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New Cal Cover Model – BLACKOUT

19 Oct 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in Fun, Galleries, News, The Cal Leandros Novels
New Cal Leandros Cover Model
New Cal Leandros Cover Model

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The original Cal Leandros cover model moved away from NYC (where the cover artist is located) and we now have a new one with BLACKOUT. I hate to see Randall go (so long, Randall. I’ll miss ya)… the first cover model always imprints especially hard and fast in your brain and Randall has been with the Cal series a long time. However, the new model is close and worked out very well, I think, on the BLACKOUT Cover.

So welcome to Chris V!

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  • kevin

    Hi Rob,
    How do you do it? I’ve read all your book so far and I’ve enjoyed all of them. How do keep all the characters straight with 3 completely different series and attitudes? I wish a very lenghty career, mostly for my own greedy selfish needs to read another of your novels. Keep up the awesome work!!!