A demon chaser in two-hundred dollar jeans. Manly. Very manly.”~~Trick of Light

  • Hollie

    “And I haven’t foamed at the mouth or tried to eat anyone even once, swear.” Cal, Roadkill
    “Is that what you think you horny goat? How would you like my foot up your grand and glorious…holy hell what is that? Rafferty, Roadkill Oh Rafferty. The Dr. McCoy of the Cal universe.
    “He wasn’t Inigo Montoya. No one had killed his father. But he was prepared to die, if that’s what it took to get the task at hand done.” Trixa on Zeke, Grimrose Path. For some reason this one makes me laugh every time, even though it’s not really meant to be funny.

  • Danigirl

    “we’re doing it,” “we’re not just screwing either. we’re in a relationship.” – Zeke announcing his and griffins relationship status in trick of the light.

    “its like the fairy tale. i send you out for a cow and you come back with magic beans. worse yet, stinky magic beans with sharp teeth.” – Stephens reaction to Micheal’s ferret in chimera.

  • Kevin Riley

    Mine’s long, but the ending says it all.

    “I didn’t think the spray-bottle punishment was working as well as Goodfellow thought it was, but with Branje being responsible for toasting our ride, I gave Robin’s disciplinary methods and Salome’s hunting a pass, although it was getting embarrasing that the one with the highest body count on this job was a mummified cat.”

  • Wesley Robinson

    “The end. You almost ended it. Ended us all. You tore down mountains, boiled oceans, nearly pulled down the sky. You were the Omega before there was an Alpha, and you did it for no reason. For no reason.” “Boredom is a reason.”


    As any granny knows, five pound Marshmallow with the poofy white fur, the slightly crossed eyes, the adorable purr, and who loves you dearly would eat you within ten minutes if he suddenly grew to the size of a Great Dane. It doesn’t mean Marshmallow doesn’t wuv you; it just means Marshmallow loves eating creatures smaller than he is more than he wuvs you.

    Both are from the grimrose path and both sent me laughing for ages when i read them

  • Beth

    This is a tough choice. I’ve only started the Cal Leandros series in the past few weeks and hope to get book four for Christmas.

    “Jesus Christ,” I muttered in surprise.
    “Not quite,” the muffled comment came through the door. “I dated his cousin, though. Great gal. Had a set of yabbos like you would not believe.” (Cal and Goodfellow, NIGHTLIFE)

    “I really do need to put the no freaks sign in the window. My property values are plummeting.” (a puck, MOONSHINE)

  • Gloria Oliver

    Ack, I stink at quotes…! Erm errr
    Since I just started The Grimrose Path today let’s do…

    I decided the hell with old sayings.
    I was undoing this
    I was making this right.
    And I’d like to see the son of a bitch who thought he could stop me.

    Heh heh heh. Oh yeah, a whole lot of mess is coming down the pike. 😛

  • Kaysha

    Blackout ARC? Oh man DO WANT. o______o

    And the first quote that popped into my head is the sex talk from Chimera. The whole thing really. But especially this section of Michael’s:

    “Oh. I see.” Settling back into his own bed, he leaned back against the headboard and gave me a look of overt sympathy. “If you’re a virgin, Stephan, you don’t have to be embarrassed or make up stories. Maybe we could both buy a book — or a movie. There seem to be lots and lots of movies. If we watch enough, we’re bound to learn something.”

    I love that twerp.

  • Mary C

    The Grimrose Path:
    “It’s not a weird bondage thing,” Zeke protested, following after him in the crawl up the mattress. “it’s a perfectly natural bondage thing. The porn magazine said so.”

  • Aly

    “You suck Yeti toes. Yes, I said it. You suck them with enormous relish.” (Robin Goodfellow in Madhouse)

    I spent a good three minutes in hysterics after the first time I read that.

  • Kathleen W (aka Psistriker)

    I’ve got 3, all from Trixia. 🙂

    1. – They say the gun is the great equalizer. Not so. A gun blowing off a guy’s balls, that’s the great equalizer. (from TOTL)

    & then 2 from Grimrose –
    1.I’ve studied so much demonology in my day, I would’ve owned Alister Crowley’s ass in Satanic Trivial Pursuit and had time left over to kick it in Unholy Pictionary too.

    2. “Because, Bubba, some boots are made for walking and some for impromptu colonoscopies.”

  • JP

    I have two favorite Cal quotes that I don’t *think* you have on buttons…so without further ado:

    “How did sailors get mermaids from manatees? Manatees were great animals, sure, but alabaster breasts, sexy scaled tails, pouty lips? Not hardly.” ~Nightlife


    You say tomato; I say murderous death incarnate. It’s all good fun. ~Moonshine

    (the second is my very favorite *g*)

  • Skarrah

    Off the top of my head, my faves (that aren’t already buttons) are:
    “It is difficult to threaten someone who doesn’t have the necessary attention span to register fear.”
    “That’s quite the new fighting technique you demonstrated. What do you call it again? Suicide?”

  • Debbie

    A maid cannot kill you with a tube sock. I can. Niko

  • Caitlin

    I really love this series. It’s unique and heartfelt in a world that only wants to focus on sparkling vampires right now. The connections between the characters are strong and are continually tested. Even without winning this contest, expressing my love for this series is enough!

    Cal Leandros series “Roadkill”:
    /Knock knock/
    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I groaned.
    Knock knock, he persisted, growling around the pen. “Okay, just to shut you up: Who’s there?” I gave in. Why not? At this point, it was almost ludicrous. An Auphe being counseled by a butt-sniffing pound reject.
    /No one. The Auphe ate everyone in the house./
    “You son of a bitch,” I growled.
    /Knock knock./ This time he didn’t wait for the “Who’s there?” /Twenty cocker spaniels the Auphe is going to skin to make a pimp coat./
    “Seriously, quit it or I will shoot your mangy ass.”
    /Knock knock/
    God, he was as relentless as Niko. “Last one,” I warned. “Last one or your ass is grass.” The threat didn’t hold much wait when it was followed with “Who’s there?” I went on, resigned.
    /You, and what happens behind the door is up to you./

    (Sure, there are a thousand other quotes that I could have picked, but I’ve always loved this exchange between Catcher and Cal. They are both on the outside of their species — neither are human, but nor are they quite Auphe or wolf. While Catcher is just one small influence on Cal, I’ve always felt that this part reassures Cal that he is not the only outsider and that it is up to him on how he wants to view that.)

    Trick of the Light:
    “What’s your Native American name?”
    Leo’s dar eyes look down the bar at me, literally pleading for help. I propped my chin in my hand, winked, and watched the show. Exhaling, he said with perfect seriousness, “Leo Thrusting Moose Phallus.”

    (This quote, and the lines that follow, makes me laugh every time I read it. While showing humor and character personality early in the book, it also holds truth in how horribly ignorant and stereotypical people can be.)

    “How could you do something so stupid?” I choked, the words ugly with anguish. “How could you do something so goddamn stupid?” His eyes were only colorless shadows in the moonlight, but I saw him in there still. Aware, he was with me, but beginning to drift away — far away. “Misha.” I rested my forehead on his. “Why?”
    “For my brother.” he said simply.

    (It is at this point in the novel that I break down into tears. If there in one thing that I love and have been completely impressed by with Michael and Stefan, and the other books, it is the bond between siblings. While it turns out that it is not exactly the case with Stefan and Michael, they still have the love for each other that constitutes brotherhood. It is precisely that, and the banter back and forth, that made me love the Cal Leandros series and now this one.)

    All in all I could have easily picked any quote from the books and put them here. They all have the witty humorous ones and the compassionate strong ones, but I tried to mix and match the best.

  • KC VanHout

    “And, lo, we shall smite the sinner with good old country girl ingenuity – all we need are boots and lighter fluid.” ~ Trick of the Light

    “Arthur only had to pull the sword out of the stone. I had to steal the stone and then pull out the sword.” ~ The Grimrose Path

  • Jaime

    “Come to me! Come to me, you impotent, Yeti-toe-loving… Yes, I said it. You suck their hairy toes. You suck them with enormous relish!” – Robin during his epic bar fight.

  • Adam HolbrookRoadkill

    “You’re a menace to anyone without his own bomb shelter” – Niko (Roadkill)

  • phantomminuet

    I couldn’t choose, so I included my two favorites:
    “In vino veritas. If you drank more, you’d know that.” and “The Union says thinking rolls me into overtime.”