27 Sep 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in Audio, Books, Excerpts, News, The Cal Leandros Novels, The Trickster Novels

NIGHTLIFE: The CAL LEANDROS Novels, Book 1TRICK OF THE LIGHT was released in audio August 2010.

Now it’s the turn of TRICKSTER Novel 2: THE GRIMROSE PATH, and CAL LEANDROS Novel 1: NIGHTLIFE. Go reave them! They are available from Penguin, emusic, Audible, iTunes, etc.

This is an experiment by Penguin, testing the waters for the rest of the series. If they don’t sell well, there may not be anymore of Cal’s voice live. And you know you want to hear that snark with your own ears… if only to see if they explode. And of course you will think that’s not the Cal I hear in my head. Everyone will think that because what crawls around in your brain only you know (well, and me… how else do I put it down on paper?) But everyone will have a different “inner Cal.”

Now my publishers were nice enough to give me three voice actors to choose from. Unfortunately the only sarcastic one sounded about forty years old and the other two weren’t sarcastic (one sounded fourteen.) Then my publishers went completely above and beyond when I requested they re-audition with emphasis on dark sarcasm, snark, and an age a little closer to nineteen (as Cal was in the first book.) There was definite improvement in one actor and I chose him. Does he sound exactly like Cal to me? Nope. But, realistically, there is probably no one in the world who would sound like Cal does in my head. And hopefully if the Cal audio books sell well and they use the same guy, he’ll really start to “get” Cal… the man and the monster.

We’ll see. And do not forget GRIMROSE PATH and TRICK OF THE LIGHT. I miss Zeke. Sales=Zeke. Sales of any kind. Let’s get Zeke’s sociopathic ass back here, not to mention Trixa, Leo, and Griffin! And don’t you genuinely want to hear Thor used as a speed-bump while never letting go of his beer?

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  • Demi

    I just bought the audio for Nightlife! I love it! <3 I hope that more people buy it so that way there will be more audio's for the series! 😀

  • Jenn

    Just got Nightlife & Grimrose on audio. *pauses to do happy dance*. I’m so excited. Cal’s voice, vippee. Thanks Rob

  • Taylor

    Wow! Thats great! But i sorta want to comment on how good of a writer you are (Rob Thurman… not someone else reading this!) well i FINALLY acquired Roadkill and just finished reading it- it blew my mind… literally- well i was reading this when i was coincidentaly sick… if you care it was a sinus infection and a cold whammied together… you know… snot… coffing… fever…all that crappy junk… ring any bells? YEEEEAH 🙁 so not only was i practically pulled into the world of the Leandros brothers i had a few 4-D 5-D 6-D whatever! effects to go right along with the book and really make me almost personally feel what was happening!! So yeah, you are one bad-ass author who really knows how to write and get the reader invovled… and one bad-ass author who has a fan that is a little creeped out now about being sick… and it takes A LOT to get this chick truthfully creeped out… i love it!!!!
    Well congrats on the progressions in the other books and the audio books and all the other great happenins!! XD

  • Andi Byassee

    Yowee! I knew audio-Cal was coming soon, but I didn’t know it was out already. As soon as I finish this, I’m going to buy–and then pimp it out to my lj crew. I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook of “Trick of the Light.” Between that and “The Grimrose Path,” I fell even more in love with Trixa, Leo, Zeke and Griffin.

    BTW, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that the poster came and it seriously rocks. It’s so nice and substantial, as well as gorgeous.

    BTW2, I was in my local Borders this weekend and they had every one of your books on the shelf (2 copies of Chimera). First time I’ve seen them all there at once. I told the cashier who checked me out that she should read them. Also, I got my shrink interested in the Trickster books when I was reading one in his waiting room. Can you believe it–here he’s a psychiatrist and he didn’t even know what a Trickster was? How can you study people’s heads and not know your mythology (even if mythology mostly gets it wrong!)?

    Obviously I’ve had too much caffeine today–either that or I’m overloading on excitement over “Nightlife” in audio!